Thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted while I was away! :D

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

gyatei (Updated)



The site's contents changed often, but if you are interested, I found out gyatei as of 10th January 2010 has been stored in the Internet Archive. Click the link below to jump:
(once you are there wait a few seconds until it transfers you to the page)

There you will see pictures like; woman's private part covered with boil-like things (the second from the top), and a bloody person giving milk to a baby (the fifth from the top) and so if you don't want to see stuff like those, keep away from it. (I myself haven't seen all of them: although I did see the second picture for a brief second - and it was not pretty)


(Below is my original post in 2011)

One of the bizarrest sites you are ever likely to come across.
It's filled with random strange pictures and gif animations, and however hard you try, you can never reach to the bottom of the page!
Some  images might be quite gruesome (like a picture of a bloody dead body), so please be careful watching it.

Message from me:

Hi everyone!
May I say thank you again for all the kind support you have given to the earthquake victims in Japan!

I hope you are all doing well! ;)
And I'm sorry if I can't answer all your comments.
I also don't know when next I can update.


    are you alright?
    i'm not very experienced with your blog, i only discovered it recently, but that seemed like a very long time without posting.

  2. Glad to know you're still safe and to see you back! Yay for creepy linkage!

  3. Saya!

    Don't worry about updating because of us, just update when you want to! :)

    Real life comes first! :D

  4. It's great to open you blog and see a simple post once in a while, Saya!

    I immensely enjoyed the site. I didn't find it creepy at all, very strange place nevertheless.

    It's a shame that most of the pictures seem to be unavailable due to outdating, still lot of weird stuff to see there. I'll highly recomend it to my friends :)

    Be well, Saya ;)

  5. We finally hear word from you, hope everything in life is going well for you!

  6. Welcome back!

  7. welcomeback saya
    gyatei indeed is weird

  8. It's been so long since your last update, Saya. It's nice to hear from you again. Hope all's well in Japan :)

    Guys try visiting this: It's one nice alternative for horror reads while waiting for Saya's next update. Saya's blog is still the best, though!

  9. This reminds me of am possibly not typing that correctly) has anyone else been there? There could be a connection...

    The URL should be under my name.

    Putting it here too just in case.

  10. anti-zombie death squad12 August 2011 at 13:17

    Okaeri! It's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since you last posted something in this here blog of yours.

  11. Dear Ms. Saya,

    It's been a long time, but I'm glad to see you've returned from the moment and that you are well. As always, thanks for another tidbit!

  12. Hello Saya! Thanks for the update. It's alright, we'll be waiting for your next story. Take care and more power. :D

  13. You're back!!! I'm so glad to see you again! Where else would we find the best Japanese Horror?

  14. I hope you're doing okay love. Take care of yourself! Hope you come back soon.. xo

  15. SAYA! YOU ARE BACK! YAYS! I missed you so much! And I'm glad that things are getting better around there! You should update whenever you want, dear.

    About this gyatei, there are plenty of tumblrs like this, but it's always interesting to find new ones!

    Anata o aishite! :3

  16. lol um wat. you must not get tumblr but that's pretty common. the fact that you can't reach the bottom of the page is simply because of the theme they're using. if you REALLY want to find the end?

  17. you post all these creepy things, yet still you look so calm on your answers, don´t you get scared with the things you post? nice to see a new update ^^

  18. Saya! So nice to know you're there :) Hope you can come back soon!

  19. Glad to read that you're back and fine, Saya! Hope everything goes well and you and your people are ok!

    All the best, Doc Sanchez

  20. Today I got to the bottom of the page. (took me a good hour) It wasn't really special, it rewarded me by freezing my laptop -.-

    Thank you Saya for the awesome link. <3 I'm looking forward for more blogs in the future!

  21. Anonymous Cheese Eater5 September 2011 at 02:42

    What is up Saya! You should continue doing mooooaaar stories buuut I can teeell that your buuusy.

    And this isnt Japanese, its Korean. I want you to see it. :)
    Just keep scrolling to the bottom of the page with your mousewheel. Do it slowly. :D

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. It's nothing too creepy. Switch off java script on your browser and you can scroll to the bottom.
    Old Japanese movies and TV shows, scenes from a doller documentary...stuff like that.
    Interesting, though! I like some of the pictures, as odd as this may sound.

  24. Saya! it's good to know that our wonder/mystery girl is back! Take your time to respond to your trusted followers, life should be your number one priority. Just apologizing for not being able to answer to all our comments make us look bad, you dont need our permission! after all, you will update again! ;) Patience is a virtue,we can take it!

    And about gyatei, it gave me goosebumps, not because it was scary, because it was macabre and shocking at one too many points =/. if you have any background info about the creator of the page, let us know, please :)

    hope to hear from you at anytime! ;D

  25. the reason why you cannot reach the bottom is because of "endless scrolling". it is a feature of a html code of tumblr so that you can just keep scrolling without having to press "next".

    however, that tumblr is very distubring. that i have to agree.

  26. Speaking of Tumblr, have you ever considered moving your blog to Tumblr, Saya? I think it'll be easier for me (and other Saya-loving Tumblr-users) to keep up with your stories there.

    But that's fine if you decide to stay in this blog, though. Either way, please keep on posting new stuff! We'll be waiting :)

  27. hey saya, will you contact me? I'm interested in your blog.

  28. ^ I forgot my contact - it's

    I'm not trolling, just used this throwaway mail .

