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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

About the translated stories

Edited: Everyone, thank you very much for your kind, loving words! I was very sad before, but now I'm feeling so much better :D 
As I said on Twitter too, I will not let those haters to keep me from doing what I like.
Thank you for your support!

I have just received a very hurtful comment from someone who told me that I was a "c*nt" for asking people not to steal my works when I steal other people's works myself.

So I feel I have to say something in my defence again.

■Firstly, the stories I have translated were all originally written by anonymous authors, mostly on 2channel.
You see them copied/pasted everywhere on the Japanese internet, for people to share and enjoy.
As far as I know, the unspoken rule is that you can make use of those stories in any way you like, as long as you don't use them for commercial purposes.

■Secondly, because the process of translation inevitably involves interpretation on the part of the translator, no two translations are exactly the same.

Just compare my translation entitled "Please Tell Me the Way" with another excellent translation of the same story done by the blog "怖い話." (Click on the links below to read them.)

Please Tell Me the Way
Directions (from 怖い話)

Both stories were translated from the same story, yet they differ considerably in terms of diction and presentation.
So I do not think it is overly presumptuous of me if I feel that my works have some kind of originality in themselves, even though they are translated works.

And of course, as I made it clear before, I would be happy to take down promptly any of these translated works upon the request of the original authors.
But I do not believe I am defiling their works or doing anything against their wishes.

As I have stated over and over before, I put a considerable effort into translating these stories and making them enjoyable to read for English-speaking readers.

I do not take money from anyone, I do it just for fun and I am not hurting anybody.

All I am asking is not to use my works without my permission.
If you want to share these stories with others, you can click on any of the share buttons at the bottom of the posts, or simply provide them the links to the posts.
I do not see why you feel the need to steal them.

If, even after you have read all that I have written, you still don't approve of what I do - well, it still would NOT give you the right to call me names.
Also it would NOT justify your action if you decided to steal my works either.

Please, everyone, don't send me any more unpleasant and unintelligent comments like that.

If you have questions or doubts about what I do, you can say them in a nice way.
You do not need to be so hostile.

Well, obviously the person who sent me that comment has some serious problems.
She or he is probably not a happy person. I feel nothing but pity for her/him.

Anyway, thank you for your audience and have a nice day! :)


  1. OMG Saya! Please ignore those haters out there! You know you are doing good when there are haters which are jealous of your work. I am one of your fan on your translation and please don't stress yourself out for these feeble minded people. Please post more stories when you have time! I love you SAYA!:D

    -Jason from Malaysia-

  2. Don't worry Saya, we're behind your back 100%. You're doing an amazing job, and you have more than earned your right to be credited for your work. If someone can't cope with that, well, sucks to be them.
    You just keep on going, don't mind those sore losers. :D

  3. *rolls eyes* haters gonna hate. Please don't listen to those jerks. You have plenty of readers who appreciate and are grateful for your translations! Please don't let those with no lives who comments on something they don't enjoy, and obviously have no talent of their own if they have to justify stealing, to ruin this blog for you. If you were to stop so many of us who follow this blog would be incredibly sad!

    As I said previously, I totally understand now the nuances that each translator brings to their translated stories (and I just read the 2 linked stories just then and that fact got refreshed and pronounced again).

    And again, I must thank you thank you thank you for translating and sharing these stories. I always look forward to reading this blog and get excited when a new post comes up. It's a nice de-stress method (though, technically it should be stressful to read huh... maybe i'm just strange lol)

    THANKS SAYA! You're awesome! And yes that person is quite pitiable.

  4. Oh, Saya, please don't let these idiots get to you. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have your delightful translations to look forward to, and as you've just proved, no two translators have quite the same tone. Please, don't feel bad about wanting attribution. Your effort is important too and your many fans really do appreciate it.

  5. Saya san,

    I'm a fan of your blog. As you might have known by now, certain people derive pleasure by inflicting pain on strangers on the internet. And you only bring it about when you have come forward as being hurt by that offensive comment from someone who would not hesitate to hurt you.

    You can't please anyone, don't drag yourself down the hole of hate and sadness. I know it is hard but the anonymity of the internet creates a lot of frustration to users, don't fall victim to coward bullying.


  6. I'm so sorry that you had to suffer those horrible comments. Please ignore them, Saya-san.

    Me and countless other readers are thankful of your translations. We love reading them and we're grateful that you generously spent your time and effort to translate and share them with us.

    I myself check your blog almost every day. I'm just an anonymous visitor to your blog, but I support you 100% Saya-san.

