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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A "Good" Ghost

A couple are enjoying a drive through a mountain. Suddenly they notice a child standing ahead of them. The man slams on the brakes and manages to stop the car. He gets out of the car to check but the child has disappeared into thin air. Then he notices that they are on the edge of the precipice and had the man not put on the brakes they would have been dead. The woman says, "I know now! The child was trying to warn us of the danger. It was a good ghost."

But immediately after she said it they heard a child's voice from behind; "you should have died...."


  1. Agh, so much for Casper the Friendly Ghost!


    (P.S: 'Driving through a mountain' is like, they're literally driving through the middle of the mountain. Maybe 'driving through the mountains?')

  2. The ending was way more creepier than the begining...I think the idea of a goast leading a person to death is more effective than a goast leading them to safety. Like a ghost makes your car stall when you try to leave your garage when a huge gas explosion consumes your house.

  3. What was the ghost trying to do? It was rather counterintuitive to save the couple if the ghost wished for their death. Thank you so much Saya!! I absolutely adore your stories!!! ^__^=

  4. ...akward silence...but thank you for finding an translating so many stories.

  5. He probably saved them out of the goodness of his "heart"(isn't there anymore) but he was so lonely because he died falling from there.
    he wanted company, but then again, he didn't want someone to end up as miserable as he is.

  6. I go by the name Uiitnla
    a friend told me a story that happened to one of his friends...
    well my friends friend was ready to start her day and go in the kitchen to make a meal. well, when she tried to get into the kitchen, there was some sort of force that kept her from moving forward, she felt a gentle push. reluctant, she tried again, every time she was held back and the force of the unknown entity, and got more fierce. when it shoved her to the ground, she was about to try again when the phone rang. she picked it up and it was her friend who said to be calm, the police are on their way pretend your taking out your trash and get out of there. she hung up and did as she was told, when she got to her friend her friend hugged her. "im so glad your alright," "what was that about" her friend looked at her seriously, the police were chasing a robber, and he managed to climb through one of your windows, good thing your kitchen window has a good angle, he was hiding behind a curtain with a knife, good thing you didnt go in the kitchen.

  7. i think the ghost sort of gave them a second chance its like changing their fate or something that's why the ghost said that they should have died if you think positively about it haha..
    but the ghost saying it is still creepy...

  8. I think the child might be ran over by a car, and perhaps on purpose. And being a child, he learnt that people ran over you on purpose. And perhaps that's why he stood there, as he think that they would ran him over, and then fell off the cliff. ^^

  9. Hello Saya-San...
    My name is Victor..

    I've just found your blog recently from another blog,Mengaku Backpacker...
    seems, he copied & edited your article & translated yours in my country...

    Kinda rude, but I thank's to him, I could stumbled on yours...
    and to be honest, I love your blog, & some of your article gave me a chill though...
    And I just knew that ScaryForKids & Creepy Pasta copied from yours...

    But anyway, I'm glad I found yours, cause I'm interested in all this spiritual things...
    I think I'll be one of your fans now & forever..

    Pardon for my bad english...

  10. Who's to say the child's voice doesn't belong to a different, more malevolent ghost?


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