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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

FAQ & Rules for Commenting (updated 27 May 2013)

Dear visitors,

If you are a first-timer here, it might help you to take a quick peek at the following:

  • Please don't swear too much, and be nice to each other!
  • Comments have to go through moderation first. So don't panic if your comments don't appear immediately.
  • Please don't pressurize me to post more.
  • I translate whatever I like to translate, and therefore I don't accept any requests from you.
  •  If you don't like my post, keep it to yourself and don't bother to let me know.
Your feedback is always welcome! I love getting comments from you guys, so don't be shy!

  • Can I copy your works and share them on my site/ facebook/ twitter?
Answer: Sure. Go ahead.

More questions below....:

  • Can I translate your stories in my own language and publish them?
  Answer: Yes you can.
  • Do you ever try any of the rituals you post on the blog?
NEVER. (And I'm going against my favourite quote, "Never say never.")

  • Can I PM you?
I don't usually associate with people whom I have never met in real world. Because I'm lazy. lol

  • You haven't replied to my comment!
There are 5 possibilities as to why you haven't received my reply yet:

1) I'm too busy to reply
2) I've overlooked your comment
3) Your comment didn't sound like it required my reply
4) You posted your comment at older posts - and I don't usually go back and reply to comments made at older posts.
5) Your mail got into the spam box and is yet to be discovered by me.

If you think the reason is (2), please give me a nudge!!

  • Where does she get her stories from?
 They are stories I found on the internet, written by anonymous authors, and translated from Japanese into English by me.

 Who on earth is Saya?
I am who I am. That's all.


  1. OMG I have been looking for a good site like this for refrences. I want to go to Japan sooo bad, and i love scary stories, so...I love this site. :D Good job and keep up the good work!

  2. =[ what happened. how come you don't update anymore?

  3. Please, Saya, update more!

    Jesus, I feel like a hunry kitten for saying that. DX

  4. Hello, Saya!
    Congratulations! Great, GREAT work!!!
    I'm so impressed I can't explain... Wonderful legends and materials, I'm from Bulgaria and I've been spending the last two weeks in exploring the stories, so after that I go and tell them to my friends:))) THey're truly, fearfully gorgeous!
    Well, I make some school research about Japanese oral stories and horror culture, and I want to present to my schoolmates Kuchisake Onna - she's my favourite! So, if you don't mind, please write me in my e-mail:, because I really want to have a chat with you:)

  5. hello Saya! I just found your blog, and I have to say that I really LOVE it! you're doing a great job. keep it up! :)

  6. I LOVE YOU SAYA!!! You are so great at collecting scary stuff. I read this blog all the time.

    Thank you !

  7. Wow, a real Japanese on the Internet! I seem to have a special trait for not encountering you.

    Nice website. You seem like a good individual too.

    Will be reading.

  8. I have now read everything from your site and eagerly wait for more. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this for us! I have enjoyed everything on this site. Again, thank you!


  9. Sorry, to bother you again, but I posted your website in my blog. If you do not wish for it to be up, just say so and I will take it down.

    Here's the original website:

    Here's where I posted about your website:

    Thank you again for making this website, it really has kept me entertained for hours and I do hope this does not bother or offend you!

  10. This site is amazing, and I hope that one day it'll update again! Thank you for taking the time to translate all of this awesome material! :)

  11. thank you very much for the initiative. It's such a good idea to translate stories! When you cannot read in japanese, english is really useful even if it's not one's language first (I'm french). Let's continue, your job is wonderful.

  12. For some strange reason I read the topic of this entry no less than THREE times while scrolling up and down. It wasn't until I read the topic in the archive section that I realised it didn't say "Dead visitors".

    I have a very selective dyslexia.

  13. Thank you for translating all of these stories!

  14. @the last Anonymous: Thank you very much! How wonderful of you to thank me!

    And I thank the rest of you for leaving comments as well!

  15. saya im too scared too go on your wedsite

  16. @Anonymous: well you're on it now! lol

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  19. I read ALL the post you did and I loved ALL :D
    I have a question...
    I can translate your post into Spanish? obviously with a recognition to you and a link to this page
    my e-mail:

    Keep up the good work! :D

  20. Um, I'd like to share experiences that happened to me, here is my e-mail, so you can contact me and I'll tell you my stories.

