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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Unknown Caller

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(Translated and arranged by Saya)

I got a call from an unknown number.
A middle aged woman's voice asked, "Mr.Suzuki (psuedonym)?"
But I am Tanaka (psuedonym).

So I replied, "No, you have the wrong number."
"Then, who are you?"She asked.

Her response both surprised and annoyed me.
"Why would I answer that? Don't you think it's rude to ask me that?"
When I said that, she just hung up.

That was weird! I thought.
Then a few days later, I got another call from an unknown number (I think it could have been the same number as the last time).
When I answered it, the same middle aged woman's voice asked,
"Mr. Suzuki?"
I said, "You called a wrong number," and hung up. I then blocked the number on the phone.

About a week later, I got a call from a different unknown number. Weird things keep happening to me lately! I thought to myself, and answered the phone, but without saying a word. It was that woman's voice.

"Mr.Suzuki? You must be Mr.Suzuki, right?" She sounded strangely excited.
It was getting too creepy, and I hung up without a word.

This time though, she called me immediately again.
I was caught off guard, but  soon my surprise was replaced by exasperation.
I answered the call so that I could tell her to stop it, once and for all.

"Oh, Mr.Suzuki? You are Mr.Suzuki, aren't you?"
Her voice sounded strangely excited again.

"Look at the number before you make a call! How many times do I have to tell you I am not Suzuki!?" I snapped at her.

That was when her voice suddenly became really low like a man's voice.
"Yeah, I know. Because you are Tanaka."
She said, and hung up.

That was the creepiest thing that ever happened to me. For some time after that, I got freaked out every time I received a call from someone. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

But My Grandfather

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(Translated and arranged by Saya)
A high school boy fell in love with a girl. They both went to the same school in a rural area.

The girl lived with her grandfather in an old house on the outskirts of the town. She was a kind girl who looked after her grandfather well, and was very popular with other kids.
The boy belonged to a photography club, and one day he asked the girl to pose as a model for his pictures. From then on, they became closer and closer, until they started dating in secrecy.

The boy wanted to go and study in Tokyo once he left the high school.
He wanted the girl to come with him, but the girl said she couldn't leave the town because she had to look after her grandfather.

Whenever the boy suggested they do some activities together, she would often start off by saying, "I'm sorry but my grandfather..." and make excuses about why she couldn't do them with him.
The boy felt irritated by this, and as the time passed, he became increasingly colder to her because of it.
He would shout at her: "Stop saying 'but my grandfather, but my grandfather' !"
And then came the day when the boy was due to leave for Tokyo.
He went to the girl's house to say goodbye, but the girl, who received him at the front door, said, "please take me with you." 
The boy asked, "but what are you going to do with your grandfather?" 
The girl replied, "he is alright now."

He sensed something was wrong, and went inside the house.
There on the bed, he found her grandfather lying dead, and the whole place was covered in blood. 
He turned around to find the girl standing behind him, holding a bloody knife.
"My grandfather is asleep now, so please don't disturb him."
The boy was overcome with sheer panic and horror, and run out of the house. He left the town immediately for Tokyo. 

For the next ten years or so, he never set foot in his hometown again. 
He remembered about the girl with regret, thinking that she committed the crime out of deep love for him.
He was the root cause of it all. He initially felt guilty, but over time the memory faded away, and it became all but a distant past. 

Then one day, he received a letter announcing the date of the next reunion at his high school. He decided to attend it this time.

At the reunion party, he enjoyed drinking and talking to his old friends.
He then remembered about the girl and felt an urge to ask his schoolmates as to what happened to her after that fateful day, without mentioning he was involved in it in any way.
But no one whom he asked knew anything about the incident. Even those who took photos of her with him did not remember about her.

He was completely baffled by this, and decided to ask around in the town to see if anyone else remembered about her.

Finally, he met an old lady who knew about the girl, but she said, "that happened more than 50 years ago."

He became confused and started doubting his own mind. 

But he knew where her old house was. He searched his memories and followed the familiar paths that led to the place where the house used to stand.

However, when he arrived there, he found only a steep cliff.
And he could find no trace of a house ever having been built there.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Welcome Home

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Hello, everyone! :) Long time no see!

I would like to introduce you to this little ritual so that perhaps you can try it for Halloween! Hooray! LOL

(especially handwritten by Saya. lol)

 Many people who tried this ritual swear that this is one of the surest ways of conjuring an apparition, or experiencing some other sorts of paranormal phenomena !(Yay!)

It is best to be done in a dark room at midnight.

Things you will need:
A paper
A pen

How to do it:
1. On the paper, write "Welcome home." And also just below it, write "You must be tired."
2. Stare at the paper for one minute, without blinking.
3. Soon, you will hear a voice from behind you, saying "I'm home...," and "I'm so tired..."
(You may hear different words or just feel a presence behind you.)

When this happens, DO NOT TURN AROUND.
Because if you do, it is said that you will be taken to netherworld (oh no! lol).

There are no set ways of ending this ritual, so just wait for the presence to leave.

If it doesn't leave no matter how long you wait, try sprinkling some salt for purification.

I am looking forward to reading reports from my readers who have tried it XD

Friday, 25 October 2019


(Translated by Saya)
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An easy-peasy cryptic story! :)

Because my apartment faces the road that leads to a school, it sometimes becomes the target of pranks by kids.
When I returned home from work tonight, I saw the windows which faced the road had become foggy because of the cold air outside; and I was appalled to find lots of small handprints on the window.

