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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Ghost Photograph

'We're gonna take ghost photos!' We announced, and boldly made a trip to a hauted place.

There were four of us ( four stupid guys) in the group and, with a digital camera and mobiles in hand, we took pictures of every suspicious-looking corner of the place.
On coming home we immediately checked all the pictures on my computer but not even one of them had captured the faintest shadow of a ghost. And we took nearly one hundred of them! lol

In desperation, I used a group photo with four of us (all stupid-looking) in it and using Photoshop, superimposed this really scary ghost face on top. A fake ghost photo, successfully produced!

I showed it to another friend, and he looked at it and said: 'you....this is for real, man.'
He then went really pale. Idiot! lol

Saya: Did you get it? Coz I didn't the first time :)


  1. I don't have the slightest idea. What is it?

  2. I'll give you a hint:they didn't have a tripod.

  3. so who took the groups picture?

  4. So someone took it for them? >_<

  5. Hello Miss Saya! I've been a fan for a little while but this is my first comment. I love your blog, it's really great :) oh anyway...
    This one is quite creepy, I liked it!
    I still don't get it much though...

  6. Hello Lady Beetle!

    Oh since when have I become so poplular?

    Thank you very much I'm glad you like my blog.

    The thing is there were only four of them at the haunted place and no one else was around. That's the point. There were only four people, yet there were four people in the group photo.

    And I also heard there is more to the story and that is:
    The ghost face they used for photoshopping is actually an image of a real ghost, and the friend who was shown the "fake" photo knew that it was not fake but real, being gifted with more psychic power than others. That friend is more shocked about that more than about there being four people in the photo.

  7. Oh by the way thank you Anthony, zetagear, Scarlytte (and anonymous, whoever you are)for your comments too.

    I do read all your comments on this blog but I can't always be replying to all of them. Hope you understand. I still appreciate them though! :)

  8. はじめまして Sayaaa~~~~

    First time commenting here, since my friend introduced this site to me literally only last night! XD

    Right now I'm in my university's library reading all the ghost stories in your blog, & I can't believe 3 hours has passed XDDD

    When I first read this story about 3 hours ago there were only 3 comments... now more explanations of the story has been made =) But something didn't make sense though... even if it was a 'real ghost' taking the group picture, wouldn't they have realised it when they were posing for the photo? =(

    Been such a long time since the last time I read Japanese horror stories (which I regularly did back in primary school).


  9. OH! How did that make it past me? I swear I read it like 8 times and I didn't realize that a bit.

  10. Hi Saya!

    So glad you're back with your funny and creepy stories! Thanks!

    Cheers, Doc

  11. my my that was a beautiful story! i got the goosebumps!

  12. Loved it!! :D
    Those guys can't have been very bright. They let a ghost take their photo and didn't even realize it!

  13. I'm so happy your back, too, Saya <3 I'm a big fan

  14. took me a couple reads :) gave me chills!

  15. Another gem. Thank you again, Ms. Saya.

  16. Oooh, once I finally got it I gasped. I liked this one very much!

  17. @Kirana - Hello, dear. Welcome to
    one of the unhealthiest sites on the internet!

    You're reading my stories in a university library? Aren't you supposed to be studying dear? Be good and don't be like me who is supposed to be at desk 24/7 and isn't.

    To answer you question: I'm not the authour of this story so I can't be sure, but I imagine that the ghost tricked thier minds into thinking that it was one of them from the group who was taking the picture, when in fact it was the ghost who was doing it. OR it was really one of the guys who took the picture, and the ghost slipped into the photo unnoticed impersonating as one of the group?? I don't know.

    So you used to read Japanese horror stories when you were a child? That's unusual.

    Thank you for your comment!

  18. @Anthoy - dear Anthony. Don't you worry. I didn't realize it either until someone pointed it out to me!

    @Doc Sanchez - Oh hello Doc. Nice to see you too!

