Monday, 29 November 2010

A Video about Suicide

A cryptic story.

One day my boyfriend emailed me a video.
Wondering what it was I watched it.
It turned out to be a video about him committing suicide.
With a rope around his neck he jumped; and after a painful struggle he died.
And the video ended there.


Redpyramid said...

If the boyfriend killed himself, who emailed the video and turned off the camera after he hanged himself?

anomaly said...

cue saw theme

Doc Sanchez said...

Sweet story, had to read it twice to get the twist, for it's so short you wouldn't expect a twist at all.

And by the way: Thank you for being back, Saya! Your blog is the best horror blog I know!

Cheers, Doc

Anonymous said...

He was on webcam?

Anonymous said...

Yes, who filmed and emailed the video?

Short and sweet, though I prefer the longer ones haha. Thank you ~

Anonymous said...

then who was email???

Simon said...

Who emailed the video?

I know, I was a little late.

anti-zombie death squad said...

Short and sweet.

anti-zombie death squad said...

I was just wondering, Saya-chan, what happened to your "Master series"?

anti-zombie death squad said...

And I hope you'll also update your other blog. :)

That blog's an anti-thesis to this one but nonetheless, I always find something I can reread time and again in your other blog (especially the "Desiderata" post that you did). And that blog's a lifesaver too. Couldn't thank you enough. If my "thank yous" to you could be converted to a currency, it could I guess, pay-off my country's foreign debts. hehehe

Picklegod said...

I'm not much of a techno wiz, but there may have been a way for him to have it automatically emailed to her.
That's no fun for a story though!

It could have been his ghost that stopped the camera and emailed it to her.
Again, that's kind of a boring explanation.

I'm going to go with this:
Some sadistic guy was looking for a victim. He noticed the author and her boyfriend and figured he could have some leverage there. He approached the boyfriend and threatened to harm the author if the boyfriend didn't obey him. Being the gentleman that he is (was), the boyfriend couldn't let any harm come to his beloved. He agreed to do whatever it was that the man wanted. And so the man told the boyfriend to hang himself. The boyfriend knew that his death would still hurt her, but he had no choice. The man said he would make her suffer as long as possible if he didn't. So the man was the one who stopped the camera and emailed the video. He promised the boyfriend that he wouldn't physically harm the girlfriend. Of course, he's never been an honest man...

Sorry. Long post!

··Dorian Schneider·· said...

Well, yes... Who sent the video?

But I like Picklegod theory too! :)

The story stills being really interesting. :3

Adorably Dead said...

Ah! The implications that this story leaves. Very creepy...and I too am with Anti-zombie in wondering about the Master series. They were so awesome to read.

vé said...

for once i got it right away why it was cryptic...still,who sent the video? D8

Tani said...

If the boyfriend was dead, who sent the video? O__O If the boyfriend somehow filmed himself and sent the video then it was a terrible thing to do to the author.

Sachi Goripanda said...

First thing I thought when I read this...CREEPYPASTA.

I love short stories with a punch. ^^ Thank you, Saya~~~

Nanase said...

I love you Saya.

<3<3<3 :D

SAYA said...

Wow I posted this last night, and I wake up this morning (it's morning in Japan now) and find there are already 17 comments to it!

OK, so I don't think I can write a reply to each of your comment right now; I'll do that later but let me first give you the explanation I heard from other source: the boyfriend didn't commit suicide, he was murdered!!

shiyun said...

Hey Saya!

I'm recently learning some japanese :0

I'm just wondering... Not to spoil the fun or anything... How do they know that the boyfriend was murdered?

I mean, if the writer is the girlfriend... how does she know that her boyfriend was murdered?

Oh, and another question! Have you watched uso japan? ^.^

John Smith said...

I can't tell which is more creepy: if a supernatural force killed and/or sent the email; there is a murderer who killed the boyfriend and happens to know the girlfriends the email (out of creepy attraction or a warning of her death); or if the boyfriend did it as a joke. Any way, I won't be sleeping well tonight (or checking my email at night anymore).

Coco said...

Or maybe the "boyfriend" in the video is the twin brother of the actual boyfriend? Oh my.

Nice cryptic story though. First time commenting in this blog!

Yuki said...

The girlfriend murder the boyfriend and sent the email to herself.

Anonymous said...

Nice explanation Picklegod!
I thought too that he must have been forced to do it or threatened, why else would he commit suicide and send it to his girlfriend?

Steeple333 said...

Eh, I think Picklegod's explanation is too boring. It's creepier if it remains a supernatural, inscrutable force!

The author sending it to herself would be creepier, too... if she had written the more ambiguous "I got an email". XD

Chris~ said...

Awwww swweet man, stumbled upon this website once, but was too chicken s**t and bailed from it :p, but YAY! I found it again xD been awhile since I first visited and been trying to look for interesting ghost stories and stuff :D

Top stuff~ keep up it up Saya~

SAYA said...

I'm only going to reply to those comments that seem to need my response.

@Doc Sanchez: Thank you, and come again! ;)

@Jasmine Tea: I prefer the longer ones too, but it takes much more effort to translate!

@anti-zombie: Master Series are always long and hard to translate.
lol But I'll post a new episode sometime soon.

Where are you from, dear? US?

Sure I will try to update the other blog. Maybe tonight.
Thanks alot. ;)

@Picklegod: don't be sorry! I enjoyed reading your theory. You could develop a novel out of it!:D

@Adorably Dead: Yeah I love Master Serie too. There are many more episodes in that series.. As I said to anti-zombie, I will try to post a new episode soon.

@Sac Goripanda: Thank you dear. I'm glad that you liked it!

@Nanase: I love you too. And I don't say that to people very often! lol

@shiyun: I see you are from Singapore. What a lovely country that is! I must visit there someday.

It's just one possible explanation I gave you. The boyfriend is dead so he couldn't have possibly turned off the video and send it himself. So we think someone killed the boyfriend and sent the video of the murder scene to the girl. For what? We don't know :)

No, dear. I haven't watched uso Japan. I don't watch TV very often.

Thanks and take care ;)

@John Smith: how did you sleep last night?:D

@Coco: welcome, Coco. I shall be waiting for your second comment! :D

@Chris: you were wise to stay away from this blog. Why on earth have you come back? XD

But thanks dear, that's very kind.


anti-zombie death squad said...

I'm not from the US, Saya-chan. I'm from the Philippines. Living here is scary enough. Hehe.

And by the way, if I get lucky and things go my way, I'd be posted in Japan in a few years' time.

And then I could get my fill of Japanese things and stuff that give people heebiejeebies. :)

anti-zombie death squad said...

hey, you updated your other blog. many thanks! For some reason, both your blogs remind me of one of my favorite songs. Listen

makki said...

why would he struggle if it was suicide?? O_O

Steeple333 said...

@makki Because being strangled is very viscerally stressful - the body reacts hugely in a DNW response.

SAYA said...

@anti-zombi: The Phillipines? Cool!
So you might be working in Japan soon? Good luck!

anti-zombie death squad said...

Saya-chan: I might. I hope so. I recently joined the sordid world of foreign service

Anonymous said...

...Who recorded the video...?

Anonymous said...

It's actually pretty easy to write a program which would automatically e-mail the video.

Marianis2305 said...

I still have no clue what happened. I don't really like the "there's a automatic e-mail program" idea or the "There's a killer in the house" Supernatural force also seems a bit... common