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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mother's Rage

Note: The author of this story is not me. I'm only translating it.


This happened quite a long time ago, when I was about four.

It was early in the morning. I say "morning" but it was still dark in my room.
Suddenly I found myself standing on the bed, being told off severely by my mother.

'Why did you do it?!'
She questioned me angrily, but I absolutely had no idea what I had done.
I would say that was a normal reaction from someone who had just woken up.
I wanted to ask her what I had done but she was so furious that I thought the question would only make her even angrier. So I just kept apologizing to her without understanding the situation.
I said sorry to her again and again but she wasn't about to let me off that easily.

They say when something unpleasant is happening the time tends to go by very slowly but even so as a child I felt that it was going on for far too long.
For more than an hour my mother kept asking me stuff like:
'For what reason did you do it?' 'What was the reason?' 'What time do you think it is?' She went on and on in the same manner.

Well my mother was the type who could go on forever once she started telling people off and I knew that apologizing to her was useless. If I didn't say sorry she would go on being angry and even if I did say sorry she would still be angry. So nothing I did or said would make much difference.
That was what I thought.

And then I thought to myself lightly:"Oh she's especially in a bad mood today," or "I must have done something really terrible."

As my head became clearer I started noticing a few things; like although it was around four or five in the morning and my mother was shouting at the top of her voice, the noise hadn't disturbed my father, who was sleeping right in the next room. Well, that was perhaps OK but it was strange that my two-year old sister, who was sleeping on the bottom of the bunk bed below me hadn't even stirred.

My little sister should have woken up by then, especially because the shouting had got so loud to the point where it was impossible for anyone to ignore it and go on sleeping
That was the first thing that came into my head and then I began to notice other odd things.

To start with,  I heard no sound.

There was no sound of the clock ticking which usually bothered me and no sound of cars that could usually be heard outside around that time of the day. It was far too quiet.

And the strangest of all was my mother's unusual persistence.

I apologized to her over and over but she still wouldn't forgive me.
Normally she would have stopped telling me off by then.
Yes, she could be persistent, but not that persistent.

I then realized the most frightening thing of all.
I had not yet seen my mother's face.
To be more precise, I couldn't see her face because it was too dark. I was being told off in complete darkness.
I just assumed she was my mother by her voice and by the sense of her presence but I hadn't checked if she really was my mother.

"Why did you do it?"
"What time do you think it is?"
"Are you really sorry about what you've done?"
She kept going on about the same things.

Is she really my mother?
The moment I thought so:

A hand flew to my face.

I was hit hard across the cheek.
But the hand felt unnatural.

It had abnormally long nails.
And it also felt very cold.
She is not my mother! I knew it this time.

My mother had fragile nails which could break easily and she hardly ever grew them long because of it.

Who is she?

As soon as the question came into my mind, the voice, which had been high and hysteric before, suddenly became lower and prolonged like sounds on an old cassette tape.

It had changed into a really deep voice and the things she said became gradually abnormal too:

"Why did you kill?"
"For what reason did you kill?"
"Why did I die?"

Those were the words she spoke now.

I've got to run away!I thought, but I was standing on the top of the bunk bed.
I could get down only by the ladder and the woman was standing right at the bottom of the ladder; and she was still shouting angrily.

No, she was actually pleading now.
And up until then I thought my body was only tense because of being nervous, but now I realised I was suffering from paralysis.

Oh god, I can't move. The very moment I thought so, the woman, with a loud and clear voice, said:

'Are you really sorry?'
And she brought her face closer until it was just a few inches from mine.

Her hair was wild, her skin pallid, and she had no eyeballs.

I lost consciousness.

Was it in the morning? Or in the afternoon?
When I came around, I again found myself standing on the bed, being told off by my mother.

But this time I could hear noises outside and moreover it was bright and sunny in the room.
I could also see her face. There was no question that the person who was shouting at me was my mother.

'Why did you do it?'
'What were you doing?'
'Where did you go?'
She was asking me those questions.

This time too I had no idea what I had done so I asked her.
- What have I done?

'Were you sleepwalking or what?'
Then she started telling me what had happened.
The night before, around two after midnight, my parents were in the sitting room when they saw me walk past the room.
They thought I was going to the bathroom but then heard me say, 'I'm going outside to play.' And then apparently I just disappeared through the front door.
My action was totally unexpected and I was gone before they had time to stop me. They followed me and went outside, and tried to find me but couldn't.
After a while they gave up searching and came home to call up the police, but when they checked the bedroom again somehow they found me on the bed, fast asleep.

They were going to wake me up and try to ask me what had happened but no matter what they did I wouldn't wake up. They were also exhausted after the night of searching and before they knew they had fallen asleep themselves. They slept until they were woken up by my scream.

All I said to them in the end were: Yes, I was sleepwalking. No, I don't remember what I did.
I never told a soul about my experience until now.
Do you think this is something serious?


  1. OH my God! That is scary :o

    I'm glad you're here to share your stories with us, Saya :)

  2. I read this in the dark...
    Very scary. I don't know what I would do in that position.

    I wonder if the ghost (or whatever it was) pretended to be the author so the parents wouldn't be in the house to hear the shouting. That would explain why nobody came in the room. A lot of mystery surrounding the "ghost's" motives though. Normally I have no trouble filling in the blanks myself, but I need a little time for this one.

    Thanks for the story, Saya!

  3. Being screamed at by people is a weird anxiety of mine. I've had dreams about being viciously chastised by people I don't know. Honestly, the worst nights I've ever had.

    This one really hit home.

