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Friday, 3 April 2009

My Master Series: Episode 4 "Disappearance"

*reminder - "I" in this story is not me, Saya!

I'm thinking to write more stories about my master but I could get bored or depressed by your criticisms, so I'll write how it all ended first, that is about my master's disappearance.

During my third year at university my master was working as the university librarian. At the time he was often nervous, and would do things like pointing at an empty space and scream: "I see a woman over there!" I didn't feel or see anything but then I wasn't gifted like master, so I got freaked out too imagining what might have been there.

It was not until the autumn of the same year that I began to suspect there was something not quite right about him. We hardly ever saw each other then, but one day we met in the university canteen by chance and sat at the same table. My master then out of blue said, "the table behind us - how many people are there?"

It was nine in the evening and the canteen was almost empty. There was nobody at the table behind us.
"Do you see anything?"
When I asked he said, "you see them, don't you? How many?" and started trembling.
There was no ear ringing or chills that usually accompanied such experiences. A thought entered my head then that maybe he was imagining things...
"Don't worry. There is nobody."
I said, and he answered, "yes, yes. Of course," looking really relieved.
I was now convinced.
There was no ghost.
If there was a ghost, it lived in my master's mind only.
The word "madness" flashed in my head, and I was overwhlemed by a sudden urge to weep.

We had done the hundred-stories and went to countless number of haunted places together. We had committed some unholy acts and even tried calling up the dead. It would surprise no one if we were already possessed.
But the reason for my master's madness had nothing to do with these.

Three days after the encounter in the canteen my master disappeared. He left a letter saying no one should look for him, and I felt bound by his words.

It seemed my master came from a troubled family. The university made a contact with someone who claimed to be my master's aunt, and she came to clean up his apartment room. She was such a horrible bitch that she shoved me out of the room as soon as she saw me, even though it was after I told her I was her nephew's best friend. She could at least have asked how he was like before he disappeared.
That was the end of it all. But I have my opinions about the matter.

When I first entered the university I heard rumours going around about him. "He has killed before," was what some people whispered jokingly behind his back. But I think it was no joke.

There was something my master always said whenever he got drunk: "where you should bury the body - that is all that matters." We had an unspoken rule that when my master said this sort of joke we shouldn't go too deeply into the subject. But whenever he said these "jokes" his eyes would always shine darkly and it scared me to look at them.

And it makes me shudder to think of the times when I visited haunted places with my master in his car. Especially when we went to a particular hill ( the one with the famous "house of massacre") and while there he said the following words:

"A large number of unidentified people act in the middle of the night. And strange rumours. If the reason is not grudge, you can not identify one single person. "
When I heard these words I couldn't understand what the heck he was talking about but now I think he was looking for somewhere to bury it as we toured around haunted places.

What scares me most is imagining that he could have been hiding it in the car boot while I sat on the passenger seat next to him...

Lookin back, there are so many things about him that remain mysterious to me. All I know is even a person as gifted as he was couldn't overcome the darkness that eats us from within. I guess ever since that "noodle incident" he slowly succumbed to madness.

There are words by my master which are etched deeply in my memory. He said them when he took me to a more "serious" haunted place for the first time and I was shaking like a leaf from fear:

"What makes you afraid of this darkness? Close your eyes; there lies the deepest darkness that exists in the world."


  1. anti-zombie death squad3 April 2009 at 17:42

    hi, saya. once again, this piece is superbly translated.

  2. Wow, easy there! If you keep complimenting like that I will end up committing one of the seven deadly sins - pride!!

    No, really! You are too kind.
    I'm just glad to share enjoyment with you guys!:D

  3. I love these stories... a decent into madness always makes for an excellent story. And I truly love the last quote... it's actually beautiful in a strange way. Thank you again Ms. Saya.

  4. I really liked this series. It was as chilling as it was interesting, as sad as it was appealing. Not something you find every day! Thanks yet again! :)

  5. wow, this series has a really good ending! O:

  6. William - I loved the last quote too when I read it in Japanese. I'm glad I seemed to have managed to convey it to you properly!

    Bryan - in the middle of translating stories I always start wondering whether the stories I'm translating now are really interesting, or are they really worth my effort or not. So it's a reward and relief to hear you guys say you like my stories! ;D

    neu - the series is not finished yet! more episodes are coming! :D

    THANK YOU all of you for your comments!x

  7. anti-zombie death squad5 April 2009 at 16:47

    You aren't a native english speaker, are you ms. saya? by the way you write, i can't tell.

  8. English is my second language and I am still struggling with it!

    It is getting better, thanks to you people!:D
    When I know there are a lot of native English speakers like yourself out there, reading my blog, I get extra careful when I write articles!

    Thank you dear.

  9. anti-zombie death squad5 April 2009 at 20:35

    i too am not a native english speaker. english is also my second or third language. been practicing and studying english since i was 3.

  10. anti-zombie death squad5 April 2009 at 20:37

    seems most of your avid readers are multilingual.

  11. Ah! Then you are a person after my own heart!

    And yes that's true, some of my readers appear to be mutilingual. A clever bunch, they are. I love anything that has "multi" in front of them. Multi-linguists, multi-dimensional, multi-cultural, multiple disorders.

  12. Just recently found your blog. Great stuff. The master series is my favorite out of it so far though. Reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft.

  13. Welcome, Heavysuit!
    It's great to know you like the master series! There will be more episodes coming!
    Thank you!!!

  14. anti-zombie death squad14 April 2009 at 17:03

    you forget multiple personlaities. hehehe

  15. anti-zombie death squad15 April 2009 at 12:28

    ^ forgot.

  16. Interesting story, I especially love the last quote. If you don't mind, I think it's a quote I will remember and use.

  17. This series is amazing. Thank you so much for translating this so we can read it. The last line is quite striking. It might be the best line I've ever heard in any creepy story.

  18. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  19. The master comes back, right?

  20. Hello. And Bye.

  21. Great story! And I love that you used the phrase "noodle incident"! Are you familiar with TV Tropes or Calvin and Hobbes? (or both?)


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