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Kisaragi Station: Part I

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a 2 channel log of an incident that took place back in 2004.

It is a long post so I divided it up in TWO PARTS.

Please click the link at the bottom to go on to the 2nd half of the post.


98:Anonymous behind you*1:  sage*2 04/01/08 23:14
Maybe it's only my imagination but can I say something?

99:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:16
Sure, go ahead.

100:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:18
What's happening?

101:Anonymous behind you :sage 04/01/08 23:18
I've been on a private railroad train but something is wrong.

104:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:19

107:Anonymous behind you: sage04/01/08 23:23
The train is the one I always use but for the past 20 minutes it hasn't stopped at any stations. Usually it stops every five mintues or, every 7 or 8 minutes at longest, but it hasn't stopped at all. There are 5 other passengers in my car but everyone is sleeping.

108:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:23
You haven't got off the car already, have you?

111:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:25
Isn't it about a difference between a limited express train and a normal train?

112:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:25
a special rapid express train?

114: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:29
Maybe you are right. I might have got on a wrong train. I'll wait and see for a bit longer. If I notice some other strange things I'll post again.

115: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/08 23:35
why don't you go to the car at the end of the train and see the conductor.

116: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/08 23:40
What if the conductor is having a epileptic fit it will be a disater! Go have a look at the conductor's compartment at once!

118: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:44
It's showing no sign of stopping yet so I'll go have a look.

126: Anonymous: sage 04/01/09 00:00
There was a blind drawn over the window and I couldn't see any conductor or operator. The line is a Shizuoka*3 private line.

131: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:02
Why don't you tap on the window?

137: Hasumi  ◆KkRQjKFCDs*4: sage 04/01/09 00:08
I knocked on the window but there was no response.

146:Anonymous behind you:04/01/09 00:13
Can't you see something from the windows?
like the names of the stations it's gone past?

153: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:23
It's slowed down since it's come out of the tunnel. Usually there are no tunnels along the line. It's a train from Shin Hama Matsu*5.

156: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:23
it's stopping i think it's a station.

157: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:24
you are not getting off there are you?

160: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:25
the train is now stopping at Kisaragi station. Should I get off?  I've never seen or heard of this staion before.

161: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:26
what time did you catch the train?

162: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:26
yeah come on get off.

165: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:28
please stay on the train until the final stop.

166: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:29
it must have already left the station by now anyway.

167: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:29
i've got off. I see no one in the station. I think i caught the 11:40 train.

168: Machida Bodyguards ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 00:30
I've searched for "Kisaragi station" on the web but nothing has come up.
but Hasumi's train was running non-stop for over an hour?
well, off to bath.

170: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:32
No search results for Kisaragi station...

176: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:34
i want to go back to the station i've originally come from but i can't find a timetable. the train is still stopping so maybe i should get back on it again? oh but the train left as i was writing this.

181: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:36
Are there any buildings near you which might have some people inside?
It's cold out there so take care.

182: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:36
i'll go outside the station and try to pick up a taxi. thank you very much.

183: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:36
you better do that.
take care

185: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:39
what with the last train gone and an empty station,
i think you'll have hard time finding a taxi.

186: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:41
and Hasumi became a resident of the two-dimensional world

187: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:41
not only are there no taxis, there is nothing around the station.
what now

190: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:43
Find a station staff or go to the nearest police box! *6

191: Anonymous: sage 04/01/09 00:43
Call 110? *7

193: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:43
call a taxi company?

194: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:43
you have no choice now but go to K*8

195: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:44
If theres a telephone box near you, find a taxi company in the yellow pages and call.

204:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:48
i called my parents and asked them to come pick me up but they also have no idea where Kisaragi station is. they said they'll look it up on the map first and then come find me, but i'm getting scared now.

209: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:50
What's happened to the others?
Are you the only one who got off?

213: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:52
>>Hasumi san
I also searched on the net but found no stations by the name of Kisaragi.
You're certain that you're around Shin Hama Matsu, right?
I'll try searching on Yahoo.

214: Hasumi  ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:53
i tried to find a pay phone but i cant find it. the others didnt get off so i'm all on my own. theres no mistake about the station's name being Kisaragi

217: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:56
sometimes a pay phone can be found on the outer edge of the station

218: Anonymous behind you:   sage 04/01/09 00:56
are you a game freak? i googled it and it came up with games

220: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:57
Why don't you get out of the station and see what happens?

221: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:57
I searched a bit
and found out you could write "鬼(oni)" *9 and pronounce it Kisaragi....

223: Mobile Man: sage 04/01/09 00:59
Post the names of the stations before and after Kisaragi Station.
You must be able to see them.

225: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:00
thats sooo creepy

229: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 01:01
what games? there are no sign boards showing the stations before or after this

249: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:08
Keep walking along the track and you'll get home.

256: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 01:11
If you start running now you may be able to catch the train that's just left!

258: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:11
Surely there are some houses around the station.

259: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 01:12
yes, that didn't come to my mind before because i've been too panicky.  i'll start walking along the track while i wait for my parents to call me. i checked my location on i-mode's*10 town information just now but all it showed was point-something-error. i really want to go home.

261: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:12
Troll or no, I'm determined to tackle this seriously until we find a solution.

280: Hasumi  ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 01:18
theres really nothing around the station. all i can see are some grassland and mountains. but i guess i'll be able to go home if i keep walking along the track so i'll do that. thank you very much. i don mind if you think this is a troll but can i consult you again if i have some problems? 

283: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:18
just be careful.

285:Machida Bodyguards ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 01:19
Yeah sure
Be careful with your battery though. That's your lifeline now.

286: Anonymous behind you sage 04/01/09 01:19
Don't get mixed up with the directions.
And be careful when you are inside the tunnel.

296: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:22
can you get a mobile signal in the area where there are no buildings?
I think you shouldn't move from the station....

303: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:24
a cold night, alone in an empty station
the lights too might go out soon and she might find herself in complete darkness...

304: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:25
it can't get darker in the tunnel. she's gonna go into the tunnel now, isn't she?

305: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:25
it would have been better if she'd just stayed in the station and waited for the daybreak...

308: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:26
she's screwed up

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*1 On 2chan if you don't enter your name in the name field it automatically comes out as "Anonymous." Each board uses a distinctive variation on the standard "Anonymous," and as you can see this particular board uses "Anonymous behind you."
*2 Sage - "to lower" or "not bump" in Japanese. Usually if you reply to a post the whole board gets raised to the top but if you enter "sage" in the email field it apprently keeps the board from going up (I'm not a 2chan user so this is the best I can explain).
*3 Shizuoka (静岡) - a prefecture of Japan. Shizu means "silent" and oka menas "hill". Yes, this is where the famous horror game series takes its title from.
*4 These letters with ◆ in between are called "Trip." It is an impersonator prevention system. The system gets activated by entering a name and a series of password (only known to the poster) into the name field. So we are certain that all the posts named "Hasumi" are from the same person.
*5 Shin Hama Matsu (新浜松)- a station in Hama Matsu City in Shizuoka.
*6 Police Box (交番 koban, pictured above) - a small police station. You can usually find one near a railway station.
*7 110 - the Japanese emergency telephone number.
*8 K - sorry but I have no idea what he means by this. Maybe he means she should go back to Kisaragi station I found out K is short for "Keisatsu (警察)," meanig "the police" in Japanese.
*9 Oni (鬼) (picutred right)- a demonic creature in Japanese folklore. Some of them have full-time jobs in Hell.
*10 i-mode - a popular mobile internet service in Japan.

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