    There you go~

  21. I love the stories people send you~! :D <3

  22. I just found and read through this whole blog. Heh. I hope I can sleep tonight. Thanks for doing all this translation work!


  23. Hello Sayu,
    I really love your stories and would like to share them on my
    own horror blog on Tumblr. I will of course give you the
    proper credit by leaving a link to your blog on the post I make.
    You can send me an answer through my email: ^^

    Also, I hope you come back and update with more stories,
    but I understand why you are gone also. You have a life after
    all. haha.

  24. I really love your blog ^^ I still am unsure of how to subscribe to people on blogger xD (I am so used to simply following people on tumblr). I live in Taiwan too btw! However, I only speak English :c I was wondering if you could translate some horror manga? I think you would be a great translator!

  25. @TaintedKiss: Hello! I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment until now.
    You live in Taiwan? Really? Wow.
    And you say you only speak English? You're just like me then XD. Actually I'm supposed to be able to speak English, Japanese and a bit of Chinese too, but I don't think I can speak well in any of these language, coz people usually tend not to understand me when I'm talking to them XD

    You mean you want me to scanlate horror manga?? But I would be too lazy to scan them.. If anyone can help me scan some I would think about it!

    But actually there was one short horror manga I want to translate. I think I might turn it into a words-only story..

    Thank you for your comment!;)

  26. Yeah, I do. Small world, isn't it? xD Haha but I thought you could translate English to Japanese vice versa? No, I mean there is this manga I want to be able to read: but some of it's in Japanese. I was wondering if you could translate it?

  27. @TaintedKiss: that manga looks very peculiar and interesting at the same time. I've never seen it before. Hmmm, I might translate it if I feel like it, but I fear I can't promise you anything at the mo. But thank you for info and nice comment!

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  29. Hello there! I'm planning to write a fanfiction , and I want to use one of your blogs, The Camera of Prophecy as a reference? Is it okay? I'm not really planning to copy and paste it, but make a story out of it ? with different characters? and flow?

  30. @Aubrey Vizcarra: Go ahead, my friend. Thank you very much for your courtesy to let me know of your plan. I really appreciate your consideration!

    If you feel like it ,let me know when you've finished with you fanfic, I'd love to read it! :D take care!

  31. Hello Saya! I was wondering if it would be all right if I read a story from here out loud for a YouTube channel I'm starting. I'm trying my hand at the "CreepyPasta" thing. :) I'd provide a link back to your blog, of course.

    If you'd rather I didn't, that's okay, but I wanted to ask.

    Thank you so much for being you! <3

  32. @CreepingSoftly: that's very nice of you to let me know of your plan. Thank you ever so much. :)

    Sure, go ahead! Sounds cool!

    I look forward to watching it myself! :)

    Take care and thank you for your very kind words :D

  33. Thank you so much, Saya! I read "Have You Got the Ability to See Ghosts" here:

    Thank you again. :)

  34. @CreepingSoftly: Oh! Sorry I missed your comment!

    I found your comment in the "spam" box. Things like that sometimes happen! :(

    Thank you dear. I really appreciate it! :D I'm gonna have a look now!

    Take care! Cheers!

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Hello Saya! :D If it's all right with you... can I share your horror stories in my tumblr blog? Of course I will place proper credit and link the rest of the stories here in your blog.

    Thanks a lot! Please send me your answer in

  37. @last Anonymous:

    I've trying to send you a mail but somehow everytime it comes right back with a delivery faliure notification.

    So I will write you a reply here:


    Firstly, Thank you for your message.

    I apprecaite you took the time to ask me, when so many people just don't bother and copy my works without permission.

    I know you will do all the things you promised, including giving me credit and linking back to my original posts.
    However, as I am stating now in the front page of my blog, I generally do not want to share my stories with other places, so I must decline your request.

    But if you so wish, you CAN put the links to my posts in your blog.
    I hope you that helps.