  7. Saya, I hope you are alright :D

    I'm really shocked to hear it,
    I really can't understand why such people even exist. Best to stay away from such people.

    Saya, I really thank you for all your work here. I remember when you closed your blog a while ago, I was so sad and devastated. I like your blog, I like all the stories here, it helps me to go through my stressful life day to day.

    I know that I really can't help much about this problem, I'm so sorry. I can only suggest you to simply ignore such bad things and keep going forward. Then again I'm so sorry if I'm really is not much help.

    I hope you will continue with all the stories you have :D
    Cheers :D

    =Flying Leyak=

  8. Just ignore them. There is always one of those people everywhere.

  9. Hello once again, Saya-chan! :D What i am about to say has probably been said by my fellow readers a thousand times by now, but i feel the obligation to do so, being a reader (and admirer) of your blog for so many years now. Pardon my language if it comes out to blunt :P

    1) You've been managing this blog tremendously throughout all this time despite being busy IRL. You have stated a billion times what it is exactly you do with these stories, and it is admirable to do such a meticulous job for one of the things you love doing, so you shouldn't be modest about it. You have every friggin right to tell others not to steal your work, since IT IS YOUR FUCKING WORK! The stories you find are considered "stray" through means of no copyright and since you make no profit out of this, it is FUCKING OK to do whatever!!

    2) Translating is a pain in the booty, even the slowest oaf can figure as much and you are great at it, so please keep at it and ignore whoever is enough a moron to not realise what is or is NOT copyrighted smh XD

    3) You were seriously called a cunt!? REALLY? Well, i wouldn't take to much offense, from one girl to another i can tell you that that particular genitalium has made empires fall, so take this idiot's insult like a compliment. Basically you are that important that he had to go out of his way ON THE FRIGGIN INTERNET to say mean shiz to a complete stranger on the other side of the globe. None should care really, remember, sticks and stones! ;)

    4) i know for a fact that you are a sensitive person, last time you had some kind of internetic scuffle with some dick rambling on about copyrights (which is moronic since there is no such issue with your work)you almost gave up the blog. Ignore those asses, their opinions have little value over the internet, its faceless communication, so it is the same as speaking to a wall. You are awesome, your blog is awesome, our community is awesome, why let it get spoiled by some brainless lout? :P

    Bottom line, GANBATTE! so many folks crave to read your stories (including me) and petty drama like this shouldn't bring your spirits down! :D Oh, and by the way, i know that since this is the internet even my opinion (be it positive or negative) has no objective value here, but i just had to let it out. This is the second time someone wants to muck up your thing and i've had it with these motherfucking shits in this motherfucking site! :P (samuel jackson comes out of me when im overly excited, sorry about that XD)

    PS: I really hope you are keeping well, Saya-chan! hopefully we'll hear from you soon :)

  10. Hi Saya,

    I think the most important thing is to do what one one feels is right.

    As my Japanese teacher always says," なるようになる" Be strong Saya!

    Best Regards,

  11. Anyone who makes a comment like that obviously has no sense. And they think they can say what they want because they are hidden behind their little screen. Don't let it bother you! What you are doing is amazing, and all of the people following your blog are thankful. I've been reading your blog for years and really look forward to your next update. Hope you are doing well!

  12. Hey! Woah! You are flawless Saya. You are flawless and I love your work! You do you, girl.

  13. That's terrible! Please don't feel down because of it! We all love the amount of effort and care you put into your work on here, it really shows! Everyone here enjoys your stories, and I hope you have a nice day too!

  14. You're the best Saya! That person is just being rude because they feel entitled to everything. They're wrong! You work so hard; I'm trying to become a translator too, and it's tough work! Translation takes effort and no one has the right to take someone else's effort as their own. Keep up the good work and know that your fans love you!

  15. Hi Saya-san please don't be sad anymore! Your blog really made a lot of people happy since 2007! Everyday I've looked forward to the happiness your translations bring. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind to provide us a glimpse of Japanese culture which would have been otherwise remain hidden to those who do not have enough Japanese language skills. *virtual hug*

  16. Hello Saya-san! :o Don't listen to these haters!! They are just jealous or have nothing else to do. I think that your blog is really awesome. I chek it almost every day to see if you posted something. : )
    Keep up the good work <3

  17. I'm so sorry for your troubles Saya! Thank you so much for all your effort. I adore your blog and think that the request to merely link to individual entries is entirely reasonable.

