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Monday, 20 May 2013


1STPAI is a hiden track found in the game Taiko: Drum Master  (or Taiko no Tatsujin) for Nintendo Wii 2.
Apparently, you need to analyze the data itself in order to find it.
(No one knows for what purpose the track was left in there)

The music is a mixture of the sound of laughters and heavy footfalls, plus a snippet from Verdi's Requiem.

It sounds VERY CREEPY so I don't advise you to listen to it at night.

It seems you're supposed to pronounce the title as "First-Pie."
The rumour says that the game's manufacturer (Namco), when the existence of 1STPAI became known, made an official announcement saying that it was a track they used when they ran a test, and they just forgot to delete it afterwards, but who would compose such a creepy music just to run a test? The truth is in the dark!


  1. Good thing this isn't an actual track in the game, considering this is a family-friendly game with an E rating and as such, kids might be disturbed by it. Personally, I'm fond of experimental audio tracks with dark, eerie elements. I could even listen to numbers stations for hours. XD

  2. that is horror. really.

    is it really true that this track was found inside taiko no tatsujin wii? curious to try to find it myself, IF i can get a hold of that game -_- hard to find it nowadays.. Sometimes some programmers like to put something weird in their game, but this is beyond weird... experimental, maybe, but it is put inside this kind of game.. thats just beyond extreme.

    anyway. really interesting post Saya.

  3. Some of it near the end sounded funny, I think it's been played in reverse, I couldn't help but giggle.
    The most disturbing part was, the part the peoples laughter turned to horrified screaming and you keep hearing that weird thumping sound -scary (´;д;`) Then requiem starts up and you can here a man singing really weirdly, I think he even sang some "Row row your boat" lol(。> ω <。)

    It's a very strange track!
    I think a more fitting title would be "Murder at a musical/comedy by a strange singing madman" (≧▽≦)

  4. *reading*....*reads advice*...i see...

    Well no reading right now, i have enough witht the spider from last night

    *sits to wait till morning*

  5. I love hidden stuff like this. Makes you think there are more to games

  6. it's really scary, especially in the middle when requiem starts!
    what were they thinking ?

  7. @Diogo: if I were a kid, I wound not only be disturbed, but be TRAUMATISED by it. XD
    Oh those creepy numbers stations! I've got one or two stories to thell about these things too.

    @arshvein: Yup, it's absolutely true. It's not an urban legend. Weird, isn't it?

    @Jasmine: yes, that's exactly what happens at the end - they play it backwards. Did you find that part funny? My, my XD

    You're genius when it comes to giving titles to things, dear. haha

    @HN3: In case you can't wait until the morning, I've got candies prepared for you! :D

    @Leonslaught: I wonder how they found that hidden track? I heard that "its ID was left in the data" but I don't understand what they mean by ID. Anyway whoever decoded it must be a genius!

    @Şefik Ateş Meriç: I see that you were facepalming as you listed to the music! haha Yeah it really scares you. Very nightmarish.


  8. I really should have heeded your advice--but at least it was bracing! Oddly enough, I really enjoyed it, so I'm playing it again.

    (Also, sorry to bother you, I know you probably remove old posts that are broken...but you had a video of a clock-ish thing rocking back and forth, with beautiful music, supposedly found after a suicide...I'm wondering if it still exists? Ahh, aside from all of that, thank you for continuing to post!)

  9. @SAYA

    Or it could've been intentional to make it like that, then leak it to generate more attention towards the game!

    Nah. I'd rather believe the more mysterious explanation. It's much much more interesting than easy explanations.

  10. It sounds alright to me....(maybe because I'm listening to it in afternoon and only for few early minutes) at first it's not that scary but when the orchestra starts playing it starts the eerie part. I think I've heard sound like that in early Disney cartoons, as I remember I watched a part when a storm came and something like that was the bgm >__> but not as creepy as this, nonetheless!
    And idk why after I listened to it my right ear feels weird maybe because of the screaming and I sticked my ear too close to the speaker T____T

  11. @Leonslaught: certainly, I would like to think there's something more mysterious behind it! :D

    @Prisilia: Disney cartoons!? When you say "storm," I can only think of the Wizard of Oz! Hmmm...

