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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Please don't copy my posts (Notice from Saya)

Someone posted this comment at The Hotel Room
Anonymous said...
Hi, I'll copy and paste this somewhere but dont worry, i'll credit you :) Ill put that I got it from saya in underworld. Thanks~
 Well, whoever you are, PLEASE DON'T. I really don't want you to do it.
If you do that you will make me very unhappy.

If you must share the story with others, JUST SHARE THE LINK TO THE POST!
Why can you not be satisfied with that?

The fact this person has remained anonymous shows that s/he knows s/he shouldn't be doing it.

The following is a list of people who are copying my works.

I am very disappointed in you.

Please, I ask you to remove the posts you have copied from me.


Ready to be scared? 

Underworld House 

Anime Sway 

My Hangar

Sccubus Memoirs

I love you all. Please don't do this to me. Thank you.


Elena said...

The Underworld House blog didnt even bother in writing their own warning :/ they just copied yours.

So sorry this happens Saya, people can be quite inconsiderate about other people's work.

Anonymous said...

Very rude, they don't even ask, they STATE they will copy from you. Sigh.

Absynthefae said...

The girl behing Succubus Memoirs here and oh god, i'm so sorry u,u you can tell i did it on 2011 and i didn't even remember doing it but it has been erased asap. I truly admire your work and as a fellow translator I understand you being so mad about it u,u I repeat, i feel awful and i'm sorry.

Saya Yomino said...

@Elena: Thank you for commiserating with me over this unfortunate situation! I feel disappointed every time this happens...

@Anon (18 May): I know...this person is probably a child, and it makes me want to block off all the underage children. Idk if the blogger's adult content setting would do the job...

@Absynthefae: Don't feel awful. I understand you're not a bad person or anything. I truly appreciate that you took courage to come forward and send the message to me. It is enough for me that you considered my request and deleted the story from your site. So let's forget about it. Thank you and lots of love!

Sydney Pacione said...

I'm so glad you set up the anti-copy thing Saya! Now people won't be able to steal your precious work :)

Anonymous said...

The adult content setting only gives you a button to press if you want to proceed or not. Even if it does block the person who is logged onto an account as an under-aged person, I doubt that it'll be much of a block if they log off first.

M.W.Swall said...

Saya, just for the record, I think you're a saint for the way you handle rudeness like that. I certainly would find it hard to be so kind. Fortunately, I think most of your readers find that type of behavior unacceptable as well. At any rate, don't let it get you down and keep up the good work!

Aleischa Grantheith said...

Hello Saya-chan hehe nice idea to give your blog some anti copy app :) it's being nice if i read your real work in here, because your blog was the first give me some creep is, LOVE YOU SAYA-CHAN XDD and i will always check your update amazing stories :3 (and of course give more scary feeling =w=)

Mimi said...

I love you too, Saya. Now they can't copy your stories without your permission. Don't let them get to you. We all love you so much. <3