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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Tape Recorder

A cryptic story for you guys!

A man was found dead by a gunshot wound in his study at home.
He lay slumped over a desk, with a gun in his grip.

On the desk stood a tape recorder.
The detective pushed the play button:
"I cannot continue living anymore. I have no raison d'être,"
said the message, which was immediately followed by the sound of a gunshot.

As soon as the detective heard the message, he knew it wasn't a suicide but a murder.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

(Bizarre) Ginormous Religious Buildings of Japan

Taken from a 2chan thread:

Most of these are buildings of NRM, while others are of more established religions.
(EDIT: And they freak me out. lol  I mean they look like freaky theme park buildings. It's alarming how there are so many weird new religions in Japan and how they hold enormous power over people.)

The Great Sacred Hall, Rissho Kosei Kai

Friday, 18 July 2014

Cryptic Pictures

Similar to the so-called "when you see it you will sh*t bricks" pictures.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Six Murders

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you. (WHY?)

Put a curse on someone with the ritual "Six Murders."

1. Find a secluded place where you are not likely to encounter other humans.
(Somewhere without buildings around it is the best.)*1

2. Use your finger to draw a circle on the ground, and stand at the centre of the circle with bare feet, facing wherever you fancy.

3. Slit the tip of your finger with a knife or other such object, and let the blood drop to the ground.

4. Chant "one person is not enough, two people are not enough, three people are not enough...." and so on, until you get to five people.

5. Finally, say "I want six people" and chop off the finger you wounded before from its base.

6. Bury the finger inside the circle and leave.
(You must begin by walking 6 steps towards the direction you were facing before. After that you can go wherever you want.)  

7. After you leave the place, the sixth person who sees you (or hears your voice) will die within six days.

  • Only the sixth person will be affected; nothing will happen to anyone from the seventh  onwards.
  • Procedure from 3 to 7 must be done in silence. If you utter even one word you will end up dead yourself. *2
  • Apparently you must not be seen by anyone while you perform this ritual, but it is not known what happens to you if someone actually sees you.

*1 The sentence inside the bracket is ambiguous in the original Japanese text, as it can also be taken to mean "you should do it inside a building where you won't be seen."  But I think my interpretation is the more likely one.
*2 It probably means that all the chanting must be done inside your head rather than said aloud.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

"Someone is Dead in Your Room " Phone Call Leads to Discovery of Mysterious Death

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

An unsolved mysterious case that really happened in Japan last year (2013). It is intriguing as well as a little confusing.

"On the evening of 26th June 2013,  a 46 year-old man was found hanged in a public housing complex apartment in Sakai-city, Osaka."

At first glance, there seems nothing out of ordinary about the case.
However, the dead man was not the resident of the apartment, and the true owner of the room - a man aged 21 - is somehow missing.

Moreover, there was a "mystery man" at the scene who disappeared immediately after the body was found.
We also have a report of a "man with a Kanto accent"** who called the apartment's owner to inform him that someone was dead in his room.

There are many unclear circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body, bringing to our mind the phrase "Truth is stranger than fiction."

The Persons Involved

A: 46 years-old. On the night of 26th his body is discovered inside B's apartment.
B: 21 years-old. The true owner of the apartment where A is found. As of 28th, he is still missing.
C: B's mother. She is vaguely acquainted with A.
D: C's common-law husband and the first person to hear from B about the "dead body" in his room.
E: C's daughter and B's older sister.
F: 24 years-old. E's husband and B's brother-in-law. He is the one who finds the body and calls the police.
G: F's co-worker. Together with F, he finds the body.
H: A man in his 40s. He is in the room when F and G find A's body. While the call to the police is being made, he disappears from the scene.

The image, captured from the actual news on TV, shows a policeman standing in front of the apartment in which the hanged body was found.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Punishment

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you. (WHY?)

A cryptic story!

When I regain my consciousness, I find myself in a strange room.
Then I hear a mechanical voice coming from somewhere.

"If you don't consume all the meats inside this room, you will be put to death as a punishment."

You must be joking, I want to say; but the dead bodies scattered around me are the proof that the voice means every word it says.

