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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Ring

A family suicide occured in the surburbs of Gunma Prefecture (we call the family Suzukis just for convenience). A few months later they decided to pull down the house in which the family used to live. A group of university students in Tokyo, calling themselves "The Paranormal Research Group," heard about this and decided to visit the house before it was gone. The group consisted of two boys and two girls.

When the group arrived the house was already in the process of demolition. Inside was a total mess. They went in and with a video camera in hand started exploring. "Hello, Mr and Mrs Suzuki! Please excuse us!" Laughing and joking they shouted in the empty house. "Is this your kitchen?" "May I use your bathroom?"

After sometime, while the rest of the group were having fun, one of the girls began to feel scared and so they decided to call it a day. "Goodbye, thank you for having us!" They shouted again as they left. They stopped the video camera and got into the car. On the way home the other girl said, "Look! I found this ring in the house. We should keep it in our clubroom as a memento."

The next day. The group got together in one of the boys' room to watch the video.

"Hello, Mr and Mrs Suzuki! Please excuse us!"

They froze. An unfamiliar voice which they did not hear when they were in the house was recorded on the tape.

"Is this your kitchen?"

"May I use your bathroom?"
"Go ahead."

"Goodbye, thank you for having us!"
"Don't go!!!!!!!"

Everyone fell silent. Then suddenly, their mobiles started ringing all at the same time.
They were all very alarmed but managed to calm down and picked up their phones.


All that the two boys got was silence. The timid girl's call was also silent.
But the girl who snatched the ring heard;

".....hi, this is Suzuki. Please can I have my ring back?"


  1. Morning Saya !!What happen next .The ending is ....... :)

  2. Mornin dear. What happens next is left to the reader's imagination!
    The girl probably had to take the ring back!

  3. Hmm, this story has a more Western flavor to it. =] I remember reading some Western ghost stories with similar concepts - a reply to questions, asking for a taken item to be returned...

  4. Oh I noe ! At last, the gal returned the ring and saw the Mr and Mrs. She was so freaked out that she committed suicide in the Suzuki's house... HAHAHAHA!XD

  5. Please
    Lrn2b scary

  6. For ghosts, they're very polite.

  7. *shudders* I know they was nice and all, but ghost of any type give me da heebady-jeebadies.

  8. anti-zombie squad23 December 2008 at 15:05

    she took the ring to mount doom.

  9. aww, this isn't so scary. The ghost seems pretty nice. :)

  10. Jessica,I am saying this out of hatred and love.

  11. I wouldv'e given the ring back...

  12. Once I thought more rationally about it, it isn't so scary.

    But it was scary how they didn't want the kids to leave.

  13. Aww, I don't know, maybe that family was a bit lonely. At least they were polite about it. It didn't look like they were very violent, after all.


  15. those ghosts seem nice:)
    Would have some advantages to have them as friends i think

  16. This one is a little saddening. I would have liked to return and give the spirits company, at least until the house was taken down.

  17. Well at least she was polite and asked nicely, other than the alternative of coming through the phone to choke them all to death or something along the lines of that.

  18. This one gave me a pleasant little chill! Not a scared one at all, such polite ghosts these were, but I wasn't expecting that :D

  19. What a polite ghost.

  20. Hello, Saya.
    I've been reading your blog for a few years but this is my first time commenting it. *sweats nervously*

    So~ This story i one of my favorite, i love how most of the people wasn't expecting how the ghost were.
    But it's still kind creepy even if the ghosts didn't seems bad Q_Q

    //sorry my english is still very poor//

  21. I think the girl who took the ring is really a complete idiot. I mean you shouldn't take things like that

  22. did she steal that ring? btw, Mr. Suzuki was very nice but why they commite suicide ??

    (sorry for my Eng.) t.t


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