    @Ina - glad you've got goosebumps. I think it's good to get goosebumps from time to time, it gives a good stimulas to your skin and makes it glow - maybe.

    @anonymous - write your name dear. It's a shame that you are a big fan of mine and I don't know who on earth you are.

    @Dee - I'm glad to know my blog readers have a high intelligence level. No, really, I'm not being sarcastic! As I said it took me sometime until I got the meaning of the story!;)

    @Noni - good for you! Glad to know you like it, dear!

    Thank you for your sweet comments!

  19. they maybe used automatic timer and put the digital camera on a table or something?

  20. @last anonymous: Yeah I know. I have thought about that too.
    But that is not supposed to be a part of the premise. There was supposed to be nowhere to put the camera on. Just accept it, my friend.:P

    Honestly, if you start being too clever and logical about these stories, it would just kill the joy, wouldn't it? Have the heart of a child; that should not only get you into the heaven but it should make your life on earth more pleasant. You know what I mean? :D

    (Alright maybe I'm not making sense right now coz I only had one hour of sleep last night!lol)

  21. Ah, I go away for awhile then come back to find some awesome new stuff X3! These are great, I actually shared this one with my family, they thought it was brilliant!

    (*was someone else till she noticed you could use lj accounts to comment here.*)

  22. I didn't get it at first.

    It is possible to have this picture taken without a tripod though. Just turn the side with the lens toward you.

    I like taking pictures like this hahaha.

    But I like the creepy explanation too. ^___^

  23. The thing is this story was published quite a while ago and the technology wasn't yet that advanced at the time. At least that is my understanding.

  24. HUGE fan saya. ur sooo awsome, my family gets so scared when i tell them these stories! i love them so much, keep going!

  25. @Saya: Ah, what I meant was the regular self-portrait method. And I think the story said they had digicams and phone cams. ^_^

  26. So good to see that you're back, Saya!
    I love your blog and have it bookmarked. I was very sad when I realized I read all your entries... so I am absolutely ecstatic to see you posting again!

  27. That was very nice of the ghost; I imagine not many would be willing to take a group of strangers' picture!

  28. ちょっと初めは意味がわからんかったけど、きずいたらビクッてしちゃった。


  29. I think the ghost was one of them posing, not the one who took the photo, although it still doesn't make sense. They would have realised if it was a ghost either way! good story though :)


  31. I don't see how the lack of a "photographer" scares people, or make them think it was someone else/ghost taking them. It's not that difficult to take photos of one's self, especially on a mobile (cellphone).

    I believe the narrator and his friends (the ones on the trip) are all dead. Some people believe that ghosts don’t know they’re dead, and that they “live” life as though they’re still alive and notice nothing different and interact with objects just as they did while alive.
    By the “four stupid guys” and “all stupid-looking”, I guess they died in some accident; of course, the “all stupid-looking” could be referring to how the photos of ghosts tend to be distorted in some manner, and not what the accident caused.
    They wanted to scare their friend, at least the narrator’s, and tried to get some scary image of a ghost. Seeing nothing wrong with themselves, they thought they’d have to edit the photo. But I’m pretty sure the friend knew of their deaths and, perhaps not noticing at first the person bearing the image, looked at it and was frightened. I can only assume that his quote was when he looked up at the narrator and was assured that the photo was real – the fake ghost didn’t frighten him, just the real cast and the person who gave him it.

  32. my head hurts...

    saya this is a great blog ... cant believe i hadnt found this blog earlier...

  33. Who took their pictures? HAHAHA I get it!

  34. O.o lol I got into this blog because of that "one man hide-and-seek" ritual I came across after watching the movie, really eerie.
    Anyways the idea of a group photo.... well I'd assume it's easy to get a pic of all four people if they hold the camera towards themselves as people usually would when taking pictures of themselves. But if the picture is more of a whole body pose thats a different story :/

  35. if they didn't have a tripod...


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