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Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Things That A Ghost Told Me

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Last night I dreamed about a child ghost!
According to the ghost, "the ghost you see in the dream is often a real ghost."

And he also said:
Ghosts love quiet places and so they often appear in houses with only one person living in it.
So what would they then do?
They have no intention of scaring the inhabitant, apparently, but only want to do things like watch TV together.

But it seems like ghosts sometimes unintentionally let themselves be seen at the moment of appearing and disappearing.

Therefore, for example, at the moment when the human switches off the TV to get ready for bed the ghost may also tries to disappear, and in the process of doing so its image sometimes inadvertently gets refleted on the TV screen. If the human happens to be looking towards its direction, then the ghost tries its best not to betray its presence - said the ghost.

But if the human persisted in looking suspiciously in its direction the ghost would be dismayed and think that it had been spotted, and it would stay hovering around the human until he or she falls asleep.
What should we do...?

I personally think that the thing about "the ghost in the dream being a real ghost" might be true, because they say you never dream things that you haven't experienced in real life. Although you can dream things you have seen in horror movies.

And the child ghost also said:
When you wake up halfway through dreaming about an encounter with a ghost, that ghost too comes to the real world and then you will be able to catch a glimpse of it for a brief second.
And if that happens in the middle of the night no harm will be done to you; but if it happens when the sun is already up, the ghost (for a reason I don't know) will turn demonic and before long you will be cursed to death or something terrible will happen to you.   


  1. First comment this time!

    This is really interesting. Where do you get these stories?

  2. An interesting notion. Kinda sad though. The ghosts just want to go about their business, but they have to worry about being seen or being demonized by the sunlight. Being a ghost must be hard work!

  3. Wait, did the person wake up when having THIS encounter?

    You get the Saya-In-Underworld-reader-of-the-year-award for making such a superhuman effort!!!

    I get these stories from Japanese horror websites. I'm glad you like it!

    @Picklegod - I agree wholeheartedly, dear. What a profound, insightful observation you've just made!!

    You know, I often find it really hard being myself, and I'm still alive!
    I get a headache whenever I think about what I would be like when I am actually dead and have to hang around in other people's houses like they do in the story. lol

    @Anonymous - oh! I dunno, dear. Maybe the person did! A scary thought!

  5. I've noticed that you posted the first story in your recent posting on the 16, then on the 20th, then this one on the 24. Are you on a four-day posting roll?

  6. @Anonymous - really? How odd. I didn't notice the pattern. Maybe it's my subconsciousness at work? There could be a Freudian explanaion for this! lol

  7. From here on out, I'm going to stare at the TV while I switch it off!! And look around for ghosts when I wake up!!! So cool!! :D

  8. SAYA, can you please send us a picture of your face?


  9. miss saya have you played a game series called Fatal Frame? The US title is Fatal Frame, Europe is Project Zero, and Japan is just "Zero"

    It deals with Japanese culture and fictional rituals with a lot of psychological scares. Reminds me with your blog. It's tied in heavily with Japan.

    They're remaking the second game for the Wii coming out next year.

    All the endings for all the four games so far have been really emotional and sad. The game series is a piece of art.

    Also, the game series called Silent Hill is also a piece of art with it's wonderful OST's and the heavy symbolism and metaphorical everything in the series. I'm sure you're aware of Pyramid Head. He's not just a zombie like Resident Evil, he represents judgement and punishment over guilt and is manifested from the main character's subconscious.

    End of post. Just check out Silent Hill and Fatal Frame :)

  10. This is quite reassuring. ^^ Too bad for ghosts who can't help being, well, non-human and different. ^^;;;

  11. so, i just bumped into your blog last month. and i think i hit the jackpot! i was so happy that i read through your whole stash in two days. thank you for the time and passion that you pour into this.

    p.s. i haven't got the nerve to watch the videos .

  12. woop woop!
    three new post! I'm glad :)

  13. D: I meant posts.. sry
    but like I said I'm glad to read/see new stuff ^^

  14. My wife was out of town this weekend so I made the mistake of watching Paranormal Activity and reading this story all by myself... at night...

