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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tarako Kewpie Pasta Sauce

The (in)famous TV commercials for Tarako Kewpie Pasta Sauce!!

Before watching the videos you might like to read the Origin of Tarako Kewpie, an article I wrote to answer the question you are all dying to ask: "what in the name of god is Tarako Kewpie?"

After you have watched all these videos, I guarantee that you will be hooked on Tarako Kewpie, just like me!

Scene 1: Tarako Kewpies walking on streets

Scene 2: Tarako Kewpie invades a dining room

More vids below...

Scene 3: Tarako Kewpie invades a dining room yet again

Well, at least they knock.

Scene 4: Tarako Kewpie on the table

Somebody should teach them the table manners.

Scene 5: Attack of the Clone Tarako Kewpies

We knew it! They are not creatures of Earth!

Scene 6: The Tarako Kewpie Psychedelia

They have now reached the final stage of their evolution.



  1. Well...this song is going to be stuck in my head forever now. You can't sell pasta by terrifying children, can you? D:

  2. I want a pair of Tarako Kewpie pom-poms too. XD

  3. I wanna just eat em up.
    Seriously. ._.

  4. Tarako~ Tarako~ Tapuri tarako~

    ...I probably messed up the lyrics there. ._. But is it weird that I find the Tarako Kewpies cute in a strange way?

  5. oh god. O__O
    I really like the song though, is that strange? XDDD

  6. I liked the 4th one the most. It was so strangely trippy. And I like the way the announcer says "pasta sauce"

  7. That's so wierd. Why are the kewpies covered in food?

    Although I too now want tarako pom poms.

  8. It's:
    Tarako! Tarako! Tarako Kewpie!

  9. How very unuuuuuuuuusual.

    But they certainly know how to create some interesting marketing. I wanna try that pasta sauce.

    Thank you, Jeremy, Woo!, Catty, teira-chan, neu, Bryan, Adorably Dead, King Progdor, for your comments!!

    You know, teira-chan, I find Tarako Kewpie awfully cute as well!

    And I want that pom-poms too!!:D

  11. I am completely obsessed.

  12. Lolz, that is going to be giving me weird dreams. I want to know the ghost story now. But I do love how it's a Japanese pasta and they're using white people *I am one* instead of Asians, but it's just ironic. Lol Anyway scary things are telling you to eat pasta!

    1. because kewpie is associate with yoshoku or "western cuisine". even though the closest equivalent would
      be botterga pasta


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