Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to Go to Another World by Using the Elevator

What you need: a building with ten storeys or more, with an elevator.

1. Get in the elevator (you must get in alone).
2. While in the elevator, go to the floors in the following order: 4th floor →2nd floor→6th  floor→2nd  floor→10th floor. (If someone else gets in while you are doing it, you can not complete the ritual.)
3. When you arrive at the 10th floor, press the 5th floor button without getting out.
4. When you arrive at the 5th floor a young woman will get in and join you in the elevator. (Do not speak to her.)
5. After the woman gets in, press the 1st floor button.
6. After you press the 1st floor button, the elevator will take you up to the 10th floor instead of taking you down to the 1st floor. (If you press other floors' buttons at this point you will fail to complete the ritual, but this is also your last chance to quit it.)
 7. When your elevator has gone past the 9th floor, you can take it as a sign that your ritual is now well nigh complete.

There is only one way of checking if you have been successful at the ritual or not;
The world you have arrived should have only one person - namely you - in it.
I do not know what happens after you arrive there.
But I can tell you this much; the woman who gets into the elevator on the 5th floor is not a human being.


Here is one man's experience of the ritual:

I tried it!!
The company I work for has a ten-storey building so it was convinient.
It was a holiday and no one was around too.

So I went 4→2→6.
The 6th floor is where I work and I could see my empty office from the elevator.
Then I went 2→10. No one was getting in. It was a holiday after all.

Then I arrived on the 5th floor, the door opened, and I saw someone standing there!
It was a woman too!
I was startled and let out a little gasp.
But it was just my senior colleague, Ms Takemoto(pseudonym). She is a woman, about thirty or so.
She was laughing at my reaction.  
'You are working overtime too, Ms Takemoto?' I said and let her in.
I was going to press the 1st floor button, but I thought it would appear weird for a person to come to the building the first thing in the morning and then immediately leave, and anyway the ritual was already over, so I gave up and pressed the 6th floor button.
(When I come to think of it now, it must have appeared weird too for a person to come down in the elevator and go up again without getting out. lol)
But then Ms Takemoto pressed the 10th floor after me which made me jump a little.
Well, I think she works on the 10th floor.
I thought maybe something might still happen if I ventured to go up to the 10th floor, but if I had gone up there with Ms Takemoto without reason she certainly would have taken me for a weirdo, so with much regret I got out at the 6th floor.

As was I getting out I thought I heard someone click her tongue behind me. 
I spun around but the elevator door had already closed and I wasn't sure if it was Ms Takemoto who made that sound.
Maybe I just imagined it.

So nothing happened to me after all.
But I wonder what Ms Takemoto was doing on the 5th floor at that time of day.

One of my blog readers, CRRobbins, actually tried this ritual out and fortunately came back in one piece to share his experience of it!

Here's his video.

In his post from which this video is taken from, CRRobbins reports that the video was shot at a beach resort in Destin, Florida, around 10 or 11pm.

Thank you for your hard work, CRRobbins!

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