    Guess who fell asleep with a lamp turned on that night? THIS GUY.

  15. Gosh! 13 comments! I have never been so popular!lol

    @Tani - good for you, my dear. Nice to see a big smile on your face. Let us know when you are successful!

    @Relece - now, what's that all about!? Why do you sound so desperate?? Is someone forcing you at gunpoint to ask me for my picture?

    Well I'll tell you what I look like; I have two eyes, one nose, one mouth and long hair. Although I'm going to cut it shorter this coming Thursday!

    @Anonymous - this is the first time I get such a long comment from an anonymous, I think!

    I've played Silent Hill before but I never finished it because I'm hopeless at action games.
    I never played "Zero" but I've heard it's a great game.

    I don't have much time and energy to play computer games nowadays. But thanks for your info!

    @Sachi Goripanda - reassuring, is it? I suppose you don't live alone?

    @aimee - oh my pleasure dear! What a nice girl you are (assuming you are a girl)to leave a comment to thank me! Videos aren't so scary. Most of them have been already deleted anyway (that's what I don't like about youtube. You never know when your favourite videos get deleted!)

    @psycho-waka - you what? You didn't write "S" at the end of "post"? THAT'S AN UNFORGIVABLE SIN, dear! I suggest you go to the church this sunday and REPENT!!!

    I'm glad to see you too. lol

    @Root - oh dear oh dear! Mr Root I suggest next time you read this blog at night, do so with your wife. That way you can fall asleep with a lamp turned on WITH YOUR WIFE sleeping beside you. The result would be that you would feel less foolish and it should strengthen your marriage bond

  16. @saya: I don't live alone, but my house is creepy as it is. ^^

  17. @Sachi Goripanda - what a joy it must be to live in a creepy house!
    I shall visit you oneday!

  18. Pizza Pie ICE CReAM26 October 2010 at 23:53

    Why were you so busy? did something come up that allowed you more time to post?

  19. Underworld_Reader27 October 2010 at 03:02

    Really interesting story!
    My father once told me about ratios.
    Ghosts can see us because of the 7/10 ratio that they have. Whereas, Humans have the rest (3/10) which we can't see them. I mentioned this because the story was about ghosts.

    Glad you're back Saya!

  20. I love your blog so much,but every time I read it I start getting really creeped out at the noises my house makes.XD
    Though,I did that test to see if you can see ghosts and saw a couple different ones in here.
    Maybe it's not only my house making
    Great to see you again~

  21. I don't think I've ever seen a human ghost...not that I can remember.
    I wonder if animals can be ghosts?
    I always feel like I see a ghost dog or cat wondering around the house...

    Good to see posts again!

  22. Yes, animals can become spirits in their afterlife. Any living thing will.

  23. Well, today morning I woke up feeling like I was being suffocated. I looked around and saw a shape disappear out of the corner of my eye. I was so thrilled! Until I found that it was my cat. -___- She likes sleeping on my face and running away when I wake up...

  24. @Pizza Pie ICE CReAM: I'm more interested to know why you are so keen to learn about my life!

    @Underworld_Reader: Oh that's interesting what your father said about ghosts! Thank you for that and thank you for welcoming me back!;)

    @IvanBraginski: When I hear the name "Ivan" I tend to think of "Ivan the Terrible." lol Are you of Russian origin?

    In a house like yours one never gets lonely, innit?

    Great to have your comment too, thank you!

    @Jasmine Tea: I drink all kinds of teas and jasmine tea is one of my favourite!

    I don't know the answer to that dear, but maybe there are animal ghosts!

    Thank you dear for your comment!

    @Tani: what a naughty cat!

  25. @Saya: When you visit me, please make sure you're not a ghost!

  26. @Sachi Goripanda: Oh I can't really promise you that! lol

  27. there's a story of a girl who's allergic to cats but decides to keep the cat. one night her cat sleeps on her face and she tries to pull the cat off, but then the cat scratches her face and clings on. the girl died. Kind of sad :(

    I love this blog by the way!

    Please collaberate a book.

