Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Evil Miffy

The words in the background say:

My Rabbit:


Tahmnong said...

Hahahaa, ohh dear. That's pretty disturbing and pretty amusing all at the same time. :P
I'll never walk down the Mimzy aisle in the bookstore the same way again

Tahmnong said...

And I totally meant Miffy. What the heck, wrong rabbit xDD;

Mr. Welldone said...

Whoa. I've never seen a rabbit make that face before. What is that "X" on it's lips?

anti-zombie death squad said...

Miffy is a hell-spawn

SAYA said...

Tahmnong - Miffy or Mimzy, they are all the same: evil rabbits!

Mr.Welldone - oh! hello, Mr.Welldone impersonator!? if you are the real Mr.Welldone or you both happen to be using the same name, my apologies!

If you are wondering about the "X" mouth, see my last article on Miffy. It's called "Miffy at Mealtime"!!

Anit-zombie - he is indeed a creature of hell, the devil's minion!! I am showing you these revelations about Miffy for the public good, to protect our innocent children from the devil's trickery!hahaha

Thank you for your comments!

Tani said...

Her head looks like a bun. With a face. A very disturbing face. This artwork is amazing!! :D

Catty said...

They're dark red. D=

Tani said...

Oh... crud. Now you made ME notice!! Taking cute rabbits to the next level of DOOOOOOMM.

Sugar said...

Oh I have a phobia of rabbits.

Yoku said...

I'm guessing that the X on it's lips stand for the fact that the rabbit is Imprisoned?
And This rabbit must have come from the Devil's alley.

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