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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Bus Trip

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This is a cryptic story!

A family on the way to visit the grandparents' house took a ride on a bus.
Just as the bus was driving around the foot of a mountain, the child started throwing a tantrum, saying, "Mummy, I'm hungry."
So even though they still had a long way to go, they got off at the next bus stop and went into a restaurant nearby.

They had just finished their meal when they saw a breaking news on TV that said that the bus they had just gotten off got crushed by a rock slide and every passenger on it was thought to be dead.

As soon as the wife saw the news, she uttered, "we should never have gotten off the bus..."
Hearing this the husband at first got angry, but soon he said, "oh, I see," realizing what she meant.


  1. what the husband was realize ?

    the husband realize, the bus will safe from the rock slide if they don't got off from the bus.

  2. Uwah, I'm no good at cryptic stories... Does anybody get this?

  3. this is a bit tough, for me.

    i don't think it's because they wanted to die right..?


  4. Come on, people. Rezz Meteora already answered it.


  5. I think it was because they decided to get off the bus, the bus stopped and was hit by the rock slide.

    Just a theory though

  6. Maybe because all passengers were thought to have died in thé slide then (going on a limb héré) thé grandparents probably heard about thé news and thought that they just lost their child and grandchildren and had a trageic réaction Like a heart attack or something and thé wife knows thé parents have a heart coniditon and thé father réalizés latér and yeah just trying to yeah no periods ftw

  7. Hello Saya-san.
    This one stumped me. I had to cheat (read the comments first) to figure out the answer. And I think Rezz Meteora and Caroline Cain got it right.
    However, I do think that the probability that the family ended up dead with the other passengers was high if they didn't get off the bus.

  8. I think Rezz Meteora has a point. If the bus never stopped to let them alight, those few minutes saved could have averted them from the disaster..

  9. I think its because they didnt want to go to the grandma house ?

  10. Hmm, it's a bit hard.

    But yeah, I finally realized what they meant. Lol.

    ...But, I think they shouldn't have said that. Who knows if the bus also stopped in that bus stop if they didn't get off of the bus? There might be people wanting to hop in to the bus on that bus stop, too.

    Probably, possibly, maybe, likely, or definitely.

  11. This is quite a difficult one.

    I can not be certain that them getting off the bus at the bus stop would have averted a disaster however. After all, buses stop at bus stops whether someone gets off or not and it's hard to believe that the time it would take them to get off would be enough for the bus to avoid the disaster.

    I believe what the mother had said it partially out of shock and the father most likely got angry due to assuming she had meant they should have died originally, then he realizes that she meant something else. This makes me believe that suicide is not the intent.

    I'm going to propose a theory base on one thing. How could there have been news coverage of such a thing in the time it took them to finish a meal? Even with breaking news it seems quick.

    Also I'm not sure of this, but how many restaurants would establish themselves next to a mountain? I feel they would build by the mountain rather than up against it or in the middle of a path around it.

    Did they really avoid the disaster by getting off of the bus?

    I believe they in fact died in the rock slide and when they got off the bus it was heading somewhere entirely different than the grandparents home. Somewhere that they needed to stay on the bus to reach.

  12. don't let it goes so hard guys... ^^
    just simply our conclusion....

  13. Because the family cannot pay the restaurant bills, judging from child behaviour it's likely the child is big eater.

    So the mom thought better died than ashaming themselves for the family cannot simply pay the restaurant bills.

    And for the Japanese peoples shame is more dreadful than death.

  14. I reckon they left their child on the bus, guys. It never said they brought the kid to the restaurant.
    Only the parents got off to eat, kid was throwing a tantrum so they ditched it, kid got crushed in rock side.

  15. it's just that if they had not gotten off, the bus would have missed the rock slide. It would give the bus the benefit of more time.

  16. i think the family is already dead, the news the saw may be from yesterday because a meal time is not enough for people to report the news on TV. Soon, the wife has realized the bus they're riding is actually something that meant to take them to the place that souls have to go after dead, but they have got off it. Now the family would wander there and haunt the place they are.

  17. Dear saya san, im a new reader, im from indonesia, and here ur blog is very popular among horor story seeker, thats why im searching about ur blog. ;-)
    This is my first time read ur story, and its confused me, i dont know its a riddle, after read about all the coment.
    Lemme continue read ur another story. XD

  18. My conclusion is the same as CRRobins and thai pham.

    It did bug me quite a lot, because judging from the situation, they were travelling across a rural area of sorts, and I don't think that a rock slide would be noticed and reported that quickly.

