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Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Manhole

There was a girl called Mayumi.
One day when she was walking towards the school, she caught sight of another girl ahead on the street wearing the same school uniform as her. The girl was her classmate, and was often the target of bullying in the class.

Bullying could often get extreme at an all-girls school like Mayumi's.
Sometimes her classmates just ignored the girl, and at other times they would do things like putting used sanitary items on the girl's desk. The teachers knew about the bullying but pretended they didn't see it.

Mayumi had no particular feelings towards the girl, but she didn't dare to be the odd one out and so bullied the girl along with the rest of the class. She remembered saying some cruel things to the girl.

Mayumi got closer and noticed the girl was looking very happy. And somehow she kept jumping at the same spot. Mayumi was puzzled. The spot where she was jumping on was a manhole. Why was she jumping like that, smiling like mad?
"Nine, nine, nine, nine...." The girl kept muttering while she jumped.
"What are you doing?" Mayumi asked the girl.
But the girl didn't answer and just went on muttering, "nine, nine, nine, nine...."
"Hey! Don't you ignore me!" Mayumi said with more heat in her voice.
But still the girl said nothing.

Until that moment, Mayumi never despised the girl like the others did, but what with the girl enjoying all by herself and ignoring her completely, a sudden feeling of anger welled up in her.
"Why the hell are you doing that?"She asked once again. But the girl went on jumping happily as before, as if she hadn't heard Mayumi's outburst.

Then suddenly a strange idea occurred to Mayumi that maybe this "jumping on the manhole as you say numbers" is a very wonderful and interesting thing to do.
It was a stupid idea, Mayumi knew. She felt confused about her feelings, and at the same time, found herself wanting to make the girl stop what she was doing. Mayumi somehow couldn't accept that someone like her was enjoying herself in that way.

"Move! I'll try that myself!" Mayumi said, and pushing the girl away, stood on the manhole herself.

Mayumi bent her knees well before making a big jump. At the exact moment, the girl who had been pushed away, quickly, and using all her strength, removed the lid of the manhole. Mayumi fell right into it.

The girl put the lid back on. And smiling with satisfaction, she started jumping again, this time muttering, "ten, ten, ten, ten...."


  1. Thank you very much,美b dear.
    Not even my own mother says that very often!lol

  2. That one was kind of funny...or is it just my weird sense of humor?

  3. No,Debbie dear. You've got every right to find it funny! And yes, it does sound rather funny when you look at it from another angle!:)

  4. This version is a bit too complicated , I doubt many girls would think of jumping on manholes to get revenge.

    The one I heard was: A man, while wandering by an insane asylum, hears the inmates inside the yard–on the other side of a large, obscuring, stone wall–chanting, “Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!”

    Curious, he pauses and tries to strain to make sure he’s hearing it right. As he’s listening, he notices a chink in the stones that make up the wall, and decides to see what could have made them all so excited.

    He looks into the hole, which just so happens to be at eye level, and suddenly recieves a poke to the eye from a dirty finger.

    As he’s reeling back in shock and mild pain, blinking it away, he hears the crazies take up a new chant, “Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!”

  5. That's interesting, Jimmy. This story is from Japan, but both your story and mine could have come from the same source.

  6. HAHAHAHA!The gal must have looked funny jumping like tat.Wat if a newspaper reporter comes by and actually writes abt tat in da paper?
    I bet she would have dumped him in da hole too.

    PS.Your blog is great!thanks 4 all those stories. Very entertaining.....

  7. Thanks very much, Sugar!It's great to have your comments too!:)

  8. Yeah I've heard two variants of this story, one of which was the one jimmy said. This one is pretty interesting, although seemingly more odd then the other stories like this... almost as if that girl has abnormal strength to pick up a manhole that fast. Kinda funny and random! Thanks Saya :D

  9. I've seen this done as a blond joke. :) No kidding.

    Brunette jumping up and down in the middle of the road, blond joins her, truck runs the blond over, brunette adds a number and keeps going...

  10. Fireflyx: Haha, I've heard that one two.

  11. This is like the clown story. 0_____0

  12. there was a scarier one. a boy sees a beckoning hand waving by a window as the boy was walking by the abandoned gymnasium. the boy innocently decided to go in, the school later announced that the boy was missing. now, there is 2 beckoning hands waving by the window.

  13. The bulliers deserved it, i did actually laugh at this, funny story!

  14. WOOOOOU!! where do you get this all this amazing stuff saya?

  15. I find this an interesting but effective way of getting rid of enemies.
    But, I would never try it.My mother would kill me for jumping on a manhole.

  16. lol then the ten girls went up another manhole.the jumping one is gonna be sorry :3

  17. good, now they should build a basketball court down there XD

  18. lol why does this remind me of a blonde joke I heard once?

  19. In my country it's a joke about a psychiatrist and his patients lol

  20. sweet revenge .. >.< scary.. i love everything you post on your blog saya .. <3

  21. @yuri sado: Thank you, yuri! I'm glad you like my blog!

    But your profile picture of bloody hello kitty?? That really scares me! lol


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