  29. Wow that was an awesome presentation. You have a great writing style. Cheers you have a blog follower.
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  30. Aw man, either it's been taken down or tumblr's being silly with these "Not Found" pages. :( Thanks for the post though, it's great to hear from you again!

  31. Oh Saya, I'd really wish you start updating again if it's not too much for you! I've actually reread all of the stories on here because you weren't updating and you have the best stories.

    I hope everything is well!

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  34. Oh God, I've just heard about another earthquake on Japan today (01/01/12). I hope everyone is fine around there, Saya! Happy new year?

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  37. HI saya I love your blog, i've decided to create a blog about paranormal stories. i just wanted to know if you could let me add some of you stories that I love into my blog

  38. Sayaaaaa, please come back soon. :( I miss you. D:

    Don`t miss this message.

    This chance may not come again.

  41. >Not Found.


  42. I call that original style. These people should get known in the world.

  43. Attention: this comment is just a joke, no offense, don't take it seriously :D

    I've been thinking about how Saya has been away for many months. Perhaps...... He (or she?) was actually already dead a long time ago, and she just likes to tell us horror stories she heard from her fellow ghost friends? Really, what can be more creepy?

    LOL :D no offense to you Saya, I hope you are alive and well (or if not, whatever you are now, please update your blog, we are starving for new stories since the internet these days is full of crappy-creepypasta)

    Saya, if you are there, please come back. :D

  44. for those hoping a glimspe of gyatei:

    might work, might not work (some pages cannot be loaded)

  45. I miss you Saya.

  46. Saya, we miss you! :(

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  48. Hello Saya, I'm your new follower. I regret that I just found your blog. Why I didn't know it earlier :'D and whenever you'll be back, I'll be waiting! :D thanks for the amazing blog!

  49. I literally JUST got into this blog too. It's awesome! I really hope the author is okay, it's been almost a year! I hope you're okay. Anyone have any idea what happened to her?

  50. Saya! This blog is amazing :)

    I hope you're safe and come back soon.

  51. Oh, Saya! It's been almost a full year since you last updated. As your loyal readers we beg you for some sign that you're still ok!

  52. Some people just lose interest and/or move on to other things leaving their sites to languish. I can't say that's what happened here. It doesn't look like she's coming back, though.

  53. I just finished all of your stories except for the scary videos I'm too chicken to watch them haha.. I hope that you are okay wherever you are. I like your stories so I will be waiting for new posts.^^

  54. It's been exactly one year since this site has been may be dead. R.I.P. Saya in Underworld...

  55. it would be nice to hear from Saya again, even just a couple words to let people know the site is 'officially' closed. It's a pity, anyway - it was such an interesting site and people still come here asking for more stories... :(

  56. Its weird to say it, but i miss you :/ haha.. be back soon, i really want to hear more of these japanese stories from you Sayaaaa! :)

  57. Hey Saya! So glad you're back, I hope you're fine! Thanks for updating your great blog again!

    All the best, Doc Sanchez

  58. @Doc Sanchez: Oh hello! I remember you! Thank you very much for saying those nice things! I hope you are fine and take care too:D

  59. Hi Saya!

    I am, thanks for your good wishes! And I'm not even bored anymore now, thanks to you!

    Cheers, Doc Sanchez

  60. @Doc Sanchez: It's good to know my blog is adding some spice to your life! lol Have a happy day! :)

  61. Hey Saya!

    We're all glad you're back. You've been really popular, not only with those who comment here but in the Internet in general.

    Last December there was a thread on 4chan's /x/ (Paranormal) board and we were discussing your contributions on making Japanese horror and supernatural phenomena available (or at least in written form - we wouldn't want to be cursed would we haha) to non-Japanese speakers. One of the points we were discussing in there was this post of yours, this 'gyatei'.

    You can check that archived thread here:

  62. @Zanyuki: Hiya!
    Thank you very much dear. People always worry about me due to the huge amount of cursed stuff I look into lol. I guess I'm protected by lots of good spirits!

    For once in my life I am popular??lol

    Is this 4chan originally derived from Japan's norotrious 2chan?

    You know I think it's my fault 'gyatei' shut down. I shouldn't have put up a direct link to it.
    Oh, well! never mind!

    Thank you for the link! I'll have a look at it!

    Take care!:)

  63. @Saya

    Yes, it was derived from 2chan. :) It's pretty much styled the same, and it spawned Anonymous and a lot of Internet memes. But I digress.

    I have a question, though. Where do you get all these stuff? Do you actively look around for Japanese folklore and creepy stories?

    Your blog tends to trend on social media during Halloween, you know. Or, at least, in my immediate Facebook/Twitter timeline. Haha.

    Take care, though.

  64. @Zanyuki
    Just as I thought!

    To tell you the truth, I get alot of the scary stories from 2chan too. But things like movies and pictures I often get from other places. And yes I do actively go round and search for creepy stuff.

    Oh really? Well Halloween is nearly here isn't it? I should make more effort then! :D

  65. Well, the reason you can't reach the page bottom is because it's hosted on tumblr, where you can choose to have infinite scrolling on, which will just constantly load around 14 pics when the bottom of the page is approached. If the user is able to view EVERY image on the blog the page should end.

  66. @Saya

    2chan has always interested me. It sucks that I don't know how to read Japanese; there are occasional threads in 4chan where Japanese speakers translate certain 2chan threads, much to our fascination. Some of these threads are creepy ones, too.

  67. I reached the bottom


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