    Oh! A delicate girl like you shouldn't be watching a nasty thing like this! I think this thing a can affect sensitive people in a weird way. You have a good rest, dear. I hope you're alright!

  12. Hi saya I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I have been a HUGE FAN of ur blog since u first started. I like creepy, weird stories lol. I'm glad that ur blog isn't private anymore. Anyways i was wondering I really wanna share my creepy ghost stories to you so u can put them in ur blog. Do u have an e-mail that i can send my stories to? Thanks a bunch Saya. Your blog is just AWESOME

  13. That was utterly...discomforting! hehe, what a weird way to conduct a test for a children friendly game...Those developers do have a queer taste for testing tracks...and their creation to be precise! :P

  14. sounds creepy i was thinking it may have sounded like a theater performance or something idk but it sounded really weird and creepy... (O.O)

  15. I'll make this one my skype call ringtone :"> ... i wouldn't miss a single call right now .. //shiver//

    btw that "Screaming" part were ... //silent// //hides behind random people's back//(T▽T)

  16. @Anon(20 May 2013 20:44): Thank you very much, dear. Wow, I can't believe you've known this blog since the beginning! That's a long time.

    I'm thinking to put my email address on this blog, but as I wrote in FAQ recently I haven't decided whether I should yet. I'm very tempted to put it right here, since you're offering to voluntarily send me your story, and that's very nice of you. In fact, a number of people in the past offered to send in their stories too, just as you're doing now. But I never told them my email address. I'm still feeling undecisive about this matter...

    Would you mind waiting for a bit?
    If you don't mind I want to think a bout it and make my decision by this weekend. If by Sunday 26 May I still haven't put my email in FAQ that means I've decided not to allow people to PM me.

    Thank you very much for your sweet message though! :)

    @Tia: We still don't know whether it really was for a test, but yeah, it's strange! May be the programmers left it there as a joke. You never know!

    @ryuu: Yes, it did sound rather like a theatre performance, or a musical, what with their hooraying and all. haha

    @お呪い: Are you sure about that? XD Make sure you don't scare people around you!


  17. @KH: sorry I overlooked your comment.

    The old video you're talking about unfortuately got deleted. I really liked that one too, so it's a shame. But I'll be on the lookout for similar things.

    Well, meanwhile please amuse yourself with 1STPAI! :D

  18. @Anon(20 May 2013 20:44): Wait, I found this "Contact Form" widget just now, and set it up at the bottom of the side bar. I think you can send me a message from there, if you wish. Please forget my previous message. Thank you!

  19. That's very nice of you to add a contact widget! I'll send a message at some point, but I'll wait until the novelty has worn off a bit, seeing as though you must be receiving dozens of messages! XD

  20. I wasn't too scared of this audio track until I got to the 2 minute mark, it was kind of bizarre haha! I'm not sure why!
    Also Miss Saya, I know you already responded to that anon about PMs but there was something I wanted to ask you privately! I'll wait and see until Sunday though!

  21. Thanks for replying my comment. Yeah I LOVE CREEPY HORROR stories, i'm disturbed I guess lol (^0^). Don't worry I understand completely, putting your e-mail plainly on your blog maybe dangerous, cuz there are many pervs out there hahaha. I respect your decision no matter what :). Everyday I open your blog to see your updates. I even got my little sister and her boyfriend to read your blog aswell lol. So u have 2 more fans. Anyhow i'm Nathan, i'm from Jakarta ^3^. I don't understand how to comment using my name whatsoever hahaha

  22. this is so creepy but i like it

  23. @Diogo: unfortunately, I've taken it down for now, Diogo! If I set up a contact widget, that would mean I need to check my email inbox more often than I'm used to, and I've realised that that is too much trouble for me at the moment. I need to focus on my real life! I would like to set it up again in the future though, when I'm more comfortable with the idea. So please wait a bit longer! (Sorry if my sentence sounds haphazard. Somehow I haven't slept a wink last night)

    @mogiru: What is it that you wanted to ask me, dear? Can you give me a hint?

  24. @Nathan: I'd love to hear story, but I don't want to get random people emailing me, that's the problem. *sigh* Well, thank you Nathan. I might set up a contact form widget again on the blog in the future. If that happens I'd be happy to hear from you.

    @BlueRio: Good for you, dear!