    Thank you and I hope you visit my blog again,

    Warmest wishes,

  38. Hello Saya! I just wanted to drop you a comment of support. You have been a big inspiration to me. I love this blog, and as a horror blogger myself I understand how it can be difficult to find the time. However, you have been really active lately and I'm excited to read more!
    Keep them coming please. (:

  39. @Miss Ari: How very sweet of you to drop by and leave a message! So it seems you write your own horror stories? I'm glad to think my stories are being helpful in nurturing your creativity! Recently I'm just enjoying myself translating and interacting with you guys. Thank you very much, and you take good care of youself too, dear. ;)

  40. Hello Saya! Can I re-translate your stories into Vietnamese language.
    Of course I will put the links to your blog in my.
    Thank you!

  41. @Anon: Sure you can translate it. Thank you for asking me first, dear.

  42. I'm chym, the last Anonymous.
    Thank you for permitted me.
    My website is:

  43. Dear Saya,
    Another Vietnamese in love with your stories here! ^^
    So, can I re-translate your stories into Vietnamese and post them on my blog? Of course I will put the link to your blog in my posts.
    If you permit me, i will leave the link to my posts here.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  44. @Min Jung Park: Very nice to meet you, Min. Sure you can translate them. And yes of course you can leave a link to your blog here, if you like. Cheers! ;)

  45. Nice blog Saya :D

    I like these kinds of stories and i always wanted to read ones from Japan.

    Thanks for translating them. Good works!

    Really enjoy them

  46. Hi Saya, I'm so happy to see you've been updating again.

    I'd like to ask for your permission to record readings of some of the stories on your site and put them on YouTube. I will read them as-is and of course have a link to your blog in the description; also I will always mention your blog in the recording and if there are any stories that were provided by someone else I would also give credit to them. If you'd like I would also provide links here to each recording.

    If you decline I'll respect that, I just thought it would be a cool project to do creepypasta readings and the first material that came to mind was all of the awesome stories on your blog :D

    Have a Happy New Year!

  47. Hello Saya! (You know, in my native language, saya literally means 'me' haha )

    I've been doing this art project to practice drawing horror more and try and illustrate/comicize horror stories, and there are a lot here that I really like! I am asking permission if it is okay for me to do so? Don't worry, I will credit you fully!

  48. @Rezky: Thank you! :D It makes me happy to hear people enjoy reading my translated stories!

  49. @Enzd: Hi!!! Long time no see! I remember you! :D I'm happy to hear from you!

    That's cool. Which stories do you want to record? I'd be interested in listening to them too!

    Please go ahead and let me know when you're done! I'd love to show your recordings on my blog too :D

    Thank you very much for your kind consideration in letting me know of your plan!

  50. @Tryana: I know, it's Indonesian, right? :)

    Sure, you can. I'd love to see your work when you've finished. Have fun!

  51. Oh thank you Saya!
    Haha, yes, in indonesian, but i speak malay. those two languages are very close to each other.

    keep on posting amazing work!!

  52. Hey Saya, I really want to copy your stories to post om my site.
    Cause I'm Vietnamese and my site is Vietnamese too. I really want to translate your stories and post them on my site. Please.
    Im lokking forward for your answer C:

  53. Dear Saya,

    I have a youtube account. I was wondering if it was alright with you if I used your translation of stories to be recorded and preformed vocally and then posted on my channel.

    Of course, I will be crediting you and your site as well as any other additions you would like to include.

    Please let me know as soon as you can on the matter. Thanks for all you do.


  54. @Tryana: That's really cool. You speak two languages? I love learning langauges.. I wish I understood our language too, dear. Thank you for your kind words!

    @Hell: OK, dear. Please go ahead. Your name's kind of scary though. LOL

    @Sandmutter: Thank you for letting me know, dear. Yes, you may. I'd love to hear your recordnings too. Please do let me know when you've done it. Maybe I can show your work on my site too. Thanks!

  55. @Tryana: Sorry, a typo. I meant, I wish I understand "YOUR language" too, not "our langunage"

  56. Hi Saya! I was wondering, can I have your permission to make an flash comic adaptation based off of episode 5 of the My Master series? (I'll be sure to credit you!)

  57. Hey Saya was just wondering if you ever gave permission to these people because i recently saw your stories up there

  58. nevermind! I saw the credits to your blog haha;;

  59. aren't you miffy the bunny/a kewpie doll?

