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Friday, 18 July 2014

Cryptic Pictures

Similar to the so-called "when you see it you will sh*t bricks" pictures.



















  1. Woah kinda creepy when i see this at night XD

    Welcome back and thanks for the cryptic update, saya-san!

  2. I don't get 8-11... I must be unobservant, LOL

  3. @sydney the number 8 is very tricky, you can see her eyes at the mirror, that supposed to be opposite from the real woman...

    *Still watching number 16, anyone got the answer?

  4. I really love the last image of the girl laying in the grass... it's so haunting.

  5. Hi,
    Could someone please help me "see" what's in numbers 2, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 16? I think I'm not very observant (or it's too bright in the room I'm in). Thanks!

  6. No.16 is not the picture of the girl that is the issue. It's a two way mirror, someone is taking here photo on their mobile phone. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    First time posting here. I love this blog.

  7. Thnx for the pics Saya! These are the things i see in those photos.
    1-reflection 2-window face 3-girl by arm 4-legs 5-blue shirt man? 6-face
    7-toes 8-reflection 9-kid behind branches in the bottom left 10-face in between girls 11-face on silver surface 12-? 13-kid behind box? 14-face by girl 15-no face woman 16-phone blends in with hair so it seems like there wasn't a camera?? 17- self explanatory

  8. Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments! Jolly Doll, welcome!

    I just want to write down here some of the odd things that people noticed about the picture 16:

    The door seems to open inwardly, but there is barely enough space between the door and the washbasin for the girl to stand in. How did the girl get inside the room?

    The picture seems to be taken from the height higher than the girl.Someone else must be taking the picture of the girl from the place where the mirror should be.

    She's facing straight yet the picture is taken at an angle.

    What is this little room used for? Aren't there too many light switches for a room of this size?

    The shape of the hand that is making a peace sign looks deformed.

    The door hinges look far too big especially when compared to the size of the switch plate.

    The doorway looks quite narrow.

    The bottles, the tap and the tissue boxes in the foreground are not reflected in the mirror.

    I hope this helps!

  9. woah, so in #16 ther eis no mirror, the girl 'enter' the powder room by jumping from the other side of the basin.
    11-13 - ?
    also #3, what is wrong with the people who seems to be sleeping behind the girl ?

  10. 8-as I see on my phone I think the girl has bruises on her legs and according to the position she is in I don't think she is willingly taking that photo

  11. Hi Saya-san.

    Thank you for the pictures. Playing spotting game was fun. Haa..

    It took me quite a while to spot the face in no 9. And I had to read the comments for no 16.


  12. Wooh spooky. Thanks for posting Saya!

  13. didn't look at the pictures until it's morning... hihi

  14. I REALLY don't get 12. Is it because the mom's eyes are freaky? Is it the disembodied hand holding the colour, seemingly coming out from the casket? Or is it that the dead girl's eyes are slightly open, suggesting that she's going to be buried alive?

  15. *Number 16 observation*
    For picture 16, that's not a picture of a reflection because the sink isn't reflected.
    It was taken from the "mirror"

  16. Guys look at 16 again o.o... She has a flip phone.........

  17. LOL colour. I meant flower. The disembodied hand holding the flower, seemingly coming out of the casket.

    Anyway, the picture makes me think that the girl was bullied and committed suicide... which is why the mother is so angry. She's angry at the classmates for driving her to that point. Maybe.

  18. Guys, on #8, look at the mirror.

  19. Does anyone notice the girl's hand on #8? It seems freakishly large and it looks like it has extra digits.

  20. Number 16 has a black fliphone that matches her hair colour ......look carefully

  21. Rex, I think the freakishly large and extra digits are due to the fact that she's holding her other hand close behind that hand and they're blending together in a tangent.

  22. Number eight is that, even though the girl (that's Iiniku Ushijima, isn't it? Or am I wrong?) is looking away from the mirror, the reflection is looking directly at the camera. Pretty weird.

  23. for number 12, I think that when everybody is sad for the girl's death, her mother realized that the girl is still alive and she became angry.

    which means that her mother wants the girl to be dead, or maybe she's the one who kill her, or maybe she's the only one who can see the weird hands, or maybe I have too many imaginations lol.
    Thank you for the post saya! I really love it :D

  24. I figured it all out.....with the help of some comments of course. The trickiest were 9-16. The scariest was 14; that face in the mirror, man. Anyway thanks, Saya, for another fantastic update.

  25. Kage, please tell us what you think of 12. I think most of us are still trying to figure that one out.

  26. Well, ziaheart, this is my theory as 12 was hard to crack. If you look closely, you see the girl's eyes are slightly open. The woman closest to her body (possibly the girl's mother) probably thought she was still alive. That was one possible reason she looked surprised/horrified.
    Another reason is that there are hands around the casket which assumedly belong to spirits. The woman could probably see these hands. The hands could also be the hands of death claiming the girl's soul as she is presumably alive. As I said this is just a theory and it made some sense to me.

  27. 9 and 16 took me longer... On 12, I think the whole thing is creepy, but my guess is the woman on the left is scared by the spirit hands around the girl's body.

  28. I see. Interesting theory! Thanks for sharing. :)

  29. Hi Saya-san ^w^

    This is my first time commenting on your blog and I'm currently trying to read as many of your stories/posts as I can! I'm a huge fan of creepypasta type stuff and I have a deep love for asian horror. This blog is PERFECT for an asian horror junkie like me.

    I just wanted to say I love this blog so far, and while I might not comment as much, I'll definitely be following your updates and stuff. I may insert a comment here and there, but otherwise just know you have a new and faithful reader :3

  30. #8 throb my mind the most.

    i know her. she is ushijima, an ero-cosplayer. i never though one of her photo will be cryptic as hell!!!

    @ oana hriscu: she have that bruises as i know. she used to take photo session with bondage theme. so i assume that the bruises came from them

  31. @A Friendly Reader: Hello, welcome! Thank you for your friendly comment! You are being true to your name XD Thank you very much for your support! :D Take care <3

  32. I think I've figured out number 12. Inbetween the hand with the rose and the woman with an angry face.

    There's a girl with no arms.

  33. I think in Number 5, the man on the bottom floor has hanged himself. I think....Would someone please explain number 11 to me?

    1. Look in the silver surface next to the game the girl is playing. That's all I'm going to say.

  34. For number 11, look at the silver surface between the game consoles. There will be a reflection or a smudge that looks like a face.

  35. Number 6 is really scary.... is like that girl is looking at me and looking for a friend.....


    .... this is scary. I can't even look closely at the picture number 14...

    No sleep for me tonight for sure....

    Anyway, great to see another updates from you, saya san!!

    Welcome baaaackkkk!! Can't wait to see other updates too!!

    With love,
    Petzie who recently go to japan for the very first time and it was a dream come true. Can't wait to go there again!

  36. Number 8 the reflection looks back at her and she has to many fingers


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