  28. Hey!

    I just found your blog a while ago, and I've been reading several posts since then. You've got some really nice and spooky stuff in here, I'll be sure to check this site regularly.

    Take care, Saya-san!

  29. @Anonymous:Oh what a horrible story! Maybe she didn't feed it enough cat food.

    Glad you like the blog!:)

    @Charlie: When I hear the name Charlie I always think of Charlie Brown form The Peanuts. But I'm just prejudiced.

    Thanks for leaving a comment and you take care too!;)

  30. Hm, I have to say, after reading this, I will be more careful when I wake up, since I don't want to be cursed to death in the morning.

    Also, it's great to know that you are back, Saya! I missed you! ;_;

    About that four-day pattern anonymous said, doesn't 4 (shi) means death on japanese also?

    Ivan Braginski~ Don't be scared, they just want you to become one with them :3 (KOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOL)

  31. :0 I don't recall ever dreaming of a ghost, but I remember dreaming of being dead and becoming a ghost :x the dream was interesting to me so I recorded it xD

    as for real life..I've never seen a ghost but sometimes I hallucinate while being half-asleep. One time I partially woke up, still having sleep paralysis, and noticed a figure near the wardrobe to the corner of the room. It should still be evening at the time (I was having a nap). Since I was already used to sleep paralysis and moments of hallucination while being in that state I just tried to leave it be, but because I was facing that direction it inched closer until it was almost directly in front of me and I felt like if I don't move I'll see something that will shock me, so I tried moving. There was nothing there after I got out of the paralysis @_@;;

  32. hikaridranz said:
    "as for real life..I've never seen a ghost but sometimes I hallucinate while being half-asleep."

    I hate half-asleep hallucinations. Mine are always auditory though, like whispering in my ear or my brother talking or something like that. Never fails to jolt me back awake.

  33. People are more prone to a more sensitive six sense when half asleep. It is because your brain isn't using all of your other senses or is clouded by its normal heavy thinking, and uses the other 70 or something more percent that allows you to tune in with otherworldly things. Those things you see or hear are not hallucinations.

    This is why meditation helps your sixth sense and your natural psychic abilities.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. hikaridranz here, didn't log in earlier :x

    xD I hardly get auditory hallucinations. The 1st time I had hallucinations & sleep paralysis was when I was 12-13, still in primary school, around new year. I half-woke and heard impish laughter by my bed, it was hardly audible and sounds like a tiny creature. I freaked out and once I could move I ran out of my room to my mom. For some time after that I felt nervous when I heard squeaky giggles.

    too many times I hallucinated that I was being touched by an invisible being that I leave it be nowadays until I feel suffocated. Last time I felt being suffocated rightaway, and only when I covered myself with blanket or pillow then it stopped. After a few times, I felt touching before the suffocated feeling. Recently I haven't been feeling strangled, only touch, but with tickles too =_= The most recent which was just a few days ago my neck felt tickled again, but I think it's probably my own long hair tickling me :O

    other instances were:
    -while half asleep saw my bro went out of the room and closed the door on his way out, but when I fully woke I realise the door's open at the same position as before.
    -some black figure hovering on top of me (I sleep at the bottom of a bunk bed, it looked like it was leaning itself on the bunk bed xD)
    -some figure resembling my mom pressing on me while I heard my mom's voice call me softly, but when I fully woke seconds later I saw my mom sound asleep.
    - in 2007 I was doing schoolwork and since it was already 2+am I didn't bother going to sleep in my room. I took a nap on the couch in the living room, but soon woke up because I was disturbed by mouse-clicking coming from the computer area where I'm sitting now :x (I switched it off and nobody's using because all's asleep). I continued napping until the clicks bothered me so much I decided to sleep in the room xD I got up and walked briskly but right in the middle of the living room, roughly under the ceiling fan my legs gave way and I dropped to my knees. ouch >_o

    I rather think of it as hallucination. I don't want to get involved too much with paranormal stuffs even if I have slight interest in 'em =3=

    I wrote a lot orz.
    sorry Saya for hogging so much comment space!