    I have found that people who use petty insults such as that tend to project an inner self-hatred onto the world. Insults like that no longer make me angry; instead I just feel pity. It's sad that someone is so full of anger and entitlement that they would speak that way to you. You are running a blog that you gain nothing from but the joy of sharing and many of us appreciate and understand that it is a privilege--not a right--to read these stories.

    You seem like such a kind person, so it makes me really sad that you are receiving hate. Best wishes and good luck!

  18. As a fellow translator, I would be extremely annoyed if someone took my translations and pretended it was theirs. I think feeling this way is completely understandable. Translating is not something quite so simple as sticking it into a translator as so many people seem to believe. Not only do grammar differ from one language to the next, there may not be an exact translation of the words used themselves. There's also something quite delicate about the procedure, to ensure that the language flows as natural as it does in the target language as it does in the host language, and still keep most of the little flavours from the word choices that occurs from the culture it originated from, that may be lost in the process of translation.

    I teach a reading class once a week and as I speak the language of my students the school expects me to translate at least the question portion of the materials (otherwise I would not do it since I believe learning in the target language is more beneficial than learning in your host language). The day before my reading class, I do not get any sleep. I have about 80 questions and translating them all takes me all day from 3 PM until 6:30 AM, when I need to get ready for work the next day. And these are only the questions. If they needed me to translate the passages themselves, I would say no, even though they are only a couple of pages long, 6 passages in total, and thus only 12 pages of text.

    In conclusion, translation is not merely taking someone else's work and flipping a switch to make it a different language. It takes genuine effort. Taking the work without giving us credit for translating is basically spitting in our faces and laughing at our hard work.

    I don't say this enough, Saya, but thank you for your hard work. Seeing a new story on your blog always puts a smile on my face. I'm sorry you were subjected to such rudeness and please know that there are people here who do appreciate your hard work and who can understand what you go through in order to get these stories up for us to enjoy.

  19. Saya, I just discovered your blog fairly recently. I consider it an excellent find and am happy to have come across it.

    I frankly think you are quite wise to label your translations as you do. It's your time and effort that goes into these translations. No one has a "right" to them except for you. While I'm glad you posted this entry, as it gives you an opportunity to understand how much people enjoy what you do, I do hope you understand that a defense is absolutely unnecessary. You've got nothing to defend because you've done nothing wrong. There is a lot more that goes into a translation than simply the words and story being translated.

    We live in a time where, unfortunately, there are a great many people who feel entitled to the fruits of others' labors. Whether through sheer ignorance or pure sociopathy on their parts, they are going to be offended when you stand up for that which is yours. Never forget that this is their problem, not yours. Such people often try to give their problems to others. The key is to remember that they cannot give you anything you refuse to accept.

    Your concerns ought to be continuing to do what you enjoy and remembering that there are far more people who appreciate what you do than people who want to tear you down. Keep up the good work!

  20. I wouldn't worry too much, Saya. As they say, haters gonna hate. Don't let whoever get to you. Your fans love you and REALLY appreciate the hard work that goes into the translations/interpretations. It makes me smile when I see a new post from you in my feed, and I love to re-read old posts (especially on dark and stormy nights!). Know that the people who respect you still respect you, even more after a post like this where you kept your cool instead of flipping out and swearing all over the place. I know I tend to use a lot of profanity when someone calls me names like that.

  21. Hmm. It seems that no matter how kind or gentle you are, there will always be someone in the world who hates you. And the Internet makes it very easy for that "nemesis" to find you.

    But, I like you.

    Your translations have given me many nice frissons, which I can't seem to get anywhere else these days. Westerners like me often get our cultural experience of the uncanny watered down with mass marketed junk. You provide something much more pure, and more subtle.

    Thank you, Saya!

  22. WHAT !!!! they talk it to you~~~ @A@ its horrible, the haters maybe just only envy to you~~~so dont worry if they give you something to let you down, as long as you RIGHT Saya :) keep do your work~~~ hehe~ im very love it when im reading you blog (even if im scary too T^T) KEEP SPIRIT SAYA XDD :)

  23. Why would you even bother with things like those? You know you're better than those low-lifes. You're awesome in your own way and you must know it. I also following okaruto, lol. Thank you :)

  24. I hope you'll overcome any bad feelings rude people try to inflict on you; if it's any consolation I (and many, many others) love your efforts and hard work, it's why I can't help but check in almost every day to see if there's something new!