    I guess that they just ditched their ride for Higan. What the husband may have realized later, is that their own corpses/belongings were being screened on the accident site.

  19. thai pam's theory is very interesting.and definitely creepier.*twilight zone theme song*

  20. The grandparents are dead.

  21. I agree with M. After reading the story, the first thing that occured to me is whether they brought their child or something. And it didn't say that they bring their child. Anyway, this gave me goosebumps!

  22. I managed to sum up this story in 2 plausible scenarios, which I call, the good husband and the bad husband:

    1. BAD HUBBY) The father got angry because he was hoping to kill his wife and child by creating a landslide. He probably wanted to get the insurance money from them but after his wife called, his plan failed.

    2. GOOD HUBBY) The bus could've avoided the danger if the mother and the child didn't get off the bus. The husband is angry because he was worried. When humans get paranoid, our emotions get muddled up - angry, nervous, jittery etc.

  23. Their grandparents are dead. "We should never have gotten off the bus..." it means if they didn't got off the bus, they will meet their grandparents.

    Some of my friends believe if a baby or child can know and/or see mystics thing, so their child throw a tantrum so they are safe right now.

    I'm sorry if this is such a random comments. And then, I'm sorry if my english is a big fail.

  24. oh well i think this is kind of final destination? lol

  25. I don't think any of the comments here require my reply :)

    But I just want to say thank you everyone for your comments.
    I REALLY enjoy reading those different theories you put forward.

  26. I think what the story was saying was that, the family on the way to their grandparents house, died on the bus.

  27. they were already at the foot of the mountain.. The family was crushed and died before they even got off the bus?

  28. The bus was crushed before they got off of it, hence why there was time for the news agencies to report it. The family and the rest of the deceased passangers were most likely heading to the underworld, but now the parents and child are stuck there.(which makes me very suspicious of the restaurant to be honest, both for it's location and how it apparently serves ghosts. It's probably connected or near the kisaragi station?)

  29. i have two theories as to what is going on:

    theory 1- the child has the ability to know of the future. when the child saw the outcome , I'm assuming that since the child did not want the parents to die, the child made an excuse that he/she was hungry and faked a tantrum to force the parents to make a stop at the closest restaurant. so in the end, while the parents believed that it was their fault the people on the bus died, their child actually saved them from an accident that was going to take place either way.

    theory 2: the parents thought that since the kid was so hungry and they didn't want the kid to make a scene, the parents probably let him/her on the bus with a promise that they'll bring him/her lunch. however, when the parents saw that the bus had crashed in a rockslide, the mom felt guilty that she had just let her child get killed and she wasn't there to protect her only child. now she has two things to worry about: how to explain to the grandparents that the child is dead and live with the guilt and sadness of losing her child.

    aaaannnnndddd thats all! maybe I'm overthinking it, but thats what i think.

  30. Hi Saya.
    This is the 6th time I've read your story and I came up with this theory.
    The family is some kind of monsters, and when the child said it's hungry, the parents hopped off the bus to go to the restaurant nearby to "eat". Yes, I'm pretty sure that they ate the people in the restaurant, and that requires a long period of time since you have to kill the victims and y'know, that's why they were able to receive the news, which didn't get reported immediate and surely took a long time to be on the news, as some of you had said above.
    What the husband realised was : If they haven't gotten off the bus, there would be much more meals for the family

  31. My theory is that the grandparents are dead and, assuming the mother knew this, picked a bus that rode close to a cliff for this reason alone.

  32. My (a bit far fetched but nonetheless interesting) theory is that they were a family of cannibals. They got off the bus just to feed the child. They might have killed somebody from the restaurant or something. And missing the chance to eat a lot of dead people from the accident might have dismayed the mother. Haha. I dont know but this may be due to all the cannibal films i
    Ive watched, which, incidentally, were usually set in the mountains.

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  34. Is it that only the mother and child got off the bus and the father stayed behind? because the child only referenced the mother saying 'mommy i'm hungry'. Maybe the mom realized they should of not gotten off the bus because the father died. The father got angry but then realized that he had died.


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