  60. @Anon (29 January 2013 02:14): They can go to hell!

    @Anon (25 May 2013 13:08): Shush! How can you spill my secret like that!

  61. You're back! I'm totally hooked on this site and love everything on it. I am a long time lurker but when you stopped my heart was shattered, then I swore to start commenting..haha. A little bit dramatic eh? I am just happy you're back and I would be happy to contribute some stories which are from my friends, and local urban legends I heard throughout my travels (which are power to you!

  62. SAYA!!! T___T Thank you so much for opening your blog again.

    I've never left a comment before, but I really really love your blog and scary stories! I'm so happy now ^_^



  63. @anne cruz: Thank you, Anne! It's good to be dramatic sometimes, I mean what is life without a bit of drama! haha
    I'm sorry to have broken your heart, but I hope I have a chance to mend it :)

    A few other people have also been telling me they want to submit their creepypasta to me, and I've been mulling over the idea of opening up another little secondary blog where I can post the stories I collected from you readers. If that plan materializes I'll put up the contact form widget again on the side bar of this blog, so that you can submit your pasta to me! So please do wait a bit more!

    Thank you again for your comment and take care!

  64. @Tiffany Temple: Thank you, Tiffany dear. It's wonderful to hear from you, and I'm happy to see your crying face turn into smile! :D

    I've got more cryptic stories coming up! I hope you'll enjoy them all ;)

    Thanks a bunch for your comment and take care!!

  65. Thank you thank you thank you for going public again!! I have missed your blog so so much.

  66. @Maria Karla Figueras: It's my pleasure, Maria. I hope you enjoy reading my posts! :D

  67. this is my favorite blog! i am reading it all over again and i noticed that recently you never post your adorable artwork any more. i wish you'd post your drawings of miffy again, if you're still making them. they were so darling!

  68. @Anon (30 May): haha I never imagined someone would want to see my doodling. If you're that enthusiastic, I'll try to draw something new and post it when I next make an announcement or something. Thank you for your lovely comment! :D

  69. heyy saya :)
    i'm so addicted to your blog since i'm addicted to creepy//horror thingy .Japanese urban legend are really different from mine . i wonder if there's any website like 2chan but in english ?

    and more CRYPTIC SECTION pulissss :D i like to fried my brain out xD

  70. @Anon (7 June): Hiya! If you want to read more ghost stories you can try the "LINKS" shown on the side bar of this blog. 4chan is may be the thing you're looking for!

  71. Welcome back saya! Im glad to see you again! ..and the creepy stories, honestly as a horror fan I love visiting your blogspot, I got plenty of experience to share if your interested

  72. @Niya Koroko: Hiya! Long time no see! Thank you very much for welcoming me back!! I have other people who have been telling me they want to share their stories with me, and I appreciate all the offers. I might set up a contact form in the future, and if I do I might ask you readers to please submit your stories! I'm a little busy at the moment but I might do it during this summer. Thank you! :D

  73. saya, first im sorry, i dont know where to put my message so i just write it here. well actually it is about about the behavior of people out there. yes, your story had been copy pasted into some forum, a large forum in my country. he copied your story and translated it into my language. i ask him and he said his story was taken from i dont know what should i do, i just want to tell you this. and sorry for my bad english

  74. Would it be okay if I used your translation of 10-Day Dream as a base for a RPG Maker Game I'm working on? I'll be sure to credit you in the credits.

  75. @roney: Thank you for letting me know! Those people really depress me and don't deserve to read my posts. Could you give me the link to the forum? Can I gain access to it without registering?

    Your English is great, so don't be sorry! :)

    @Devan Holley: Sure, please go ahead. Thank you very, very much for asking me first. You're such a nice person! :D

  76. Hi Saya! Big fan of your blog. It really gets me through a long day at work. I'm so glad it's back!! If I ever see any of your stories being posted without your permission I'll notify you right away.

  77. @Anon (7 July 2013): Hello, dear. Thank you for your lovely comment. It brings me a lot of joy to hear that I'm doing something to help brighten up people's lives! haha

    Thank you for your support and good luck with you work. Don't push yourself too hard and take it easy. Cheers! :D

  78. Hi there! We removed your stories from . The person who'd copied those stories in the first place apparently didn't know you didn't want them copied, and it happened years ago.

