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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Clay Animation "Bloody Date"

WARNING!! - This video contains images of blood and violence!!!

A sort of hommage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The creator's site (in Japanese): TN Theatre


  1. The creators did a great job on this. I loved it. Cute ending, too.

  2. That gave me chills. It was thoroughly enjoyable. It was an edge-of-your-seat short, close to the end I was actually yelling 'RUN FOR THE DOOR!' as though it were a typical thriller.

    That weird creature was definitely a twist.

  3. Hi everyone!

    Would you believe it, apparently only one person was involved in making this clay animation! Very well done, innit?

    I like the combination of cute and horrible; it feels more grotesque than it just being purely horrible.

    I'm glad you liked it, King Progdor and Enzd!
    And sorry William, I forgot put a warning, dear!

    Thanks guys for your comments!

  4. EEK! Please don't apologize! It's definitely quite artistic. And, as always, I appreciate your efforts in darkening my corner of the globe!

  5. This was incredibly well made. It was indeed very suspenseful and I enjoyed it. Many of the scenes that occurred were not only gruesome, but unexpected, especially with the clay atmosphere, adding to the style. Same thing with the "silent movie" thing, it helps add to the sudden kills. Thanks for showing us this!

  6. ...if I were the creator, I would throw the clay dolls away after making this. They're just too creepy ;_;

  7. I wonder if it's the same creator as the "Chainsaw Maid" video. It looks like the same style... It gave me a laugh, but not as much as Chainsaw Maid. The little girl and the mom reminded me of the Addams Family...


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