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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Hina dolls on a boat

It was around the end of March that my friend Kume*1 and I went on a trip.
We wanted to go before the new semester started*2 so we squeezed some free time in our super busy schedule.
Since he kept going on that he doesn't want to go to touristy places and so forth, we decided to stay at a secluded inn among the mountains.
A river ran by the side of the inn, and if you followed the river to the bottom of the mountain, you arrived at the town.

But having said that, it wasn't as if the town offered anything of interest, so we killed our time during the day by doing various things such as exploring the surrounding area and searching for hot springs.

The sun seemed to sink much earlier than usual when you were on the mountain; already both the sky and roads were ablaze in brilliant red.
We walked along the riverbank, and then from a bridge looked down at the river, the colour of which had turned rusty-red.

An inn by a river

Friday, 20 July 2018

Time Travel

(Translated from Japanese by Saya)
This is a cryptic story!

I have obtained a time machine from a secret source.

That being said, you can travel only to the future using the machine, because if you could go back in time it would alter the course of history and that would be too dangerous.

I decided to travel to the time ten years from now.

 Me, ten years older than I am now -
I wonder what I will be like!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Adrift in the Sea

(Translated from Japanese by Saya)

Three men, A, B and C were adrift in the sea.
They had been shipwrecked and only three of them managed to survive on a life boat.
A and B were ordinary businessmen, married with kids.
C had no family and noone waited for his return at home.

One day, A caught a vial which had come floating up to their boat.
Inside the vial, they found a trapped fairy.
Upon being freed from the vial, the fairy said,
"Say one wish. To repay your kindness, I will make it come true."

A and B of course replied that they wanted to go home.
As soon as their words were out, they disappeared.

C at first was going to make the same wish, but remembered how he would be all alone by himself even if he went back home.
And he also recalled how the past days had been hard yet eventful.

He had mulled these things over in his mind before he said,
"Bring A and B back to the boat."

Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Prize in the Box

This story has been translated from Japanese by Saya.

This is a cryptic story!

The old man said to the young man,
"Shall we play a game?"

His explanation of the rules was as follows:
There is a prize amounting to a large sum of money inside a box, and if the young man manages to pry open the box the prize will be his.

The box is extremely stout and it is impossible to open it by bare hands, but surrounding the box are a variety of weapons such as an axe, which the young man is free to use.
There is no time limit whatsoever.

The young man replied that he would play it with much enthusiasm.
It appeared there was no risk at all involved.

The old man nodded and said,
"Actually, there are a few difficult challenges you have to go through before you are able to reach the box. If, however, you are willing to pay me 5o,ooo yens right now, I will let you start from a place closest to the prize."

The young man joyfully handed 50,000 yens over to the old man.

Then the game started.
From the very beginning, the prize was right in front of the young man.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


*This is a cryptic story

The other day my ex-colleague dropped by my work place.
In the past, despite our busy married life, we would often find time to go drinking together.

As it was sometime since we'd seen each other, we went to a nearby cafe to catch up on each other's lives.

I asked, "how are things with you? Behaving badly as always?"
In reply, he grinned and started telling me a story:

Since a year ago, he started dating a girl 10 years younger than him.
Last year, around the Christmas period, he spent the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of December in her apartment.

As expected, his action had a huge negative impact on his family life.
He actually had enough conscience to feel a twinge of guilt about leaving her little daughter at home, so he decided to go home on the 25th, around 7.00 in the evening.

But his girlfriend would not allow it, of course, and tried to stop him from going by throwing a tantrum. They had a huge fight and after much struggle he was finally able to shake himself free of her grip and get in the elevator to leave.

He was laughing as he concluded the story with:
"And guess what? When I stepped out of the building's entrance, she was there."

This is a true story (to avoid being identified, I've faked the details)

Thursday, 5 July 2018


*This is a cryptic story!

My granny died and all our relatives got together at her country home.

There was a kid who was too little to understand about death. He kept running around the house, and one time I found him standing idly by the well in the garden and had to get him to come back inside.

The kid kept staring at the picture of the dead granny with a wondering face.
"Why have they put up such a big picture of granny?"
A typical childish question, but a very sad one.
"Granny has gone to heaven, dear," someone answered him.
Did he really understand what it meant?
"Is heaven inside the well?"
*sigh* ...You see, this is why I hate kids.They are all stupid.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Witness

Translated from Japanese by Saya
A row of vending machines
A Cryptic Story!!

It was around midnight, three days ago.
I was on my way home from a night of drinking. As it was a very cold night, I stopped by a vending machine to buy some warm tea. **
While I was at it, suddenly a kid went running like a thunderbolt down the cross street on my right.

"What the fuck is that kid doing in such a cold night,"
I thought to myself.
After getting tea, I again began walking when a woman came running up to me and asked,
"Have you seen my son?"

It was cold, I was sleepy and couldn't be bothered to get involved, so I told her I didn't see her son and went back home to sleep.

But a surprise was lying in wait for me the following morning. The mother of the kid I saw had been stabbed at home and was now fighting for her life.
The tobacconist near my place told me all about it.
The case didn't get to be on the news, so I don't know the details, but it was the kid who first discovered his mother in that state and ran to the police station for help.
Hearing that made me feel sorry, because I thought there was perhaps something more I could have done to save them...

**   You find those vending machines, usually selling hot and cold drinks, on every bloody street in Japan.

Learn more about Japan's vending machines below:

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Playful Sister

Translated from Japanese by Saya

A Cryptic Story.

While watching a rented Japanese horror movie with my older sister, I told her something I learned off the net.
"Japanese people tend to get scared of female ghosts more than male ghosts, so that's why Japanese horror movies tend to centre around female ghosts."
My sister responded with an uninterested "uh-huh."

A few days later, when I came home from school, I glimpsed someone in white dress in the sitting room through the half-glass door.
I thought, "ah, sis is home," although I hadn't seen her shoes at the front door.**

I thought that was weird and looked inside the sitting room but she wasn't there anymore.
And she wasn't in her room either. I went to every room looking for her but she was nowhere to be found.

I was feeling slightly uneasy as I went to my own room.
I took off my school blazer to hang it up, but just when I got to the closet, the doors suddenly opened and, "Boo!" my sister jumped out from the inside.

As I fell and landed on my bum from the shock, she looked down at me with a triumphant gleam in her eyes.
"Did that scare you? Hahaha!" She laughed at me!

Little Devil! She probably did it because of what I told her about female ghosts before.
And at the time she was acting as if she wasn't the least bit interested!

"But why did you change clothes? The dress you were wearing before was much nicer."
 She had changed from the dress into jeans.
But she again pretended as if she hadn't the slightest idea what I was talking about.

----- Those sweet memories come flooding back to me as I look around my sister's room.
That winter, she met with a car accident and passed away.

She looked rather aloof on the surface, but had an endearingly playful, mischievous side to her nature.
That sweet, adorable sister is no more.

But one thing is sure: my sister is still watching over us.
She never comes to me directly and show herself fully, but sometimes I catch little glimpses of her -  still wearing that beautiful white dress she wore on that day.

** Japanese people leave their shoes at the front door before entering the house.