Kids are a real nuisance.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Audio Recordings of the Translated Stroies

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(Translated by Saya) Hi everyone! How are you doing? :D

 My friend and follower, and also a very talented voice actor Mr. Nicholas Petcosky ( kindly did some recordings of my translated stories for me!
And for FREE too!! What an amazingly generous person! If only everyone in the world were nice like him. LOL.

Please follow the links below:

1) Reverse Clapping
The Story:
Nick's Recording :

2) My Master Series: Episode One "The Lock"
The Story:
Nick's Recording:


My translated stories sound even more cool and professional because of the way he read them LOL.
You can now enjoy listening to those stories while commuting to your school or work or even while at school or work!
I'm sorry you are so addicted to my blog! XD

Thank you so much, dear Nick!
Much love and gratitude.

The Chest of Drawers

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(Translated by Saya)

(Translated by Saya)

This story creeped me out quite a bit.
I heard it from an English teacher while at high school.

The teacher was a quiet, but fairly popular person among the students, because of his dry sense of humour, and clear and concise way of teaching.

He started off his story by saying that when his wife died (we didn't even know he had a wife and that she was already dead, so it freaked us out quite a lot), he often had strange hallucinations. 

Those hallucinations involved an old chest of drawers which belonged to his late wife.
One of the drawers would open by itself at night, and the upper half of his wife's head would appear out of the drawer, and she would watch him sleeping on the bed. 

I must be mentally unstable because of her death, he thought to himself, and went to see a psychiatrist and got prescribed some medication. He also tried to take good care of himself so that he wouldn't feel tired and stressed out, but despite all his efforts, his wife continued to appear in the drawer at night, and watched him while making various peculiar poses.

If my mental state isn't causing this, what is happening must be real - he thought.
One day, he decided to get into one of the drawers himself.
He laid his whole body inside the drawer, and with some effort, shook the drawer to close it.

He had been waiting for a long time inside the drawer, when he suddenly heard his wife's exclamation:
He hadn't really prepared himself for this turn of events. 
(He told us something like: "I thought I was calm, but now I realise I wasn't, because I felt too agitated to respond.")
He kept quiet, not knowing what to say.
Then he heard his wife say, "you are too fat and can't stay in here."
He thought she was quite right, and shook the drawer again to get out. 

He told us that the chest of drawers in question was still in his house, 
and sometimes when he was tired he would see his wife appear before falling asleep.

This story would have ended as just a heart-warming story, had the teacher not concluded the story with these words:
"Nothing bad happened to me in the end, but had it happened to someone else who was less mentally strong, I suspect the person would have stayed inside the drawer forever. Because it felt so good and so comfortable being inside it."
He said these words so matter-of-factly....

And it is so creepy too to imagine that he still keeps the chest of drawers in his bedroom.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Dumbfounding Question

(Translated by Saya)

*The following interaction once appeared on a Japanese Question and Answer platform (Now deleted).  

Name: Anxious Mother
I want to cut off my three-year old son's willy to turn him into a girl.
Please tell me the best way to do it. 
(2000/12/27 05:59:32)

Name: Kyoko
In such times as we are living now, it does not surprise me at all to encounter such a question.
What is driving you to want him to turn him into a girl?
Tell me your reasons first, and I will tell you the safest and easiest way of accomplishing exactly what you wish.

Name: Anxious Mother
Dear Kyoko,
I have already been bringing up my son as a girl. I divorced my husband on the grounds of adultery.
I cannot and will not allow my son to become such a man.
Fortunately, his name sounds like a girl's name,
so ever since I divorced and started living alone with my son, I have been making him wear girl's clothes and bringing him up as a girl.
The sooner I cut his willy off the better.
Please tell me the safest and surest way of getting the job done. I will set about doing the task straight away.

Name: Kyoko
Dear Anxious Mother,
I understand the situation you are in and feel for you.
I will tell you the safest and easiest way to turn a boy into a girl.
You do not cut off his willy.
You need to squash his balls.
Let the doctor cut off his willy later.
Do you think you will manage to squash them by yourself?
If you think you can, I will tell you how to do it and how to set up a situation.

Name: Anxious Mother
Kyoko, I have been waiting for your message.
You tell me to squash my son's balls? Of course I can.
It's simple. I have had enough practice with boiled quail's eggs so many times before.
Please tell me how to set up a situation and also how to do it.

(Immediately after this message, a woman named "Aki" appears, who also says she wishes to turn her own son into a girl. On the other hand, she laments about a case of kidnapping of a newborn baby that occurred recently.)

Monday, 11 February 2019

Long Sleeves

(Translated by Saya)
Thank you for your support! :D

384 :Anonymous:03/10/23 22:49
When I was an elementary school kid, a weird boy transferred to my school.
He looked rather poor, and didn't appear to have a father.

His mother, whom I met a few times, seemed like an ordinary, kind and cheerful lady, and didn't look particularly unhappy.

What was so weird about the boy was that he kept wearing long-sleeved clothes even at the height of summer.
It wasn't because he was sensitive to the cold. I mean, he would come to school wearing a long-sleeved top and knee-length shorts during summer.
He also never took part in swimming lessons.

Just as everyone started wondering if the boy was hiding some body defects, a group of bad boys in my class began teasing him.
They would often threaten to take his long-sleeved shirt off him.

One day, the boy suddenly went berserk, and accidentally jabbed me in the eye with his finger.
Tears after tears started rolling down my face, and the sight enraged the other boys so much that this time they stripped him off his shirt for real.

Then we saw something bizarre on his right arm...