    Apologies for taking so long -- the Archive isn't actively maintained.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on wikidot:

    And sorry about all that!

  79. @thedeadlymoose: Hello! Thank you very, very much for your hard work on removing those stories from your archive. You must have had to spend an awful a lot of time doing it, because there were loads of them there!

    I also appreciate that you were kind enough to get back to me and let me know you've done it. Please don't be sorry because I know it's not your fault.

    Thank you very much again and take care! :D

  80. Hi Siya, it doesn't matter if this gets posted or not but I downloaded this android app for scary stories called "scary and horror stories" and I saw at least 2 of the stories from here on there. I thought you may just want to know.

    Love your site by the way. :)

  81. @Maria: Thank you for letting me know, dear.

    Could you possibly give me the link to the android app?

    I'm fed up with people who don't comply with the site's policy.

  82. hey i'm pretty sure she didn't get permission from you :(

  83. Can I post it on my timeline? If I can, then thanks!

  84. I just discovered this blog, and I'm in love with it! You are so wonderful Saya! I'll look forward to your posts from now on!


    This blog seems to be posting your stuff without permission!

  86. @Carriline: No, dear. I'm sorry.

    @Sydney Pacione: Thanks a lot for commenting and letting me know about this offender. I don't know why people feel they need to steal my works when they can simply put links to them.

  87. Hi Saya! Let me start off by saying I love your blog!
    I don't know if someone's told you already, but some of your stories are being posted on a website called The person in charge has changed some details and names, but they're still very similar, and she didn't name you as a source.
    There are hundreds of stories on the site and it's not easy to navigate, so here are the URLs:
    There are so many different stories on the site that I'm sure I missed some, but these are the ones I found.

  88. @Alex: Thank you very much.

    I know Scarykids keep copying my stories. It's REALLY annoying. But I tried to log in and leave a complaint but ever time I try to log in it comes out "Service Temporarily Unavailable." They're blocking me. lol

    Do you know any other way I can contact them?

  89. @Alex:

    I found their email address. I'll try to confront them.

  90. Hey saya yomino, im new reader on your blog. On my country (Indonesia) SAYA means AKU (Myself) such a nice name.
    On my country there is so much scary stories too (ex. Tuyul, Leak, pocongan, kuntilanak, gendruwo), maybe sometime i can give u some link and u can share it here too if u interested. Pardon my messy english language.
    Continue your great work, regards from Indonesia.

  91. @ Reza Pratama: Hi, how are you? Yeah, someone else told me the meaning of SAYA before :D I get lots of readers from Indonesia.

    There are other people who want to tell me the ghost stories they know, and I have thought about publishing them too. If I decide to do that, I will give you guys my contact information.

    Thanks a lot for commenting! Take care!

  92. Hi Saya-san! I just found your blog and I know there are a lot of stories some of my friends would enjoy so would it be alright if I posted a link to your blog on my FB page? I haven't read too many of the stories yet but the ones I have read all gave me the creeps!

  93. @Faline: Sure! Go ahead! :D I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. Take care!

  94. YOU'RE BACK! I'm so happy, I almost cried when you left, these stories are just so good.

  95. @tabithagrow: Hi, how are you? Sorry I made you cry! I'm too busy to update new posts right now but yeah I'll be around! :D Thanks for your comment!

  96. Hey saya saw someone stole one of your story and posted it on their facebook creepy pasta page. I sent them a message telling them to retake it down, do u want a link to that page?

  97. @Tommy Ly AKA: thank you very much for letting me know.
    What a horrible person! I'm very, very disappointed that some of my readers would do such a thing....
    Yes if you can please do give me his/her page.

    Thank you for sending a message to the person on my behalf too!

  98. Hi Saya! Only discovered your blog a week ago. I am now a big fan! :D Thanks for such a spectacularly spine-chilling website! My friend told me a creepypasta about the elevator game and I was surprised because I read about it here. He linked me a blog from where the creepypasta was supposedly based from. Her creepy games is real similar to yours. I thought I should let you know.

