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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Master Series: Episode 3 "Noodles"

Reminder:"I" in this story is not Saya!
For information about this series read episode 1

This is not a ghost story, but I must set it down.

My master in the Way of Occult had suddenly stopped coming to the club. Master's classmate told me that he hadn't been seen in the classes either.

That got me worried and I went to his apartment. As usual the front door had been left unlocked, so after a few knocks on the door I went in, and found inside the haggard master lying alone on the mattress.
I asked him what was the matter, and he said,
"No appetite. Had only noodles for the whole week."
So that explains it, I thought, looking at his pale face.
"Haven't you got anything else to eat? You could die, " I said and searched the room, but found nothing.

"Are you suffering from the summer heat?" I asked him, but there was no answer.
Well, I don't want to know anyway, I thought, and coldly left him.
I was in awe of my master, but he could sometimes be surprisingly childish, and for that reason there was a part of me that belittled him. At the time we were already speaking on equal terms.

When I paid a visit to him again two days later, he was still lying on the mattress in the exactly same manner as before.
It seemed he had never put one foot outside his room and stayed under the duvet all day.
"Noodles won't keep you alive for long," just as I said that to him, my master suddenly retched and, clutching at his chest, rushed to the toilet.
As I rubbed his back for him, he started to vomit. I watched him and thought something weird like, "you could eat noodles all day but your vomit still turns out brown."
Just then a sudden realization came over me.

Wait a minute...

I searched the room again but there was nothing there. Not even noodles.
"What on earth are you eating?" I asked him more urgently. But he said nothing.
He is possessed, a suspicion flashed across my mind. But I couldn't do anything for him then.
I later forced him to go the hospital with me where he was immediately admitted for malnutrition.

He was put on a drip and after four days he got well and was duly discharged. But he never told me what exactly he was eating during the time he shut himself away in his room.

Something, however, had changed in him. Whereas he was rather arrogant and laddish before, he had now become more meek and babyish in comparison. That same summer we would visit many haunted places, but the change had made him unreliable, and we would often face unnecessary dangers.


  1. This one was more interesting than creepy. Then again, I'm sure it would be awful to be a possessed puppet. As for my last post, I merely meant that it's nice to start the weekend with a good story, and then start the week with another one, thanks to you! You've been a flurry of activity lately. You must be so busy! Thanks as always Ms. Saya.

  2. Yay so many updates from Saya! I love you! :D

  3. I agree with William...what the hell was he eating! lol

  4. I liked episode 2 (the one where the Master took him to the restaurant to see ghosts?) better. They seem to come in episodes that are too short and abrupt for my liking.

  5. Hello people!!!

    William - I'm not so busy at the moment thats why I'm updating so much!! I'm on a short holiday, but I will start getting busy again from the mid-April. I hope I will still have time to update this blog though!! :D

    美B - :D I'm so glad dear.

    Adorably Dead - true, this story isn't very creepy and I wasn't sure if I should traslate it. But I hope you liked it though!!

    Henry - these stories were originally posted on a forum as someone's real experience and written in a sort of conversational style, and that's why it sounds disorganized, and perhaps often abrupt, as you have pointed out! More episodes are coming (although I'm sort of losing confidence about them..) so I hope you will find an episode you like in the future!


  6. This was a strange one..sounds like something bad is going to happen to the master. Are these recent, that is are you translating them as they are posted on the forum? Or are there already a lot of them written down?

  7. Hello, Jeremy!
    There are already alot of episodes written down. I'm hoping to translate all of them eventually, I think it would be a good challenge for me!:)

  8. I'm liking these stories... they are suspenseful and keep my thinking. Thanks again, Saya!

  9. Thank you very much, Bryan!!! Always happy to hear people's comments!!! Very good to know you like the my master series either!

  10. I'm enjoying this series, and I hope you continue to translate them.

  11. Thank you MB!!:) I'm glad it isn't only me who likes these stories!

  12. Holy Macaroni! The master ate his $_iT?? Feces??? Ewwwww......

  13. brown vomit could be a sign of a lot of things.. including stomach/intestinal bleeding,intestinal tumors and throwing up bile (if he wasn't eating at all)...or he could have been eating his own waste like anonymous said.. I did have a terrible thought that the "noodles" were somehow worm related :(


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