Thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted while I was away! :D

Friday, 12 October 2007

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to say your comments are always welcome.
Without your feedback I couldn't go on. I would be starved of love. (figuratively speaking)
Just write to me from time to time!


p.s. it's nearly Halloween! Exciting, innit?


  1. hi saya!

    Yeah I Love Writing On Your Blog

    I Just Wanted To Say Keep Up The Hard
    Work As Your Site Is Very Good With The Weird And Strange Stories hehe :)

    How Are You Nowadays? Everything Ok?

  2. P.S Never Put Mayonaise With Jack Daniels :)

  3. Thanks for asking! Yep I'm fine.
    Quite busy packing up though!
    I can't wait to go home!!

  4. Yep. Mayo plus JD really tastes foul. Don't try it if you are a good man!

  5. Hi Again!!

    Hehe i Wont Try Mixing mayo And JD

    I Hope You Enjoy Going Back Home To Japan I Wish I Could Go To Japan But i Can Only Read And Write English Doh!

    One Day Maybe But Yeah Have A Good Time And How Long You Going Home For?

    Have A Good Trip Saya We Will Miss You!!!

  6. I dunno. I might be living in Japan for a long, long time!
    I will still try to call in Iain's though - if I can get up early enough!

  7. Ahh Well, I Wish You The Best For The Future Saya As i Think Your A Great Person To Talk To, And I Hope You Will Call Iain's Show Sometime In The Future.

    Sayonara Saya!!! :)

  8. yes indeed you genius.

  9. Thanks brother!!LOL
    People often say me I'm genius:)

    Only jokin!:)

  10. Your picture made me LOL.

  11. haha! we say "innit" in southern england, I didn't know it was also a japanese(japanenglish?) term!
    Peace Saya Innit!


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