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Friday, 12 October 2007

A Black Joke

It was a cold night at the end of March.
A man sat praying in front of a delivery room.
"Please God, save my wife and child."
The man's wife was having a Cesarean section. She had always been physically frail, and they didn't know if she could survive the operation.

Throughout the night, the man continued to pray for his wife and unborn baby...

After what seemed like an eternity, the door to the delivery room swung open.
The doctor appeared at the door, saying"It was a very complex operation but both your wife and child survived. Congratulations!"

The man, crying with joy, rushed into the delivery room.

However, what he saw inside was his wife lying dead in a pool of blood on the operating table, and his child who had dropped dead on the floor.

"April Fool!!"shouted the doctor behind him.


  1. hi Saya!

    This Joke Is A Very Discusting Joke

    Having A Child Must Be Tough For A Woman, Im A Man So I Wouldnt Know, But Jokes Like These Should Not Be Said. i Feel Sorry For Her Husband

  2. Yeah I know it's sick. That's why I put it here. (grin)

  3. Ahahaha... classic.

    I bet I'm going to be haunted by expectant mother ghosts and dead hospital patients, now.

  4. I thought this WAS a creepy story, and the Doctor was some kind of sick maniac.

  5. Ya its disturbing for the husband but if the wife died, the doctor could have at least saved the baby instead of killing it....

  6. its really good because its twisted and you want to trust doctors.

  7. Anonymous...
    I have the ure to swear at you.
    But I'm not oing to.

  8. I would've beat the doctor to death :)

  9. The sad thing is...

    someone out there might ACTUALLY do this for the sake of being spooky..

    It's kinda funny tho...and sick....
    I'd sue. But I'd be the dead one.

  10. The story said the child was on the floor. Did the doctor kill the child?

  11. Tani: They dropped the child i guess.

  12. Oh my god...
    I feel like throwing up.

  13. It's a joke, deal with it.

  14. Oh those doctors, they have classic humor.

  15. wow. bricks were shat

  16. thats too funny! haha

  17. I didn't find that disgusting or sick in the slightest. I found it bloody hilarious (pun intended). I do believe my dorm mate sides with the rest of you though.

  18. That doctor is so mean he dropped and killed the baby D:

  19. That is like saying "Your wife is ok. AHAHAHA just kidding shes in a permanent coma"

  20. AHAHA I thought it was going to be an AfroAmerican joke (Why would nice Saya post that?) But it's "dark" as in black comedy. Cool.

  21. LOL
    this one reminded me of a joke my EMT teacher told me back in the day:

    A doctor is helping a mother give birth with the father in the room, as the child is born, the doctor holds it in his arms, looking at it with joy. Just as the father is about to approach him to take a look at the baby, the doctor grabs a scalpel and stabs the baby right in the chest.

    The father is speechless.

    The doctor then grabs the baby and throws it at the wall with all his strength, and then kicks its little body after it drops on the floor, creating a huge blood splatter that gets on him and the father's face.

    Dropping to his knees, the father cries and looks at the doctor with great loathing, and asks "Why?!"

    Then the doctor takes his mask off and says "I'm just kidding, it was already dead"


  22. That's when the doctor was kicked in the nads by a pair of steel-toed boots...

  23. oh my god, why the doctor will say that saya? I would beat the doctor until hes dead! That is not funny :(


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