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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Don't look behind you (updated 2014)

In the town where I lived there was an abandoned apartment with two-floors. It had broken windows and dirty, crumbling walls, so no locals would ever go near it.

One day me and my friend decided to explore the place. It was still early in the afternoon and there was a lot of light, so we ventured to the second floor.
And there on one of the doors we found some graffiti.
We went closer to have a look and found some words that said: I am in the room ahead.

We decided to go through the door.
We walked until we reached a fork and on the wall it said: I am on the left.

We were getting slightly scared but decided to turn left.
Then we came to the place where there were rooms on both sides of us.
And on the wall it said: My head is on the left and my body is on the right.

My friend, as soon as he saw it, lost nerve and ran away. But I decided to stay and, mustering all my courage, walked through the door on the right. I walked to the farthest wall in the room and on the wall it said: My body is underneath. I looked down and on the floor and it said, "My head is coming here from the room on the left. Don't look behind you."

Quickly I flung myself through the window and ran away.
Since then I have never been near the place.

In keeping with the current interpretation of the story, I made further alteration to the story.


  1. was he the "body" it was referring to the whole time?

  2. Eeeep! That gave me goosebumps!
    Whoever wrote that graffiti (living or dead) knows how to send a good chill down your spine.

    That's an interesting thought about his body being the "body" though~

  3. This reminds me of another story on your site... the one with the pizza and the murdered children. Geeze... I want to brave some more haunted locations... honestly, I've never understood the fear of ghosts... most human beings only fear death because they fear the unknown... and the worst thing a ghost can do is kill you, right? But, at the same time, they'd also be showing you ironclad proof of life after death... so is there really anything to fear? Thanks for another great story, ma'am!

  4. Smart kid. Most people would look behind them, haha.

    Unusual story for sure. Thanks once again. =D

  5. I love this one! Of course If I saw a message like "behind you" I wouldn't worry because people like to write things like that on a lot of abandoned buildings I've explored. If they took the time to lead you through the rooms like that it would be a lot eerier though D:

    The guy had the right idea though--if there's something behind you DON'T LOOK behind you, run forward, haha. People in horror movies always get it wrong.

  6. i would have to look behind me, sadly ;_;. curiousity will kill this cat.
    actually, a lot of these stories have me glancing behind... i have a fear of being crept up on, and a very large, empty bedroom behind me, which creaks periodically.

  7. i probably wouldve went left, what happens then?

  8. i just HAD to read this blog while home alone for the night >_<

  9. Jesus Christ,that was terrifying(sp?).
    Good one,Saya.

  10. I know what to write if I ever have to graffiti anything now! O__O;;

  11. Geeze! That was really scary. Now one of my favorites.
    I always enjoy these stories, Miss Saya!

  12. It is interesting how he never saw anything but the graffiti. Maybe there was nothing there except the words.

  13. I love reading these at night! And now I know exactly what to write on the walls of that empty house next door. ^__^

  14. Uwaah~ That was just the sort of creepiness I didn't need to read. :(


    P.S - I've been following your site since New Year's. I love it! :)

  15. i believe its a just an old prank. my friends does all the time

  16. That... was...
    Oh my god. Awesome.

  17. Hehe, I bet this one is true, too. I love it when I'm exploring and someone's left some graffiti like this. I gotta say though, that's probably the most creative one I've heard of!

  18. Wow this one creeped me out, great site Saya, been here all day. i think you even scared my poor unborn baby

  19. Hmm, I wonder what the other fork would say? The same, but with the words reversed? Like, "My head is beneath" and "My body is coming here. Don't look behind you."

    I really like this one. I was scared by the split fork, brrrr <3 Like the others, I'm gonna write this, too XD

  20. @Wydow lol. your id make me feel sorry for the baby..

    anyway, cool Saya! i love the part that he jumps through the window ♥

  21. I'm not sure I understand what it means by 'My head is coming here from the room on the left'. I just imagine a floating head coming through the wall. :/

  22. what if he went left????????? and what would have happen if he had turned back??????????
    any ways thanx for such great enjoying stories SAYA!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Why did I get the feeling that it was a group of kids playing a prank? :O You get a lot of these on abandoned or deserted cabins especially out in the woods, where vandals would deface the walls with a lot of graffiti and spooky-sounding lines...

    Or we could actually be dealing with a ghost here.

  24. I don't know if anybody noticed this as well or maybe there is something wrong with the translations..

    I looked down and on the floor and I heard: "My head is coming here from the room on the left. Don't look behind you."

    But he said 'heard' instead of read...?

  25. @Anon (4 July): That's not a typo, that's correct. It's the "alteration" which I said I made in 2012. This part is hard to translate into English due to the ambiguity of the original Japanese text.


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