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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Children On The Bus

It was past ten in the evening. I thought I was the only passenger on the bus, but I heard children's voices from behind.

The children were apparently talking about a ghost story.

Child A: ".... and if you turn around, the ghost will snatch you away and carry you to the afterworld!"

I recognized the voice. I often saw these children on the same bus after work. They went to a nearby school.

Child B: "Then that's easy. All you have to do is make sure you don't turn around."

Child A: "Yes, but I heard you can't help but turn around. The ghost would try all sorts of tricks on you to get you turn around."

We were getting close to the bus stop where these two usually got off.
But it looked like they didn't notice it.
I thought I should warn them because I didn't want them to go home late.
So I turned around and said, "you are getting off here aren't you?"

Child A: "See, I told you so."


Anonymous said...


SAYA said...

crammer = 塾 らしいです・・・笑

Anonymous said...

What's with the white boxes?

Anonymous said...

there not white boxes dude, its japanese

anti-zombie squad said...

Child A and B: SUCKER!

Dead. said...

Damn Kids.

Anonymous said...

LOL ^^^

A ki da said...

holy hell,the kids where the ghosts werent they?

Sienna said...

where the kids the ghosties or where they just making a point?

Anqeni said...

Kids say the darnedest things! but seriously....thats why i try to never look back when i hear voices and i KNOW/think i'm alone.

sasusaku said...

yeah even i also didnt understand were the children ghost or were they just making the point???????

Beluga said...

The children were probably just making a point if the person survived to tell the story. They probably weren't malevolent ghosts if they were ghosts, anyway. c:

Hope said...

Out of all the delightful stories you post here, Saya, this one still enchants me. I'm very late to the party, but I am so glad you are back, dear.

Magge y said...

Hello Saya,
I know i am a little late to the party, but i just wanted to say that i just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. Thank you for all the work that you put into translating these stories. I hope you are alive and well.
With the kindest of regards
Magge (a german dude^^)

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