  36. whoops sorry, looks like my earlier comment was posted D:

  37. @hikaridranz
    That's very interesting. I'm glad I've never had sleep paralysis. An imagination like mine would be sure to go crazy with that sort of opportunity.
    How often does it happen to you? (Sorry if I'm bugging you. I just think this phenomenon is really fascinating.)

    Here's a fun fact: Many researchers believe that sleep paralysis with hallucinations accounts for a majority of alien abduction reports.

  38. @picklegod

    orz orz orz -it's nighttime now and I'm feeling creeped out-

    my sleep paralysis used to be very often from when I was around 14-18 years old I suppose, I thought it's because of my irregular sleep, but not that much recently (or I'm too used to it and these days my hallucinations are mainly just...mysterious being-touched feeling while half-awake without anything physical actually touching me =w=) Recently I've not been having hallucinations while sleeping in the living room (only if I fall asleep on the floor I wake up freezing and itchy) the incident with the creepy figure moving towards me was this year =w= not that long ago.

    ..I think I'll go sleep now. D:

  39. Oh my, I had posted a comment on another story that should really have been posted her, I hadn't read this story until just now, and it adds a little bit of evidence and substance to my experience.
    This reminds me of an experience I had when I was younger, around twelve. It was a very brief occurrence. One night I was watching tv and I decided it was time to sleep, when I switched the tv off, there was a very distinct woman on my tv(the tv was off and she was ghost white, almost like an inverted black and white photo) pointing and yelling at me, with a very angry face. It lasted for almost 40 seconds before I grew scared and turned the tv back on to make it go away. I slept with my tv for the rest of that month.


  41. I find this kind of scary. I almost sort of have an irrational fear that when i watch tv and turn it off i'll see something in the reflection, so the fact that they watch tv with you kind of freaks me out.
    Also, i'm home alone a lot.
    Ps: is the tv watching aspect the same with computers?

  42. Hi Saya,
    your blog is very interesting :), i just came across here yesterday when i was searching for hitori kakurenbo, and have been lurking around ever since.

    anyway i have an opinion, since i'm really interested in dreams and often read about them. i hope you don't mind since i'm not an expert :p

    well in psychological aspect, dreams are representations of our individual aspects such as knowledge, experience, etc. (individual means that interpretations for each may vary and unique, but most have general & common meaning).
    it says that ghost/unpleasant creatures/dark people that follows could be some representatives of denied aspects from ourselves, something from individuals that each doesn't want to accept, thus acting like a 'shadow' in each dreams.
    so if we do things like confront, show mercy, or even embrace that 'shadow', it means we are accepting that 'dark side', which has always been a part of ourselves too, which means we accept ourselves fully.

    here's an example video of a guy who embrace his dark side through conscious dreaming if you'd like: (just the video)

    but in cultural aspect, i still believe those kind of things though, since my teacher has experienced a sleep paralysis (i used to be very skeptical about this) because some ghosts was trying to play with him and he even showed a photograph -_- creepy. and if i pray for protection before sleeping, i wouldn't encounter something that's too terrifying in dreams

    hehe sorry for the long reply >_<

  43. I found this one really cute. the thought of a ghost watching tv with me was kind of nice.

  44. I woke up in the middle of the night once before, only to see my closet doors covered with strange symbols written in what looked like blood. I spasmed in surprise and fumbled for the light switch, while thinking "OH F*** I'M SCREWED", and then everything returned to normal after the lights were on. I've been sleeping with the lights on and placed several religious objects beside me since then. It was the only time I ever became fully awake within one second of waking up. Now, what really confuses me is why I'm spending time reading all these stories that would just scare me even more, despite having had this traumatic experience and developing a fear of the dark. I have a very vivid imagination, so people I've talked to about this say that it happened because I was dreaming of something scary and it was brought over when I woke up. But I will never know because I don't even remember what I dreamt of, or seen anything that has to do with unknown (at least to me) symbols written in blood. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  45. @Anon (27 May): As you said yourself, it might be something to do with your vivid imagination and sensitive disposition, dear. I sincerely advise you not to spend too much time looking at things on this blog, as it can affect sensitive people in a negative way.


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