  25. Hi Saya Chan,

    I feel terrible that people used such vulgarities on you. Unfortunately, whatever we do, we always receive hate-mails or comments. These people are ignorant; they have never done anything similar successfully and are jealous; they don't think properly before they write.

    To these haters or spammers:
    Pls use your brain to write a constructive critical feedback, instead of just throwing vulgarities and calling people names. ARE YOU GUYS HAVING A C*NT -MOUTH & C*NT-HEAD? YOU LIKE TO BE CALLED THAT?

  26. There are swine among men and these pearls that you offer to all, are wasted on them. They take more than their fill and demand more even then. A person with something fundamentally missing, lost in themselves.

    I hope one day they will look upon others as you do, with a kind heart; and one day seek to make right their missteps. Hopefully one day, they will bring some heart felt apology to you.

    Despite this one person faultering before you, you are clearly loved by the majority of those that appreciate your gifts.
    I am happy to count my self among them.

    I hope this will not haunt you for long. Know that your happiness is our happiness and your pain our pain.

    Stay Happy and Healthy always Saya.

  27. Wow don't mind those people, Saya!
    I love your blog and i remember i was really happy when checking this blog (about a year or two? after you blocked your blog and i still remember the web address ^.^) and suddenly it was active! I screamed at my friend "AAAHH!! Saya unblocked the blog!! YESS!!" even though they didn't know what i was talking about XD

    Well the thing is i understand how it feels when people retranslate your post without permission even though you say it clearly 'dont post without permission'. I had my art done like that, they edited my art and changed my portfolio link with their blog link :/ they may not know that it's wrong since "it's found on the internet" but someone have to tell them!

    So the point is, we love your blog, please keep posting, and don't mind what haters say as long as you haven't done any harm ^.^

    Wow i only planned to comment with one or two sentence (i was escaping studying for a bit) o_o well see you Saya! I'm usually just a watcher but maybe i'll start leaving comments too ;)

  28. hi saya...thank you for you effort you put in this blog,is most apreciated by 99.99% of readers but some don't understand how hard is what you are doing ,again you are doing a great job and i totaly agree with the terms you put,as for the one that wrote that before calling name first he/she should try do what you do and see how hard it matter what others say i think you are doing a great job and hope you will wishes saya :)take care

  29. Hi Saya,
    I've been reading your blog since I was in middle school (I'm currently in university right now) and this is the first time I'm commenting: I just wanted to give you a few words of encouragement like many of the people above :) You've done a tremendous job in translating these stories and I've been through quite a few, but yours is the scariest. So I really understand the rules that you hope we follow (because it's not hard to link your website). To those people who are sending you rude comments deserve none of your attention and are trolls who are harassing you for no good reason.
    You have a whole slew of fans who will support you all the way through :) and I'm really glad you're feeling much better now!

    All the best!

  30. Hi Saya!
    I've been a silent reader here for quite a while, but I figured to start talking sometimes and I wanted to comment on this.

    We all love your blog and please don't mind the haters out there. There are lots of asses on the internet, and it can't be helped, but you don't deserve to be called anything.

    Hang in there Saya ^ o ^////

  31. Saya, I've been reading your blog for a long time because you have done such a awesome job of translating and even letting us know that you got it from the 2chan chat. You are doing a awesome job of managing this blog and keeping it filled with interesting stories. Even with all the things you have to do in real life you still entertain us Saya and for that we love you (XD). These people hatin don't realize that if you block off your blog again them little kids aren't going to get to read it or even copy it because not many people will get to enjoy all these stories you had translated for us. You stay Strong Saya, no matter what someone else says to pull you down, You and you alone have the power to stop everyone from stealing from you. Stay strong Saya
    ~ dark487

  32. I'm one of the Anonymous that commented on 'Can you see your Guardian Spirit?’ This is my second comment here.

    I just want to say that I really, really appreciated all those hard work and time that you spend on translating all this stories into English.

    Some people vibrating 'hate signal' [that's what I call it] everywhere, especially on internet since you can just use whatever nick name that you want and do/say whatever you want and didn't have to worry about getting payback for it. [That's why I no longer be Anonymous, to make me sound not hypocrite :p] It's sad. And I can see your wisdom from sympathizing with them.

    Stay strong Saya-san. We care about you and I'm sure there are more people who feel the same way as me.

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  33. They should get lives, we appreciate you very much Saya-san!! Keep up the good work, I love your blog, and you! :D

  34. Oh and thanks a LOT for sharing that other blog!!!

  35. Those people are absolutely ridiculous in addition to being wrong. Because a translation counts as intellectual property! I mean in books the translator is always credited right after the author, because translation is a skill and requires work, and is unique to the translator.

