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Friday, 26 June 2009

The Polaroid Camera

A man was taking pictures of himself using the self-timer on the polaroid camera.

After taking a few pictures he noticed a shadow in the corner of one picture.
He turned around but there was no one behind him. There was only himself in the room.

He took one more picture and in it he saw a strange man standing behind him. But when he turned around there was no one there, as before.

He then took yet another shot and this time the picture showed the same stranger raising a knife high in the air, ready to strike him...

He stopped taking pictures immediately but who knows what would have happenned if he had shot sequence photographs..?


  1. I want to update more but I always seemed to be running out of time these days.

    Can anyone be my personal organizer?

  2. Nice story. I would have freaked and thrown out the camera, lol.

    Update when you can Saya, we know you're busy.

    Sadly I am too much of a procrastinator to be much of a personal organizer.

  3. This reminds me of a great show I saw one time(I think it was the Twilight Zone) in which a guy looks in a mirror one day and sees a human-ish looking figure in black creeping up on him.

    Everytime he would see his reflection in anything the man would be closer behind him, until he had a breakdown and broke/spraypainted every reflective surface in his house. At the very end his wife tries to kiss him, and in her eyes he sees the man right behind him! So he jumps out of his window and kills himself.

    I like stories about finding things there that you can't see with your eyes, thanks for the post.

  4. *looks behind shoulder* Who was that reflected on my computer screen? x_x
    I'd like to be your organizer, but will it work with different timezones?
    AAAGGHHH!!! The guy's got a knife!!! *vanishes*

  5. I wouldn't mind helping organize either? :)

    He should have just stopped taking pictures of himself and taken a picture of the space that was behind him.

  6. As I said Saya, I'd be more than happy to help you update or be your personal organizer. :D

  7. Saya, Saya, let me be the Organizer!!

    The Polaroid cameras, are te only cameras that their pictures cant be processed...that is why they are the most truthful...And, they have very very high analysis....they say that cameras with more that 5 MegaPixels CAN snapshot ghosts and spirits

  8. Woah. This wasan epic story. =D

  9. @ Jeremy:
    Eeeep! Reflections always creep me out, I hate mirrors and windows and blank TV and computer screens, I'm always paranoid I might see something in them, especially when I'm not wearing my glasses haha ^_^; I think if I were that guy, I'd go crazy too.

    It's a shame that polaroid cameras are pretty much obsolete now, it's so hard to find the film for it. I've got an old one I've always wanted to try taking pics of a few spooky places and see what comes up.

    What a creepy story this is!
    I agree, I wonder what would have happened if he took a picture behind him. I'd be scared to ever let anyone take a picture of me again!

  10. I'd love to help organize if its ok. I've been reading your blog for a long time and just now have thought to look at comments. (haha, slow I know)
    Also, fun fact: Polaroid film will not be made after 2010. Please stock up now.

  11. Ahck scary x.x I wonder what would have happened if he continued taking the picture o-o SUDDEN HOLE ON THE HEAD?!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this story, Saya. ^^

  12. Lol, my one friend is obsessed with taking pictures of herself! I'm gonna tell her this story! Hopefully it will scare her enough to not take it anymore...

    Man, I'm creeped out. I actually feel kind of like my throats clogged up, lol.

  13. Reminds me of 'The Sun Dog'. A short story by Stephen King. You might wanna check it out, it has the same concept.


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