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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Terror at Two

At two after midnight look into the mirror with a comb in your mouth:
If you can not see your reflection in it, then it means you will die the next day.



  2. That's a weird one :O I wonder if the comb in mouth has some sort of cultural significance?

  3. At two after midnight look into the mirror with a hamburger in your mouth:
    If you can not see your reflection in it, then it means ronald mcdonald will kill you the next day.

  4. Oooo I missed doing this last night. I hope I don't die during the new years festival today, that'd be rotten luck.

    lol @ the hamburger one too, he's probably waiting for me xD

  5. I just tried it- past midnight here. All I saw in the mirror was me holding a comb and looking really silly. -__- I think not seeing anything would have been better.

  6. At 12:02, look in the mirror with Catty shoved in your mouth.
    If you see your reflection, run like hell, because I will kill you if you try that.
    Everyone needs their beauty sleep, it just doesn't work of brothers.

  7. Hello! Everyone! Thank you for your comments as always!!!

    美B - how did it go??:)

    Jeremy - oh! you are ever a studious man! I'm afraid I don't know if there is a cultural significance to using a comb in this ritual, although there must be one though! I'll find it out for you, if I can!

    neu - wonderful! That's definitely scarier. I'll try it with a hamburger first, then french fries, and coke, in that order.

    Tahmnong - I hope you are still alive dear. We would miss you.
    I wonder what would happen if I have a KFC chiken in my mouth.

    Tani - you tried it? I don't believe you! Send me a picture of proof! Then we'd judge whether you look silly or not.

    Catty - Catty, always a sensible girl! I need my beauty sleep too, and I doubt I would put you in my mouth.

  8. Not many people would pick up a 9 year old and cram them into their mouths, anyways.

    I'm not gonna try this. Why? Mirrors freak me out. The dark freaks me out. Bathrooms freak me out (I'm dead serious. I'm scared of almost everything. That's the price I pay for charming everyone with scary stories. Oh, well. *shrugs*)The night freaks me out (Bad experience... it was the bloody hand incident... wanna hear about it? 8D) Put all those together, and get...

  9. Catty - Oh dear! I thought you sounded young, but not as young as 9 years old!!

    Have you considered staying away from this ghastly blog before, like, your parents sue me for being a bad influence to you??

    When I was your age (god I sound old!) I used to tell my friends scary stories just like you - and ended up freaking out at everything, just like you!

    The bloody hand? I would like to hear it. But my dear girl, try not to read the stories or watch the videos on this blog too much!!

  10. My parents don't mind me going on this blog. *shrugs* My brother has played bloody and very disturbing/freaky games since I was 6. I'm used to it. In fact, he's playing Gears of War or something like that.
    My friend, Sky, goes on here, too. She's in my class. Sky, type something (She's at my house right now. We just finished watching the disturbing sack movie.
    She thought it was funny, because we both have a dimented and twisted sense of humor.

    Sky: The suicide picture reminds us of a girl we hate, no wonder it makes people commit suicide. :)

    Well,I was at a sleepover once. It was about 1:00 AM when something that appeared to be a bloody hand slammed the door shut. ._.

    I've had plenty of paranormal experience. In fact, yesterday I saw a pale blonde girl-- about 6-- with black eyes playing a blood-stained bongo. ._.

    We have a lot in common. Exept I'm not Japanese, I only wish I was. Instead, I'm a German girl. ((American, really. But my dad's whole side is German.))

    I saw my first ghost when my bunny, Oreo died when I was 5. Before I read any stories or saw anything disturbing. The night he died, I saw him hopping at the end of my bed. I said, "Oreo?" and he dissapeared. I cried myself to sleep that night, remembering my "Zombie Bunny". We call him that because 10 times, he survived things that would kill any ordinary rabbit. ((Heh... I remember accidently smashing his head on a rock when I dropped him. He escaped un-injured.))

    Sky's parents don't mind, either. I'm just a pansy. But both of our brothers are very disturbing. Especially mine. *gags* I remember when I found out his sexual secret... *gag**cough**faint*))


  12. Catty, are you sure you're nine? You sound much older...o_0 I tell my friends scary stories at night, then I and a few of my best friends disguise ourselves as spooks and make scary sounds. It's interesting, but almost everyone sees to think they'll be safe in the bathroom. Is there a reason for that?

  13. I iz a smartikul 9 year old.
    My BFF who's sleeping over is calling me a retard.

    *punches BFF in the stomach*

  14. Hm, kid with paranormal experiences... and an interesting kid at that... I officially like you; you're pretty interesting.

    My paranormal experiences were always minor but I love all of them... I'm a fan of the paranormal... so... yeah

    Let's see... I used to run the delivery route with a friend of mine a few years back. We used to always pass this abandoned house on our route and one thing always caught our eye. The house was on a corner, right before you hit a cul-de-sac (I don't know how to spell it). As we passed it the first time and entered the circle, the top window would always be completely empty. However, on our way out... there would always be a clear humanoid shape pressed up against the window... and it wasn't simply the angle because... well... we passed directly in front both times...

    I grew up in a "haunted" house and over time developed a love for the paranormal. My childhood home was the location of a suicide... it was an elderly man who's family had seemed to have completely abandoned him and stopped caring. He died from a gun wound to the head. The blood splattered wall from the shot could never be cleaned. Whether we washed it, painted over it, or tried to scrub it away... it would always return. Eventually we placed a book shelf in front of it and attempted to just forget about it. Other minor oddities would occur as well... objects would be moved in the middle of the night and you could sometimes catch fleeting images of something moving about in the night... I think the old man was more lonely than malevolent... he seemed to play jokes as far as I can tell. Turning faucets on, moving things at night, etc.
    *sighs* If only my current house was "haunted"...

  15. I read this at EXACTLY 12:02.

    I am not going into the bathroom for the rest of the night.


  16. Wheres my reflection oh shi-

  17. I'm so trying this on like Friday night. :D
    Oh hai Catty!
    I'm 11, I don't get freaked out by this stuff, though. Since it's all Japanese, and I'm barely Japanese, it doesn't bother me too much.
    I lol'd at the Burger one. :D

  18. @catty very interesting story seems like your a paranormal magnet...i wish I was but instead it turns out the paranormal is a zamtraic magnet:P I know it's stupid but I didnt see my reflection last night and thankfully I'm not dead yet. CRAP!! I won't get a chance to finish reading this forum!

  19. If u put KFC chicken in your mouth the KFG(kentucky fried guy xD)will come n kill you...xD

  20. oh and btw...i'm 13!!! xD

  21. I Think i won't try to do this.Much Like Catty I am, For i am afraid of mirrors, and the dark.And I'm pretty young, too(11).

    PLus, If I die, My ,mom would bring me back to life and kill me.XD

  22. I'm definitely not going to try this, seeing that I have a mirror in my room and I just shat my self, although this is very interesting to me seeing that it has nothing to do with religion or science.

  23. oh wow I love your blog so much I'm too scared to do this DX
    I feel old since I'm 16

  24. Questions... Does this mean 2:00, or 12:02? And what is the deal with the comb? And does the light need to be on or off? CLARIFY!

  25. What does it usually mean when you see a lady in white burial clothes pulling the comb away from your mouth in the reflection?

  26. @Windblown Traveller: O_O you saw a lady pulling the comb away from your mouth? asdandikvsdm omg people here are so young T_T im 16 and i feel like no one will read this since this is such an old post LOL


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