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Monday, 3 May 2010

Strange Creepy Music

Just a little creepy music.

It's not a screamer so don't worry!


  1. Oh and what is that supposed to be?? D:


  2. whoa. completely thought i saw the tear moving for a second there.

    also, i have all the lights in my room on now.

  3. I like it!! :) Now if only I can figure out the chords...

  4. wow, now, that was kinda...random?

  5. It gave me a tiny headache, especially the part where the sound moves from one speaker to another.

  6. the image is a lot creepier than the music!

  7. im back a short break of not going to your site as you said so... i couldnt check the music yet maybe when i got back home.

  8. Hi Saya, welcome back!

    I've been visiting your blogs quite sometime and i really like your posts! especially the stories and the music.

    This actually reminds me of an old story whereby, back during the 2nd world war, the Germans were conducting an experiment with sounds and music which was said to be excruciating and painful when heard. The main purpose was to psychologically torture Prisoners of War during interrogation, however the experiment was abandoned in the final stages of the war.

    There weren't any records about the music and sounds which were used, however, it appears that the german had destroyed any evidence which relates to the experiment

    Interestingly, rumors mentioned that the experiment did not yield the desirable results, because most of the test subjects became insane and some even committed suicide after prolonged exposure to the sound and music...

    Maybe perhaps, its similar to this or maybe even worst....

  9. @Dorian: Oh! Dorian, my friend! Isn't that rather like asking "why did the chicken cross the road?"

    @Anthony: you have all the lights on in your room? Good man! Sounds like a very sensible thing to do!

    @Tani: Tani, you are always a creative one!

    @Ina: Yes, that's what I do best; being random.

    @Sachi: I saw your profile, and you are what? 253years old? Maybe you are a bit too old to listen to this kind of music, dear.

    @neu: I agree, dear.

    @zetgear: alright dear. Welcome back.

    @Gin: well how sweet of you to leave a comment. Thank you dear.

    That's an interesting story! Those Nazis were such a crazy bunch of people weren't they? It makes me shudder to think of all the experiments they did on poor Jewish people.

    Thank you very much for your comments!!

    4 May 2010 21:10

  10. It's great to see a new post here.

  11. @Hikage: Thak you dear! The pleasure is mine.

  12. Yay! I came here to read some old stories and I found few brand new posts! I've been reading your blog for over a year now, but never commented. I'm happy you're back!

  13. @Mateusz: Thank you very much dear. But am I the only one who can't pronounce your name?

  14. Haha! Mateusz is Polish for Matthew. I bet many other English-speaking people have troubles with our language. ;)

  15. ah yes Saya, i have to agree with you. Those Nazis did a lot of thing which was inhumane, i've read books about occultism and other bizzare stuff about Nazi and their experiments, and i find them quite disturbing...

    But, for the scary part, there is an old tale in my country that in the ancient javanese time, there is a song which can summon "kuntilanak" which means "children's snatcher", a traditional ghost in indonesia.

  16. Strange...I suddenly feel very cold
    ;.; no I seriously froze up listening to that, creepy music and creepy image.

  17. @Mateusz: Oh!That's a Polish name?Very interesting!

    @Gin: I would love to hear more about this "kuntilanak"! I'm intrigued!

    @LadyBeetle: HAVE A HOT BATH, my dear. With candles and nice music and all. That would make you forget about this horrible blog of mine! lol

  18. This is the WGBH Boston logo slowed down, look up The Wyoming Incident, another creepy video, it the same sound, but reversed

  19. If i could loop this, i definitely would.

  20. Damn another video here has died :/


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