Friday, 24 January 2014

The Telephone Ritual

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Things You Need
  • A mobile phone
  • Some salt
  • A flashlight
  • An amulet
How to Play
  • First, make sure you have prepared all the necessary things - a mobile phone, an amulet (for protection), a flashlight, and some salt - with you.
  • After midnight, when you are alone, turn off all the lights in the house.
  • After you have made sure it's all dark, lock yourself inside the toilet (before you go in, scatter some salt around the toilet door so that spirits cannot enter the toilet)
  • Next, use the flashlight to light up the water inside the toilet.
  • Keep looking at the surface of the water
  • Then use your mobile phone to call your home number.
  • Let the phone ring and don't hang up half way through (if it gets cut off half way through, call again)
Most important:
  • If you see a change in the surface of the water or hear noise from somewhere inside the house, hang up straight away and scatter salt around those places where strange things occurred.
  • If someone answers your call, hang up immediately. Then come out of the toilet and scatter salt around the house telephone. If you do that you will be safe for the moment.
  • To be on the safe side, scatter salt all around inside the house even if nothing happened.

Please bear in mind that this ritual is very dangerous and it should be done with great care.

Some people say that the ghost of the ancestor or some spirit that haunts the house picks up the telephone.

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