  25. ahaha well miss saya it's about illustration in particular, but i'm a bit too embarrassed to say in a comment box where a lot of people can read haha!!

  26. Oh, that's completely okay. The reason I didn't send anything is precisely because I figured you would probably want to focus on your life instead. So, don't worry, just take your time and proceed at your own pace. Also, although the sentence is correct, try not to go too long without sleeping. I know I'm being a hypocrite, because I get a lot less sleep than I probably should, but I'm the master of late nights. XD

    By the way, you say you're not in your best condition. Are you alright?

  27. @mogiru: I see. If it's not too urgent, could you possibly wait until I set up the contact form again? Or do you need my assistance now?
    Actually I came up with a good idea a moment ago: maybe I can set up the contact form one day every week or something. Idk.
    I'll wait and see!

    @Diogo: Thank you for being concerned about me! I'm not too bad! Things are looking up.
    I get skin rash when I don't get enough sleep or feel too much stress. I need to watch out! I hope to tuck myself in early tonight! I hope you're sleeping well too, Diogo, don't study too hard! :D

  28. this didnt creep me out at all...i was disappointed more than anything. i thought it was gonna be something scary. only weird thing is that i got a headache afterwards

  29. This... sound is scary... It is too deep.. and I don't know but I feel sooo scary just eharing it, even with the reserved music, I dunno why people want to listen to this kind of music, makes my heart beat faster with each "hihihihi hihihihi", seriously people should start thinking abt their life! T_T,, ahh, and the first music makes me feel like people are being raped! kyaaaa

  30. @Kimberly: Your mental strength is truly commendable, dear. But it caused you to have a headache? My, my. I hope you're alright now.

    @Petzie: Poor little thing. Don't be scared! It's not like this music is cursed (or so I hope). Some people seem to like this kind of music. In fact one of the readers who commented above wants to set it up as her phone's ringtone! haha

    Listen to something nice now, dear, to get your mind off this creepy music!

  31. To be honest, I kinda actually like it. :X
    I mean, it is disturbing and yet intriguing.

    Or maybe I have an odd taste in music.

  32. @spinning totem: that's cool you like it. I like scaring people, but I equally like making them happy too! haha

  33. It wasn't very scary- a bit eerie, though. But i jumped out of my skin when the music started. A bit unfortunate because my cat was sitting on my lap at the time. XD

  34. LMAO Saya! This actually made me laugh. XD Thanks for the laugh so late at night, it put me in a good mood!

  35. Taiko no Tatsujin has it's dark secrets. The songfiles are incredibly difficult to rip, they're protected by Namcofiles (.nub). It makes me wonder who found 1STPAI.

    SAYA, there's another dark song in Taiko no Tatsujin. Do you know of "Man ka imu ichi no Juu/万戈イム一一ノ十"? The name of the song itself is scary. It's "成仏二千/Joubutsu2000" cut into parts. Supposedly it means to die peacefully, and it was supposed to be the last song of the series— on top of things, the song is in french - talking about being hungry, and saying numbers throughout the whole song... Put together and pronounced in Japanese, the said numbers. 37564 would be 'mi-na-go-ro-shi'.

  36. @Nanami: my pleasure, dear!

    @Anon(13 June): No dear, I neither knew about 万戈イム一一ノ十 nor about 成仏二千. But they sound creepy! Thank you for the info! I might write an article about those too if I get a chance!

  37. Aww Saya you're so sweet! And hehe, yeahh I burst out laughing, and maybe this is irrelevant kind of, but someone watched that cursed Kleenex commercial at midnight, and the commercial changed! I thought I would share it with you haha. XD I'll send the link. C:

  38. It isn't scary...but the face is scary...and the reverse part ._.

  39. Sorry for the extremely late comment, but I found something around the net that might interest those who are wondering what 1STPAI was made for.

    Someone on Taiko Time, a blog about the Taiko no Tatsujin game series, says they keep hearing the word "yokai" (which can be vaguely translated to "demon" or "monster"). They speculate that since the third DS title in the series, Dororon Yokai Daikessen, has a story mode that is directly related to defeating yokai, it's very likely that this was meant to be part of a secret unlockable advertisement for that game.

    Therefore, it's creepy because maybe if it was supposed to be part of that game's advertisement, then such a thing would have been focusing on the yokai in the game.


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