    Here's the link:

  99. @Kim Rimando: Hi Kim, welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting!

    Concerning the elevator game,I'm aware that there have been other people beside me who have translated it. I can only say that I directly translated it from a Japanese text.I can't be sure if any of them read my post or translated other version of the game by themselves.Doesn't matter! :)

    Thank you for the link anyway, and take care! :D

  100. I have reached the last post.. it's sad that I'll never get my daily fix of Saya's horror stuff again. :-(

  101. Hey Saya, I've got a question, if you don't mind. Why can't we right-click? There are plenty of times when I want to open a story of yours in a new tab so I can read it after I finish the other ones I want to read. It creates a queue of sorts. I know I can just Ctrl + click, but I always seem to forget about that. Sorry to bother you.

  102. @Arya Stark: Don't cry! I hope to post more stuff in the near future! :D

    @Trevor Juve: Sorry about that! I prohibit right click to discourage people from copy pasting.

  103. Hello Saya! I’ve just discovered your blog recently but now I think I’m addicted! <3 absolutely love everything you posted here. Just wondering if I could illustrate some of your stories, I’ve been working on this illustration/animation project about Japanese urban legends and your blog is perfect for my research. Would it be okay if I post the drawings inspired by some of the stories here on my instagram and also for my project submission? I’ll make sure to credit you fully. Thank you for translating and sharing these fantastic stuff!

  104. @bravao: Hi! Sure, thanks a lot for letting me know. Good luck with your projects! :D

  105. hello saya ! I know youre very careful about sharing your work on other sites, but I was wondering if you allow others to narrate your stories verbally. I would love to read some of your stories on my youtube channel but know how careful you are with your content so I wanted to ask permission first. If its not ok i understand, i know these translations are very important to you. thank you for reading

  106. @imoristar: Thank you for letting me know of your intention, my dear.

    Of course you may read the stories on your youtube channel. I used to dislike it when people just snatch away my translated works or plagiarize them without my acknowledgement, but I'm not that overly bothered about it anymore.

    It would be nice if you could kindly mention, either in your videos or in video descriptions, where you've taken the stories from. You can put links back to my blog, if you like.


  107. @saya Yomino

    thank you very much ! I really appreciate the permission. I will credit you in both the actual video as well as in the youtube description, and will always link to your blog. I promise also to never copy-paste your work, only narrate the story verbally and link the written source back to your blog. thank you again for the allowance and for replying :D !

  108. Hi Saya! I'm studying media in school now and since I've found so many interesting stories on your blog, I was hoping it'd be okay with you if I could recreate the stories through film? Most of them will be private and shown between my friends, but even if I do post it on youtube, I want to make sure you're okay with that. I'll also make sure to mention your hard work in translating the story (whether I post it on youtube or keep the film to myself) if I do have permission from you to make the films. Keep up the awesome work!

  109. @Tessa Chung: Thank you very much for asking first! I'm happy that in these stories you found inspiration for your creativity. Please go ahead with your plan and good luck with it! I hope I get to see your films someday.:)

  110. "who on earth is Saya?''

    your replied "Iam who i am. dats all"

    thats make me think you are mysterious person. lol, but I really love it. ^_^

    keep updating your blog, I'll respect your rules :)

  111. Woooooo! When my friends were talking about urban myths I remembered this site and told them about it. I used to follow this alot until I lost my bookmarks.....(like 3yrs+) nice to see you still active after all these years!

    Keep up the good work!
    Got myself some stuff to read hahaha

    Did this site change its address?

  112. Hi, Saya. Can you give me some advice on how to run a successful blog?

  113. @Vylot Hart: I can't say mine is a "successful blog," dear XD. I'd say do the opposite of what I do, namely, "UPDATE FREQUENTLY!" lol

  114. I fucking got your image down and I post your stuffs on my social media, don't tell me what to fucking do.

  115. こんばんはさやさん。おいそがしいところ、しつれいしました。

    I was not sure how to contact you since you are not accepting PMs right now, I hope a comment is ok. I asked to narrate some of your translations awhile ago and you gave permission. If anything in the video offends you I will take it down, please just let me know.



