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Monday, 4 May 2009

Many Thanks!

Everyone, thank you very much for your comments.

I haven't been able to reply promptly to your comments because I have been busy lately (not just because I'm lazy), but I read all your comments and appreciate them very much.

Thank you!



  1. We know you're not lazy. :-p You're just so awesome that it's taking up all your free time lol.

  2. thx for your stories saya. please keeep this up. we need YOU

  3. anti-zombie death squad6 May 2009 at 16:06

    if you don't mind my poking, what's keeping you busy, saya?

  4. Anonymous - I love you too. Shall we get married?


    Adorably Dead - yeah, OK, I admit it. I AM lazy. Are you satisfied now? :P

    andrew - Oh! Are you an another admirer of mine? I'm afraid I seem to be already betrothed to the anonymous above.
    ..NO, really, joking aside, thank you.:)

    美B - thank you!! It's a shame you are a girl!

    anti-zombie - I'm a law student. Loads of things to learn. In fact I'm studying right now (taking a five minute break)!

    Thank you all!

  5. Saya, I just want to say that I appreciate all of the work you do to translate these stories for people to read. I enjoy them very much and check this site almost daily. I know it takes time to translate and that you are a busy person, and just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work.

  6. I have something that may interest you in the rituals section, Saya...
    Yesterday I found something called
    "Automatic Writing". Steps to do automatic writing:
    1. Close your eyes. Or look out the window, just don't look at your paper.
    2. Put a pen up to a piece of paper, as if about to write in it.
    3. Don't think o writing! Soon you'll subconciously write something.
    It's pretty creepy, cuz it can write disturbing stuff and sometimes you meet spirits.
    I met one in Automatiuc Writing. His name was Hal, he was 10, he was a hobo, and he had heart problems.

    Also, we took a field trip in a cemetary. I wrote a story about the experience. A TRUE story.

    My fingers ran along the old table gravestone. Lichens snagged at my flaking skin (I know, I know. But it peels a bit when it's dry.) The entire graveyard had an uneasy feel. Then suddenly I got an even more uneasy feeling in my spine. Like... ice cold eyes watching my every move. I could suddenly smell decaying flesh. (Before I get to the next part: A friendly reminder of your neighborhood Catty! I've changed our names here.
    Me = C
    BFF = H
    Boy = J
    Other friend whom is not with us = A)
    "Hey... H?" I whispered in my best friend's ear.
    "AUGH!!!" She let out a scream of surprise. Expect it was more like a "HOL FUDGENICKELS WHAT THE CHEESEPUFFS C!!!" scream. Or a little screech, too. "Oh, it's you." She let out a tiny, hidden sigh.
    "What's up?"
    "There's a ghost following us." I murmured the words in her ear. "I'm calling him D, after the story I saw in Saya in Underworld. You know, the 'BUT THERE'S FIVE OF US!!!' one?"
    "Yeah, I can feel it too..."
    We're both somewhat sensitive to ghosts. But I'm even more sensitive. Like, whenever I'm uneasy, there's a hidden ghost nearby. When my gut hurts, it's malevolent. When I'm feeling like I'm being strangled (I've been strangled by a ghost before, but that's a different story...), RUN.
    "Hey, can I join you?"
    I jumped a bit as Jake happily skipped up to us. We were supposed to be studying gravestones, but that's hard when there's a fudgenickeling ghost staring at you.
    "Sure." I smiled a bit, pitifuly trying to escape my little evil spirit.
    "Okay, now we need to find a willow and urn heading..."
    "We have a ghost stalking us."
    J's nose twitched a bit, then scrunched up to his face. "Ugh, that's explaining the scent of rotting flesh..."
    Heh, yeah. It did.
    The threesome-- me, H, and J-- explored the graveyard a bit further away from the rest of the cluster of students. Then suddenly H and I heard a thud from behind. J was on the ground, pushing himself up.
    "What happened?" I asked, worry creeping over me. My gut felt as if it were burning.
    "I tripped over that hole over the-..." He turned around and let out a gasp of shock. "-re. I swear there was a hole right there!" Fear gripped all of our hearts. He slowly got back up and brushed off his pant leg.
    "I'm okay." We continued throughout the graveyard, the pain in my gut growing. And trust me, it wasn't Swine Flu.
    We were dealing with a serious ghost.
    "These holes are strange, like someone digging our graves for us..." I thought aloud. J and H nodded in agreement. "Yeah," J admitted as we walked out of the graveyard, the pain in my stomach ebbing away slowly, then re-appearing. "We're either dealing with two spirits," Skylar said, fear gripping her throat for a moment, making her unable to speak. She cleared her throat before continuing.
    "Or we have a malevolent spirit with us."
    Both J and I shuddered at the though. I sort of observed the presence. Like, sort of studied it. It's hard to explain. But I studied the presence. Sue me.
    "It's malevolent," My whisper was lost with the soft May breeze. "It's malevolent." I said a bit louder. H, , J and I grabbed our leftover lunch, cameras, and other stuff and stepped onto the bus.
    J didn't sit with H and I-- only 2 allowed in a seat. But I had brought a pen and stack of paper and a pen, along with H. We decided to try automatic writing. My conversation wasn't so interesting. But H's was.
    "Hi. Are you cute?"
    "Are you a boy or girl?"
    "Shut up, [insert swear word of your choice here]"
    "What's your name?"
    "To you, D."
    This turned my blood to ice.
    "Holy flarp (exept it wasn't flap), son." H whispered.
    "Holy fudgenickels."
    But H continued, wondering what had happened.
    Then it happened to me.
    I didn't want to pester any spirits with questions, so I let the spirits talk for themselves.
    "Cathy, die"
    The words seemed to sketch themselves out on my paper. Then H tried doing so, and ended up drawing a picture.
    It was a girl lying dead in the middle of a road, with a car smashed into a tree nearby.
    Then I drew a picture.
    It was a girl, with a knife in hand...
    and her head lying on the floor. (Don't worry, panzies and easily disturbed readers-- no gore or blood. It was very poor quality. It was a stick figure.)
    I glanced at both the pictures, and then my odd writing.
    "Perhaps D and Cathy were best friends?" My tone was flat.
    "And Cathy wanted to play a prank on D. She told her that she was injured across the street," I continued.
    "and she quickly ran accross. When crossing, a car must've hit her. Then, when Cathy learned that she had killed her best friend, she commited suicide."
    But D's ghost may still be around the [insert name of our local messed-up graveyard here. I went to a different one probably, but if you happen to know a graveyard filled with malevolent spirits fighting each other named D and Cathy, then you can just imagine that was the graveyard.]graveyard.