I look at a plate piled high with a mountain of meats, and think to myself:
Well, tough luck for you! I'm known to be a man of gargantuan appetite!

I empty the plate and declare,
"There, I've eaten them all up!"

The mechanical voice resonates again:

"Now the punishment will begin."

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hemi-Sync for Lucid Dreaming

Listening to this apparently puts you in the right state of mind to lucid dream.
It appears to have been created with a technique called Hemi-Sync that uses audio patterns containing binaural beats.

How to Listen:
Use your headphones (without noise cancellation or filter).
Set the volume low to the point that you can just barely hear the sound.
Lie down on your back, relax your body and hit the play button.
Then all you have to do is go to sleep and you will be able to lucid dream!

How to Lucid Dream 
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Lucid Dreaming FAQ

Some people have reported unpleasant side-effects from lucid dreaming.  
Possible Dangers of Lucid Dreaming
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Friday, 13 June 2014

Three Parallel Lines

Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you. (WHY?)

Last night I was out drinking.
By the time I arrived home it was very late and my family were all asleep.

Well, it was past one in the morning so that was to be expected - but something was off.
For one thing, the lights and stove were both on, and even the TV was on with its volume set very high.
Perhaps the lights and stove were left on out of consideration for me, but it was a little strange that the TV was still on. What was more everyone was sleeping on the floor*1 in the sitting room.

My parents sometimes sleep in the sitting room, but my little brother thinks he is all grown up now, so nowadays he insists he sleeps in his own room. But today he was sleeping in the sitting room...
Moreover, the three of them were sleeping neatly in three parallel lines.

When I saw that I couldn't help but feel a little creeped out.
Before something strange happens, don't you get a sort of "premonition"?
Those premonitions always turn out to be right. It's weird, don't you think?

To start with, I changed into my night clothes and went to the bathroom.
While I was in the bathroom I began to calm down a little, but the next moment I felt goosebumps break out on my skin. It was because all the lights in the house - and the TV - suddenly got turned off. And the stove turned itself off too.

For a moment I thought we had a blackout, but the washlet*2 was still working, so I knew something was off.
When I finished, I crept out of the toilet and felt my way into the pitch-dark sitting room, and turned the lights on.

Then, I again noticed abnormality. The sitting room was empty.
The mattresses that were on the floor had been put away too.
Up to this point, nothing extraordinary had happened, but I felt an agitation building up in me, perhaps out of uneasiness and fear. 

But the really scary part came right after this.

All of a sudden, I heard my little brother scream. When I rushed into his room he was shaking violently underneath the duvet.
And there I saw an unbelievable sight.

A transparent image of my family sleeping side by side in three parallel lines was floating in the mid-air.
Moreover, when I looked hard I realised they were all dead, with blood gushing from their mouth, and their faces frozen in the mask of terror.
I screamed too; I mean I had just seen a similar image in the sitting room. But what I saw in the sitting room weren't dead bodies.
By the time I uncovered my face and looked up again, the image had already vanished.
I shook the duvet inside which my little brother was sleeping, and said,
"Hey, it's gone now! It's OK!"
Then I pulled off the duvet but would you believe it, my brother wasn't there.
I felt cold all over. Then I went back to the sitting room right away.
And I saw there the three of them lying down side by side in three parallel lines.
I fearfully touched their hands, but they were all living humans.
What had I just seen? Too many things had happened to simply dismiss it as a hallucination.
In the end I couldn't bear the fear anymore; so I lay myself down beside the three of them and went to sleep.

Fortunately I didn't have any nightmares, but I fear that from now on, I will be too afraid to come home in the small hours of the night.
It's Sunday today, so I want to make sure I get rid of this fear before the day is over.

*1 on the floor - I added these words to make it easier to understand the situation. As many of
you already know, Japanese people traditionally sleep on mattress on the floor. The picture on the right shows a bedroom in a Japanese hotel.  
*2 Washlet (ウォシュレット) refers to electric toilet seats with water spray feature for washing. You'll find these high-tech toilet seats everywhere in Japan, so make sure you don't push wrong buttons when you encounter one! (Wiki)