    Like you said, people will translate differently. So since it's your intellectual property, it's not bad to want credit for the effort you put in. I mean I'm helping a friend translate a game, so I know the work that goes into translation, both the literal work and also choosing the phrasing to make it understandable to English-speakers.

    Saya, I love your blog. I love the stories you translate, and I love your translations. I think you strike a good balance between making things understandable, and explaining concepts and cultural things when they come up.

    Also, you're so good to us readers! I'm always happy when I see your comments along with us, explaining things or just chatting. You're a nice person and don't deserve such abuse. Ugh.

  36. Hi there, Saya!

    Man, this is one of the most friendly blogs I've read on the internet, and I don't get why people think they can be assholes on the net when they're too coward to be like that in real life. I guess they have some major issues with their self esteem.

    Saya, don't let those poor people drag you down! Keep on with your excellent work, and enjoy the love you get from your fans! They're immensely nice people, too! I myself like your community!

    All the best and thank you so much for your effort and those cool, creepy stories!

    Cheers, Doc Sanchez

  37. WAH

    I have read your WHOLE blog finally!!!! It took a while but I enjoyed all of it.

    Seeing something like this makes me sad, someone does something kind for all of you and people are rude... I think that it is perfectly within your rights to decide whether or not you want your translations spread around. Translating and finding things to translate is a lot of work and it is actually common that many translators do not enjoy their work being spread around in copy/paste form and things like that.

    Keep giving us interesting stories and do not give up! You are allowed to give us whatever rules you want and if someone doesn't like it then they aren't welcome!!!!!!! I really enjoy your posts so do not get discouraged!

  38. The internet is not the internet without you and your blog. <3

  39. Saya, You're awesome.
    Just ignore those haters.
    They are probably less than 12 years old.

  40. This kind of thing always happens. Naysayers always exist, especially when your pool of audience gets bigger. Just take them with a pinch of salt. Their comments are not worth more than that anyway.

    Continue the good work. Japanese creepy stories simply has that oppressive vibe which makes them more unsettling than any others (read some on creepy pasta, still prefers your translated works).

  41. Hi Saya-san, those people who said bad things to you are actually, well.. the manifestation of demon.
    Like you said I browse on some japanese internet, and stumble upon similar story like in your blog, but with different presentation and it leads to different perspective on how you take the story. And it is quite exciting.
    So, dont be get discouraged, keep up your good work, Saya-san.. ganbatte!

  42. @Jason.F: Thank you for your love and encouragement! I won't mind these people, and since I now have disabled comments from anonymous readers, I'm not likely to get any more nasty comments. I hope I get a comment from you again though! :)

    @riisisisi: Thank you for your support! I just focus on the joy of sharing the stories, and of becoming acquainted with nice people like you. haha :D

    @Anon (30 April): I'm sure I remember you from another comment you posted before? :D

    Haha you're not the only one who says they read my blog as a way to de-stress, so don't worry! XD

    Thank you for reminding me that while there are few haters, there are far greater number of people who like and enjoy my blog! <3

    @Mai Jane: It's true you can't please everyone. It is very cowardly to disparage someone using foul language like that, and I'm not going to be defeated by it and become sad! :D Thank you, dear.<3

    @nunu: I always look forward to your comment, nunu. Thank you for your kind words. I am currently barring anonymous people from commenting, but I hope that hasn't put you off. I'd love to hear from you! :D Take care!

  43. @Flying Leyak: Thank you, my friend. Your kind words and support have been a huge help to me. I don't know how to thank you.

    I'm sorry I made you sad when I closed my blog, but I'm glad it is helping you again to wind down at the end of a stressful day!

    Yes, I think as you say I will learn to ignore such people and focus on what I really want to accomplish with this blog.

    Thank you again and take care! :D

    @CY: Yes, sir! :D Thank you!

    @Tia: Oh Tia, you have always been very supportive and kind, and I'm sorry I'm not always able to reply to your message quickly!

    hahaha You made a great point at 3) about the female genitalia! It made me laugh so hard! XD

    Yes, I am a sensitive person, and I don't think I can change my personality. But I know I need to learn to protect myself. It's something I have been working on!
    And you're right in that it is best to focus on the positive things that this blog is bringing to my life, rather than the negative things, because the former far outnumbers the latter! :D

    Thank you for cheering me up and reminding me of the positive aspects of the blog.