  7. Hey Saya I love your site and all the translating work you do!

  8. Wow a law student! I thought I was being crazed as an animation student but you've got me beaten!

    Yes too bad I'm a girl! LOL that's okay, we can always be friends though. :)

  9. *Joins in the Saya lovin' a little late*

    Wowww, law student? You weren't kidding about being busy!! Best of luck to you!! *waves pom poms* ^o^/

  10. Ooh!Don't worry, Saya.You don't have to reply my comments if you're too busy.Luv ya!!

  11. Mezz - Thank you very much, dear. Such heart-warming words!! While I'm not exactly making the world a happier place by my horror stories and creepy videos, I am happy at least to know people enjoy them!;)

    Catty - WONDERFUL! That's a very enlightening story, dear.

    I would very much like to add your story to my ritual section, but can I do that in the future?

    This blog is meant to be specializing in Japanese stuff. But as I am starting to get interesting stories from readers like yourself, I would like to open another blog to accommodate all of them in one place.

    Meanwhile please accept my gratitude!

    Daywalker - thank you very much! Always great to hear from my blog readers.

    美B - An animation student? That sounds really cool and interesting!!! Can I see your work someday?:D

    Tahmnong - Yeah I'm killing myself because all other students in my class are clever and I am not! haha But than you very much for your pom-poms!!

    Sugar - very sweet of you, Sugar dear. I'm always happy to hear from you! ;)

    Thank you for taking your time to leave comments!

  12. Hey SAYA,i was wondering if there are any horrific and creepy stories about shinto. i would really like to see if there ARE any!

    PS:You rock! love your work so keep it up!i got my own experience with supernatural and i would love to share it with you and the rest here!

  13. A law student. O.O I respect all lawyers. And I admire you for fiding the time to update your super cool site. My cousin studies law and she always seems to be working at hyperspeed.

  14. anti-zombie death squad15 May 2009 at 14:05

    a law student? hmmm...I might need your help someday. I'm a perennial lawbreaker.

  15. anti-zombie death squad15 May 2009 at 14:13

    to catty:

    i tried doing your automatic writing thingie.

    What i read on the piece of paper was this:

    "another sucker. haha."

  16. Saya, I love your blog. Keeps me awake since I'm on a permanent graveyard shift.

    I'll be waiting for more of your updates!

    (Also, I can draw a little, so if you need any help in drawing stuff, I'd be happy to oblige you. Like a Saya-tan or something.)


  17. Maked Rider Black - thank you very much, dear. It's very sweet of you to offer me your help with drawing! Yes I would like to ask you to draw for me one day!:D

  18. Sure! Just tell me what you want drawn and I'll draw it to the best of my ability :D

    Once again, thanks for all your stories! I've passed the URL of your blog to all my coworkers here and they love your blog too!

  19. Hey Saya, i have found some interesting studd about some haunted places in Japan! If you want to hear anything about it, just comment in here!


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