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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It Makes No Sense At All

Introduction: there is a huge internet forum in Japan, called 2channel, where people can post anything they want to discuss freely and anonymously. The story below was posted at this site. The title "it makes no sense at all," was named after a comment posted immediately after the story.


I always take bus to go to the school,
the bus turned right.
On the bus I usually take, something odd happened one day.
Because the usual old lady was there,
it went until the end. Because it's painful.

And it was alright until then, but a huge thing which was like a paper bag but not made of paper was there, and something like a ball was there, and so many people wearing top hats were there too.
Isn't that strange? Because it was just driving on a normal road.
Still, the bus was driving normally for a long time
until it rounded a corner on the left and suddenly he slammed on the brakes.
And because it literally screeched to a halt without warning, the people inside lost their balance and they nearly all fell.
I was OK because I was seated.

But the strangest thing happened just before I got to the school. The bus usually drove past a large park, but they were doing some works on the road so the bus had to make a detour and go to the one with a tunnel on the way.

And just as the bus reached the middle of the tunnel, suddenly it rattled and stopped. Of course I thought that was strange.

And before I knew it, the bus had already arrived at the bus stop in front of the school.I was thinking; Oh? That was strange. But I just got off the bus anyway and went to the school as usual.
Everyone who was on the bus died though.

Saya's comment : A few years after the story appeared, another story was posted on the same site, seemingly related to the first story. Click here to view the second story.


  1. Good morning, Ms. Saya...
    I love stories like this... to me, the idea of losing one's mind is very disturbing, and tales like this, in any context, serve to reiterate the ever present truth that it can happen to anyone at anytime. We have to treasure our sanity...

  2. And, of course, thanks again!

  3. Seems to me that maybe nothing weird happened at all? Except the person might've went all crazy and... he died too? Maybe he was oblivious to something going on that made everyone else stand up, and die... ok the more I think about it the more possibilties arise.

  4. Hi!!
    William - yes, I find the idea of insanity disturbing too. The first time I read this story I felt really chilly! I didn't know if I could reproduce the creepiness that was felt in the original Japanese version by translating into English, but it seems I was successful?:)

    Bryan - indeed his story is all mixed up, and it's hard to follow what he's trying to say. He certianly seems to have lost his mind! It's sort of fun to guess at what might have taken place, and that's a part of the charm(?) of the story!

    Thank you very much for your comments!!!!

  5. It makes no sense at all.If this is supposed 2 b scary,I'm sooo mixed up tat Its not scary to me anymore and actually I have no idea what is scary to me and -wait.

    I'm going nuts.please kindly ignore what I've typed up there...Your blog is great,Saya.Besides, You always have such a creative way of drawing and writing in ur other blog...=)

  6. I go by the name Uitinla
    it seems to me its the perspective of someone who has died, but didnt realize it till the end of the story...

  7. I get the feeling he is dreaming. Because wen we dream, strange things happen, yet we do nothing about it, like panic or anything. Strange things like realizing everyone on your bus was dead would not alarm you in a dream.
    And the "Paper bag but not paper" would make perfect sense in a dream.
    Thats just my theory :)

  8. For my part every person may read this.

  9. I didn't understand anything. :/

    The explanation of the police made the best sense - you know, Occam's razor. The creepy part was actually how this story is written, not what actually happened, as the event may have a more mundane explanation. It *does* seem that the original poster of the story was insane.

    Old post, Saya, but unnerving.

  10. Old post but interesting!
    I think the person in the first post did survive the accident, but like the second person has gotten brain damage (that's why the story is written strangely, I believe it's from memory)

    This story is obviously hard to make sense of but the reoccuring facts are the old lady, bags, men in top hats and balls. The buses both took detours and both went into a "tunnel."
    Whatever that old lady and her top hat friends are definitely isn't human or from this planet!

  11. The story really didn't make sense and I didn't bother to decipher what was going on either, but the story sort of reminds me of dreams. It's like, there's too many random things going on at once. And things that made sense didn't actually make sense after you realised it yourself. The author seriously sounded like he was describing one of his dreams.

    Maybe he wanted to tell about his dream but he forgot to mention it?

  12. I think this was written by an elementary schooler though.


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