    I hope everything is going well in your life and that you're happy surrounded by loving friends and family! :D You "Ganbatte" too! <3<3

    @Dethyl: That's a good word you teacher taught you! :D
    Thank you for your kindness! Take care, my friend!

    @Anon (30 April): Awww I don't know who you may be but you're so different from those rude anonymous readers! It's so sweet of you to leave such a kind message. I hope you come and comment again, although I have disabled anonymous comments now. I'm happy to know you've been enjoying my blog. Thank you so much. Take care! <3

  44. @Mokom: Thank you, my flawless friend Mokom XD <3<3

    @Ion: Aww than you Ion, I'm sorry it's been a month since I received your message and I haven't got back to you! But I appreciate your every word! :D Have a lovely day!<3

    @Syndney:Oh! You want to become a professional translator? I wonder what languages you work with! (Perhaps you told me before. If so, sorry!)

    Thank you for cheering me on! Good luck with your study! :D

    @Anon (1 May 02:23): Haha it amazes me every time someone tells me my blog makes them happy, because it often deals with depressing subjects! XD
    But I'm very grateful for your words. Thank you, dear <3

    @Anastasiya: Thank you very much for being so kind, dear. Because of your friendship, I've managed to recover from the blow :D
    Thank you for your support and may you always be happy! <3

  45. You only need to know one thing, you are an awesome blogger. I've read some similar stories in some other blogs, but yours are more pleasant to read. Stay awesome!

  46. @Anon (1 May 03:31): I'm so sorry that you had to wait for two months to get my reply!

    I agree with what you said about projection... I realise I sometimes do that myself too so I can't really point an accusing finger at anyone, but still I couldn't help but feel hurt...

    But thanks to you I have recovered fully! I hope life's been treating you well and take care! :D

    @Anon (1 May 04:56): I'm happy to have someone who knows about translation and what sort of work it involves! I really appreciate your very word.

    I have a friend (Chinese Canadian)who used to teach at a university in Taiwan, and she did exactly the sort of things you had to do. She had to translate materials in English into Chinese and she had to work for long hours to get it done. I can only imagine how hard it is... I really admire you.

    Thank you very much for your message. I'm really sorry I'm so late in replying. But I really want you to know that I appreciate your kindness and I hope you have been well and happy! Take care!

  47. @M.W.Swall: Thank you thousand times! I'm very lucky to have you people to support me. It's true that I do not have to defend myself. I'll keep my head up high! :D I'm sorry my reply is late. I hope you're happy and well!

    @Boston Knitter: Awww it's nice to hear my posts are making you smile! So sweet of you to say that. I hope I can update more frequently this month so I can make you smile more! :D

    Haha I'm just an ordinary person and I did flip out and swore on my blog before XD but recently I find that barking back at people doesn't make me feel good at all. Being nice to people is the same thing as being nice to myself.

    Thanks dear and take care!

    @Anon (1 May 10:37): Thank you! I think it's very easy for angry and sad people to use the internet to release all those pent-up emotions and go around being horrible to random strangers.I'm aware of this danger, so I tend to be extra careful when I say something on the internet.

    I'm glad my blog is enriching your life in small ways! It's so much fun to learn about cultures of other countries! You and I live in different worlds, yet we can enjoy the same stuff. Isn't it wonderful? :D Each person is different, but at the bottom we share many things in common, because we are all humans; my blog always reminds me this simple truth.

  48. @Aleischa Grantheith: Thank you for the sweet and cheerful message!<3<3 Take care and stay happy!

    @Nes Nesa: Thank you! I think the next time I get this kind of message I'll just ignore it! :D Love and peace!

    @Anon (1 May 17:08): Thank you very much! I love translating and publishing those stories for their own sake, but you people's love and enthusiasm for my blog gives me extra incentive to continue updating. I appreciate your presence very much. Take care!

    @桔子: Thank you dear. I hope I don't get any more such hate comments! If I ever do, I'll remember your kind words! :D <3

    @CRRobbins: Your message is very touching!

    You cannot be happy by being hateful towards people, under any circumstances. Hate only begets hate. The only effective weapons against hate is love and forgiveness. I'm not a saint so I often fail, but I do my best to be loving towards others.

    Haters no longer bother me as much as they did before! It's all thanks to you people's love and support!

    I hope you too stay happy and healthy! :D

  49. Are taking screenshots allowed?

  50. @lijime - San: it depends on what you want to take screenshots for.


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