Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Goodbye with the Dolphin Dream

A weird Japanese flash.

GO TO: Goodbye with the Dolphin Dream
(There will be some sound. So watch the volume.)

The girl says "Please kill me first before going any further."
Just keep clicking and see what happens.

The title is apparently so called because you end up with a picture of a pool of blood in the shape of a dolphin.
Nothing too graphic, so don't worry.


Adit said...

Whoa when it got zoomed-in it kind of freaked me out a bit with her eyes going red and dangling and stuff. The worst part was that I had to see her up close lol

I wonder if there's something else after the swinging lines, Saya, or is that it?

Adit said...

By the way, if you have the time, pretty please post more stories, Saya, because your older stories get less and less scary the more I read them :(

Tani said...

That was weird. O__O Who made it? And what exactly does it mean?

Deusestnostra said...

Keep clicking until you end up in the menu with the ... uh, throbbing squares. The dolphin comic doesn't even hit the tip of this particular iceberg.

Jazzy the Man said...

That was.... odd. The bit of the comic probably would be creepier if my kanji was better though. XD With my terrible skills it looked like her name was Juuichi Nato. (Or something along those lines. As I said, my Japanese skills are not very good yet)

Tahmnong said...

If you click on the squares, you get some pretty weird things xD
Mine always ended with a whole bunch of "死 (death)" bouncing around at the end hahaha
Strange, but I like it :D

Picklegod said...

I'm really not sure what to think of all that. The caterpillar girl picture that one of the "throbbing squares" links to was very strange.

Deusestnostra said...

Hey Saya,

I've got a question for you. Have you checked out the following things yet?

Marble Hornets



Dark Harvest00


I think these could be right up your ally. If you like them and want to keep on watching them, start from the beginning and watch them in order. Both are ongoing series, the first one is just starting the "second season" after a several month break to record and plan the next section.

Adorably Dead said...

I need a touch phone that supports flash sooo badly, this sounds awesome!

Yuki said...

Oh the sounds are scary.
The girl with the close up and move with her bloody eyeballs is also scary.
But lucky my sis not asleep yet.

Tia said...

oh my god that was...cold! what does it mean? who made this?

neu said...

that was so bizarre... I felt sick after seeing the black squares.

Anonymous said...

This made me feel very uncomfortable, something about the silence coupled with the zoomed in face is just...unsettling.

Simon said...

I haven't been here in a long time! Thanks for showing us this :)

Simon said...

Oh my rainbow...this is very disturbing. I'm afraid to click after the square after the girl is "pushed back"/bloody. What happens next? D:

Dan~ said...

Haha, I'm too scared to try this. XP Maybe if I put some music on, it'll be less scary?

Dan~ said...

Haha, tried this but with the volume off. It doesn't seem so much scary like that. Maybe I should try it with sound on now?

Cupcakecookie said...

man saya

i red through most of it but was too scared to look at most of the videos >_<
and then today i decided ill watch them just to realize that most of them are broken >_<

are there still some of them online?
i would love to hear "grey" the song from a friend that began suicide

also dont stop posting ^^

Pahuapants said...

I haven't yet watched this (because I'm chicken), but thank you for posting so many stories! They're all really interesting, I want to visit Japan one of these days (although I don't want to provoke anything!).

Again, thank you! I hope to see more new things from you soon! <3

Yoku said...

Did it! And If you click one of the throbbing squares it goes to a really weird site o_e

Fai said...

I got a wierd looking hand :S

Rozen said...

The pages weren't scary up until the throbbing squares. Those were just creepy. I've been sitting on this a couple days too afraid to look at it. Finally got the guts, haha,

Truncheon said...

Why is it always the girls that have to end up looking all dead and unsettling?

Catty said...

WTF?!?!!? D:

Catty said...

Ummm now it brought me to child porn

omega said...

Ok the girl isnt that disturbing just a little gross...
Its the squares which really confuse me. So far i have seen
1. A comic in which the same girl decapitates miffy(?)
2. A media player which plays what sounds like a cat trying to sing
3. Lines of text bouncing back and forth.
4. The red-blue lights, or 'seizure video'(known to cause seizures ,headaches,nausea when looked at for a long time)

Also, at one point the squares are replaced by links, as in textual links in japanese, but I dont know japanese!
Anyway, it seems I have far too much free time.Don't worry guys its not scary or a screamer, just really,really weird.

Sandmutter said...

This is very strange. All of the squares lead to different things.

Thanks for the wonderful link Saya.

tickledpink23 said...

Yes the squares lead to different things. I clicked on the one that was going opposite from the rest and it took me to another page that had some kanji and other symbols. I clicked some of them and it was just clips of what I found to be funny personally. Sounded like a chipmunk voice being played in fast forward mode. Made me giggle here n there (੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