    Proof (copy) of permission:

  116. Hello Saya, have been an avid reader of this sites stories and remember reading them on the sly when I was an intern in a company...haven't seen you post any more content here lately, hope you are well..!!

  117. Saya! It's been so long, but I always return to your blog. I remember reading it back when you first started posting. I hope all is well with you, and thank you for the time you spent translating and posting stories for us! I genuinely hope that you're happy and living an awesome life. <3

  118. Wow your blog popped in my head and remembered to come check again. 1 month before it's 2018 and no new posts. Did u die

  119. Hey there Saya!
    Long time lurker, huge fan of what you're doing. As a hobby I was considering getting into reading stories such as creepypasta on youtube. All for fun and my own entertainment and I don't see it taking off or going anywhere, especially since there are so many readers saturating youtube anyway. Just wanted to ask for permission here, since you're putting in the effort to translate and post these stories for our reading pleasure.
    If I ever get around to it, and you do agree to it, I would always give you credit and link back to your original post on here.

    1. Hi Minou! Sure thing, go ahead to do it. Thank you for asking me first! ;)

  120. Hello Saya! I've been following your blog for a long time but only yesterday did I discover you've come back from a bit of a hiatus, and what a delight it's been catching up on your translations ^^

    Anyway, like the person who commented previously, I've also started my own YouTube channel, though this is mostly around me talking about anything Japan-related that's captured my interest. Since it's October, I thought it'd be fun to discuss Japanese horror stories. Since your blog was (and will probably be once more) my go-to site for reading Japanese horror stories, I was wondering if I could read a couple for a video o: Of course, I'd be sure to link to your blog in the description and credit you properly in the video. Just wanted to get a go-ahead from you ^^" Thanks for reading and thanks for the amazing translations~

    1. Hello, dear Unknown from an Unknown region of the world! XD

      I'm sorry for my late reply. Sure go ahead and do youtube videos on my posts or whatever you like.

      Thank you for asking me first!

    2. This is the first time I've ever commented on blogspot so I have no idea why it has me listed as unknown XD I am Christian from Cali, so nice to interact with you for the first time! I can assure you I'll return to comment on actual posts ^__^

      No worries, thanks for replying and thanks for the permission! Your stories are an absolute treat and make my nights that much more sleepless <3 But in the best way possible hehe.

  121. Hi Saya! I have a question: on which floor should one start the ritual and on which floors should he go? Because where I live there are only blocks with floors going like: 0-1-2-...10, so should I start the ritual on 0(ground floor)and substract each floor from the sequence so it would be 0-3-1-5-1-9-4-0? Because as far as I know 1st floor is ground floor in USA, but where I live it isn't. Please answer.

    1. Yes the 1st floor is equivalent to the ground floor! :D

    2. So which sequence should I use in this case? Does it really matter on which floor I would start it? And which floor should I press after the woman comes in? Would (ground floor)-4-2-6-2-10-5-(ground floor) work?

  122. Hey there! Long time reader, first time messager. I doubt you would remember this but years ago on your blog in around 2007 - 2008 you had posted a game/video that was a creepy stop motion point and click of a doll that was pretty disturbing and Ive been looking for it ever since. I was wondering if you might happen to remember that? I remember a crudely drawn pikachu in the background of the doll house, each "path" she went down involved self harm in some way. Draino, Pencil to wrist (specifically the eraser) and I remember one ending where she just rocked back and forth. I know its a long shot but it appears to have been wiped of the internet and ive been searching for like the past 5-6 years for it haha

  123. Hello, Saya! I've been following your blog for a long time, and keep coming back here when I feel like reading something eery. You're doing a wonderful job!

    There's a thing that's bothering me, though. Something I noticed right now. You say in this FAQ that it is okay to copy(!) your works, but I remember you used to be against that, and against translating them, too. Did something change?

  124. its pretty weird that i found this blog back in 2015 and these kind of things at least enlighten me and made me realize that someone is at least dedicating to something that they love, idk why haha, maybe because im delighted to know it? thanks for your post ma'am. keep it up, really appreciate it

    1. Saya_In_Underworld5 February 2021 at 12:41

      Thank you too! I appreciate your kind words!👍💗✨

  125. Saya, are you going to post again?

  126. How do i actually play this game??


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