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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tarako Kewpie - Health Warning

This is what happens to you if you've seen too much Tarako Kewpie videos, listened to too much Tarako Kewpie songs, played too much with Tarako Kewpie lego bricks, and slept too long on the Tarako Kewpie pillow...


  1. Hm.. this was odd. It reminded me of a video my friend did.

  2. Oh dear. I didn't know dolls could do that to you!! I'm so glad there's no Tarako Kewpie in my country. :)

  3. This is kinda weird. Did he murder someone or something?
    This could worry me though since I love me some Tarako Kewpies :3

  4. I found moar Tarako Kewpie. =D

  5. oh my god this is creepy get out


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