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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Releasing the spirit from the body

 A short video showing a scientific experiment to release a spirit from the body.
(Edit: I must say this is a very strange video. No one seems to know from whence it comes.)




  1. Has nobody watched it yet? Come on, be brave! It's not nearly as bad as Grotesque or Obscure. haha

  2. Oh lawdy. I didn't think that it was a dead body when it first started! Gave me chills in the end :P

  3. Wow, that video was soooo creepy! :O At first i thought it would be something curse-ridden, but after meticulously checking for any "curse" labels and such, i was persuaded of the contrary :P This was really riveting and eerie, especially in the end. I don't know of the nature of this video, what origins it has, if it is part of a movie or anything else, thus i would really like it if you would give us any background details, Saya chan!
    By the way, i really like how you have incorporated a different page for the gorey videos under the label "Cocytus", color me impressed! :D I didn't know you had such knowledge of the ancient greek Underworld :P

  4. Thank you for this blog! It's great! I found it today and I've been reading all of the older posts. I dug up this account just so I could follow you.

    As for the video, it's horrifying because there's virtually no dialogue. I find things that force the viewer to decide what's going on scarier than any written horror movie. Thank you again!

  5. Hey all, is this really scary? I want to watch it but am worried.

  6. Oh wow. I just finished watching the video. I did not realized at first that it was a dead body on the table.

    I thought at first that if this was a real video, then the exercise was really cruel to the deceased. Then the narrator mentioned the purpose of the exercise, and it reminded me that I should not judge other cultures on (especially) things that I do not understand.

    But as an observer, I found the whole thing was really, really creepy. And the others in the room. Were they in the room the whole time? They weren't even wearing face-mask. Can you imagine the smell? :× hoo-boy

  7. 00:12-Hey is that a sleeping woman? I wonder what comes next?

    00:35-Heh what's with all the make up? Right? Right?!

    00:55-I don't think she's sleeping anymore...

  8. Uuuh so that girl was deceased, and being filmed until her body is rotting? What I don't understand is...Is that means that her soul didn't leave her body immediately when she was d**d?
    And the picture in the end is creepy for sure, I hope I will forget this by tomorrow haha
    Nice video Saya san!

  9. The girl at the beginning looked like she was just sleeping. The video gives me chills ;-;.
    how could those people even enter that room. ;-;

    on a side note :- It looks like a reality version of the music video for Hageshisa to kono mune no..... by DIR EN GREY

  10. That's really grotesque and creepy...
    (no pun or play on words intended)

  11. Normally i don't get easily scared ! but this time saya u got me 0.0 !! nice blog btw :D

  12. Very interesting, for a spirit released from a bloated corpse she looks like someone emerginging from water taking a breath of air

  13. Omg omg omg that face!!! Huweeee i feel.bad for the corpse! Believed ahe cant have a good rest!! Huweeee i am so scared right nowwwww

  14. god, tonite is totally awful...
    I watch this one after watch grotesque trailer...
    this is rough...

  15. What movie is this from? At the very start you can see that the video is from the "Special Features" of a DVD with an English Language menu. I'd be very interested in finding out what the movie is.

  16. Now that is so darn freaky O.O

  17. When i first sawed this, i was like wtfrenchtoast???!! How do they do it?

  18. You know i found your blog just today. oh wait, yesterday, like 5 hours ago. And before that 5 hours i can just say: there is no such thing as a ghost. Now i'm not sure. Very good video. Nice blog. Thank you


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