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Saturday, 3 November 2012

(updated June 2013) Quirky Japanese Cartoon "USAVICH"

June 2013: I replaced the dead links with new ones.


Description ( taken from Wikipedia) :

Usavich (ウサビッチ Usabicchi, from うさぎ "usagi", Japanese for rabbit, with "vich" to make it a Russian patronymic) is a series of animated short films originally created for MTV's Japanese mobile service "Flux" and still being created for MTV Japan by Satoshi Tomioka and his studio Kanaban Graphics since 2006.

It is about an odd pair of rabbits imprisoned in a Soviet prison. While the first season shows the absurd everyday occurrences of the two rabbits' prison life, the second season tells the adventures of their escape and life on the run. Season 3 revolves around their adventure to the 13th and top floor of a shopping complex in a city. Season 4 deals with Putin putting upgrades on Mechanenko.

Season 1

Click "Read More" below to watch Usavich season 2-4.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Kirenenko (キレネンコ/Кирененко)

Kirenenko wears a prison uniform with red stripes, number 04. He has a safety pin stuck through his left ear. Originally a mafia boss, he was sentenced to death. He doesn't talk much, but is very dangerous when he becomes angry and goes berserk. When pushed far enough, he enters into a demonic rage form, which is clearly displayed by his face. He likes order and does not forgive anyone who crosses his path or otherwise "meddles" in his life. He collects sneakers and is generally oblivious to, or apathetic about, the world around him while he reads his magazine advertising sneakers. He cares for nothing but his sneakers. He is also almost invincible as normal weapons such as bullets and clubs won't even harm him. Poisons don't work on him either. When he dies, he is easily revived if pieced back together. He is the main protagonist, along with Putin.

Putin (プーチン/Путин)
Putin wears a prison uniform with green stripes, number 541. He has his ears tied together and is good-natured. He likes to dance kozachok on his bed (episode 12 shows him dancing kozachok in his sleep). He likes fun but often gets into trouble. He was an honest laborer who once missed a day of work due to a hangover and was sentenced to 3 years in jail as a capitalist agent. However, he enjoys life in prison with its free food and is a master of cooking. He was only one day from being released when he followed Kirenenko out of the cell. He panics very easily, enough so that his face will turn blue, red, and/or white when he is nervous depending on the situation. He also has low tolerance of alcohol; a single cup of wine will make him extremely drunk. He is, however, a very capable mechanic, able to build robots, assemble cars and disassemble guns, each within a split second.
Leningrad (レニングラード/ Ленинград)
Leningrad is an Argentinian Horned Frog living in the toilet in Putin and Kirenenko's cell. He does little more than croak, eat Comăneci, and defecate the chick out again. He plays an important role in the musical episodes, adding to the rhythm and making Putin gasp, which also happens rhythmically. His mother, Sharapova and her large husband live in a far forest.
Comanechi (コマネチ/Команеч)
Comanechi is a transvestite chick found by Putin while sorting chicks by gender in Episode 2. His mother visited during episode 6 and was eaten by Kirenenko. He is repeatedly killed throughout the series, but comes back to life on a regular basis. In season 4, Comanechi "grows up" and gives birth to Comăneci Jr.
Mechanenko (メカネンコ Mekanenko)
Mechanenko is a robot built by Putin in episode 35 to scare away snipers sent by Zrzolov, due to Kirenenko being dead at the time. It follows the cast thereafter. His design is based off of Kirenenko; consequently, he is just as indestructible and powerful, only being overmatched by Kirenenko himself.


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Miss.Acheron said...

Wow I love,it :D

Squirrel said...

Oh no! It's been blocked because of copyright!! .A.

SAYA said...

@Miss Acheron: I know. I can't stop laughing when I watch it!

@Squirrel: Thank you for letting me know. I've fixe it!

Mihai Anca said...

Ah, thank you very much, i've been searching for this series for a year now. You just made my day brighter, thanks again :* :D

SAYA said...

@Mihai Anca: I'm happy to be of service to you, my dear. Yes I'm always like the sunshine to people! lol

HN3 said...

i remember when they showed this in the mtv here in mexico

was really good

Tani M said...

I got ready to run away because I thought it might be like Miffy- but it's so nice and funny! I love it! Thank you for posting these, Saya san!

SAYA said...

@HN3: wow it got aired on Mexican TV?? Amazing! :D

@Tani: That's alright!! I'm just glad you like it! :D

Hasumi said...

wow! i watched this in mtv when i was a child :D hahaha

i remember how i was into this, but per episode, how you put this, it ends in a blink of eyes! haha it wasn't even anywhere enough for just watching one eps. and moreover mtv aired it in such a random time :|

thanks for sharing the link saya! :D

Hasumi said...

btw, this is the only movie besides tarako i dare to watch under your movie tag. :$

Red Mama Lion said...

The video is not longer available.