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Sunday, 19 August 2007


It is late at night. A woman alone in her room watches TV. With a bored expression, she aimlessly flickers through channels... until she encounters a strange movie, and a series of bizarre events follow...
A very well done flash movie well worth watching.


  1. Weird... pretty standard J-Horror, but here's the scary thing:

    My wireless connection died after I watched that. That happens only rarely, and I'm probably being irrational.

    Still, spooky, eh? ;)

  2. It was pretty scary until the ghost thing started chasing her around. I found that part hard not to laugh at.

  3. Why did I watch this while I was alone in the house. T__T Now I don't want to turn on the TV!

  4. omg! lol, why did i watch this?! my computer is right beside the television! now i can't look at my left! xD
    anyways, thanks for this Saya!

  5. I guess she knows how scary it is when your flicking through channels and you find static which plays for about 30 seconds, and then something freaky comes on, fortunately for me, the ring was on, oh no.

  6. Thank you Saya so much for keeping this blog up! I have been looking at your blog for over a week now (just recently found it) and I can't get enough! <3

    There has been so many things I wanted to comment on, but this video was the first one where I could not resist but to say how awesome it is! :)

  7. It reminds me of Suda 51's animations in his games...

  8. if i was watching tv and that came on..... im out of here!!! if it showed my front door....who the hell cares i'll jump out the window!!!!

  9. I watched it on my phone and my screen timed out just when the girl got grabbed. Like the exact second...


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