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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

At The Lake

Saya: a nice little story to start with..:)

This happened a few years ago when I was camping by Lake Honsu.
In the middle of night as we sat around the fire I heard a woman scream from the direction of the lake.

"Heeeeelp! Anyooooone!"

I turned my head towards the lake and and saw a woman drowning in it.
I jumped to my feet, thinking I must help her quickly.

I was about to throw myself into the water when my friend said:
"What are doing?" He tried to pull me back.
"What am I doing? We've got to help her!"
I replied but he said;
"Cool your head down and look again! You know she's very far from us. But it's picth black! How is it possible that we can see her face so clearly!?"
His words made me look towards the lake again.

Then I realized the woman had stopped struggling in the water and was now staring steadily at us.
But the water was too deep for anyone to stand in! And as my friend said it was pitch black around us, yet I could see every detail of her face.
Her face looked strangely luminous although the light from our fire was too faint to reach that far.

Totally freaked out, we immediately packed everything up and left. We tried not to look towards the lake while we packed but I could feel her eyes following our every move.
I swear I'll never go to that place again...!


  1. Welcome back, Saya. Happy New Year, and Merry Belated Christmas

  2. SAYA !!!!!

    Thanks for writing again.

    Please don't go :(

  3. Hey, Saya, good to see you posting again! Great story, pretty chilling. Can't wait to see what's coming in 2010. Happy New Year!

  4. Ohhh Saya, it's soooo nice to see updates again!! :D ahaha

    This was creepy, I like it ~~

  5. Hello! Happy New Year everyone!
    Thank you all for your comments!:)

  6. SAYAAAA!!!!!!!!!UR BACK!!!Kyahahaha,HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!:D

  7. Yay Saya!!!!!!! xD welcome back, hope to see more posts soon! :)

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  9. Glad to know your still alive

  10. It's awesome to see a new update!

  11. good to see you again, saya! i missed reading your stories!

  12. Chilling. What a great and creepy way to start the new year with your blog. Happy New Year hon'!

  13. That really really is freaky..I always wanted to go and see the sights of Japan in all of it's glory, no matter what time it was but I remember all the freaky stories I hear and get told.

    My friend, Hayame, told me to vote for you. That one little snippet is really bone chilling but I was considering to ask if you heard of a PS2 game called "Okami". A lot of the Japanese "mythology" was in it. I was wondering if you wrote anything, or know anything of it. I'll leave my facebook link. I hope I get the chance to talk to you about it soon =)

  14. Ah, I wanted to comment since I never have before... I absolutely love your blog, it's been so much fun to read! The perfect place to get a little fright occasionally. I was so glad to see a new post!

    Creepy story, I wonder where in the world it came from... The woman could have been any number of things I suppose o_o...

    - CrimsonSpecter

  15. As awesome as ever!! I'm so glad you're back. ^__^ Exactly what was the woman? Oh!! I have to tell Catty!

  16. Tani told me.
    *glomps Saya*
    You be back! :D

  17. Underworld_reader4 January 2010 at 12:55

    Welcome back!!!
    Missed you so!

  18. very happy you're back, Saya :)
    I can see I'm not the only one who missed you!

    Ugh, I'd totally have fallen for it- I never would've noticed something like the lighting!

  19. That was a very nice story to start with! Thanks Saya chan! Happy new year and prosperity!

  20. I'll say hello to everyone, because all of you have been so nice to me lol.

    William - Thank you! Happy New Year!

    suhaimiramly - Don't be sad! I'm right here with you! lol

    Steve - Happy New Year! Now you have the first post in 2010!

    Tahmnong - nice to see you again, dear!;) I'm glad you like it!

    Sugar - hi sweetie! Thank you for welcoming me back!

    Collegeigirl - Thank you very much dear. That's very kind of you.

    Anonymous - I'm alive alright!:)

    Hikage - Thanks alot dear!

    MB - what a nice thing to say! Thank you!

    Adorably Dead - Great to see you again, dear. Happy New Year!;)

    Genjimaro - I don't play games much recently. No I have never heard of Okami. Sorry to disappoint you, dear. I don't have an account in the Facebook thing so I can't see your profile. But I'm thinking to put up my email address soon so maybe you can write to me instead?

    CrimsonSpecter - A new face! You are very welcome, my friend. Thank you for your comment!!

    Tani - Oh! Glad to see you again, my dear. And thank you for telling Catty about it! :D

    Catty - thank you! *glomps Catty back* very nice to see you again!

    Underworld_reader - Wow! Take it easy dear! I missed you too lol

    mie - yeah I would have fallen for it too! thank you for commenting!

    Ina - Thank you! Happy New Year to you and I wish you happiness and prosperity likewise!

    Phew... there are so many comments here and I hope I haven't missed anyone!


  21. I'm so happy you're back!!! <3

  22. Thank you dear sweet Anyonymous!

  23. Omg...I actually live nearby a lake so that one really freaked me out^^

  24. where did you find this story?

  25. Amazin story, freaked the heck out of me! this is why camping always creeps me out a bit ^^U

  26. I go by the name Uitinla
    this story is interesting, reminds me of a couple urban legends telling of a "Banshie" woman who looks to be in trouble and when one goes to help, she devours him. also reminds me of a "Siren" a beautiful half marine creature and half humanoid who sings so beautifully it lures men to dive off their boats to get closer to her. and she grabs onto them and drags them to the deep depths where their bones will pile in her vast collection of victims. but the siren's song only affects men(so its told) very interesting story, glad the story teller didn't jump in, she may have stayed in there.

  27. Oh! Lucky that person had a clever friend!

  28. where is that place?
    and dont worry i'll bring a friend....

  29. I just read this and remember about something my mother told me. She said our family from are not allowed to go across the lake by using boat. When I ask why, she didn't explained well. But she said lake is dangerous, and sometimes "something" lived there for a long time, and "that thing" like to trap human who go near or inside the lake.

    My mother has a high 6th sense (but now she refuse his ability and being normal), so did my cousins, and my grandfather. Many people from my mother's bloodline have this ability. I'm glad I'm normal~ :)

    Btw, be careful if you go near the lake... ><

  30. @Dita: that's interesting. It certainly makes me not to want to go near the lake! lol Yeah I'll be careful, thank you :D


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