  4. I found this blog today and I like it very much. Great job! I start to follow. :-)

    I read this story and I have to say that for some people this story is actually reality sometimes or every day:

    I suffer sleep paralysis every week but luckily not every night. And in sleep paralysis I can't move or speak, I only see "a dark creature" who wants to kill me. Also I hear some horrible voices but not always hear in every paralysis I suffer.

    If some of you readers don't know what sleep paralysis is, check this out:

  5. Wow, this story is creepy (but it's a nice read heh).

    I think that the person who sleepwalked out of the house isn't the author but I can't really figure out why the woman is screaming at the author. Maybe he/she had killed someone while sleepwalking? :o

    Thanks for translating, Saya! :)

  6. Whoah, kidna interesting :)

    It's frustrating to wake up and don't know what happened.Plus the weird experience, scary! hehe


  7. uwaaa~~ that's scary and disturbing...keep the stories coming! much much much love!

  8. OOh I liked this one! I think the author may have done some very nasty things...with or without knowing.

    Thank you for the stories, as always Saya!

  9. This is really scary. And the description of the mother that wasn't is going to give me nightmares. I think the author really needs help. O.O

  10. Wow. I haven't gotten to visit in a while, but it seems you've been busy. I really liked this one. Just the right amount of existential weirdness! Totally thankful for this site! Take care, my friend.

  11. At first, I thought it was going to be a typical I-haunt-you-because-you-killed-me story, but I'm glad it wasn't. The two parts of the story are kind of disconnected, that's why it was creepy. Love it, Saya! Thanks ^^

  12. Oddly, this makes me think of some ancient Greek ghost stories, where a ghost will haunt a place because they weren't buried properly (because of murder, especially). The ghosts were put to rest when given a proper funeral.

    So I see this story as that type of ghost: the "mother" is a ghost that was murdered and can't get closure on her death. So she lashes out as a way to cope, but can't find her murderer or the reason for her death, so she continues being a ghost.

    I think it's a sad story.

  13. @Simon: Oh, JOLLY! I LOVE scaring people :)

    I wish people around me appreciated my existence as much as you do! No, I'm only joking haha. My family and friends all love me! lol

    @Pickclegod: WHAT!? You read this in the dark? You must have a masochstic trait in you, dear :P

    I thank you too ;)

    @Mitch: Poor Mitch!! I hope this story didn't scare you too much

    @Sini: A very warm welcome to you!
    Sleep paralysis can be caused by stress too. If I knew someone who suffered from it as often as you do, I would recommend that person to see a doctor. Take care!

    @Luna: "luna" means the moon, doesn't it? My best friend has got the chinese character for the moon in his name! :)

    Thank you dear;)

    @Dorian: oh! I'm glad you liked my story/ You certainly seem friendly with your smiles! :)

    @aimee: I love you too, aimee! XD

    @Jasmine Tea: He might very well have been possessed, dear!

    You're very welcome! ;)

    @Tani: I hope not! I only want to give you sweet dreams! XD

    @William: what a pleasue it is to have you among us again! :)
    You take care too!

    @Sachi Goripanda: I try to publish stories that are a bit unsual :) Thank you!

    @Steeple33: yeah I also think the same! There seems to be something in common between Japanese ghosts and Greek ghosts!:D

    Oh what a kind hearted person you are, to have found the story sad!

  14. anti-zombie death squad25 November 2010 at 00:37

    Hi Saya!

    Thank heaven's you're back to bring us stories of things that go bump in the dark. We missed you. a lot.

  15. anti-zombie death squad25 November 2010 at 00:37

    Hi Saya!

    Thank heaven's you're back to bring us stories of things that go bump in the dark. We missed you. a lot.

  16. Oh Gods that is just freaky!! And now I shall sleep with the lights on, lol

  17. I'd rather like to thank you for the sizeable back catalogue of grim folk tales. Where I'm from, if you ask any of the natives about their cultural horror stories, they reply with a harsh air of indignation. An odd way to react to a young man's curiosity. What I do know has been passed down verbally from affiliates of tribal elders. Hardly the most reliable source, unfortunately. Enough of the tangent, though, thank you for circulating these stories, and giving me something to do in this virulent backwater I live in.

    Oh, and its good to have you back.

    The Baron is always here.

  18. @anti-zombie: Thank you dear ;)

    It's nice being missed. lol
    But it reminds me; I got like five postcards this month from the same guy whom I hardly know and met only once! And he says he misses me. That scares me a little! lol

    @Adorably Dead: You should sleep during the day and stay up during the night! lol

    @Reginald: how curious! I wonder where you come from? You don't have to tell me of course, but it is always a pleasure to be acquainted with someone who has a diffrent cultural background from mine!

    Thank you for your comment!

  19. I'm from Perth, Western Australia. The best thing about Perth would have to be that it endows everyone there with a self-depreciative sense of humour, so you can easily converse with strangers by complaining about how boring it is living in Perth. Nice beaches, though, if you're into that sort of thing.

  20. @Reginald: that sounds a bit like when I was living in England - all they ever talk about was the weather. haha, I'm only joking! Sorry.

    My, my! But your place can hardly be called a "virulent backwater," can't it?

    I thought everyone in Austalia was cheerful and into beaches!
    Do you not like beaches?

  21. Scaaarrryyy ;D But I like ;D Thanks for sharing. It's my first time at your blog and I'm already addicted ;D

  22. Ooops, I just realized a big mistake.

    There was a typo; I meant to write "To start with, there was NO sound," and instead I wrote "To start with, there was sound."
    Well I've just corrected that now..

    @yii chan: welcome! Thank you for commenting! :D

  23. That was very creepy indeed... the only thing i just don't understand, is.... how does the person telling the story, know about things like sleep paralysis, and is perceptive enough to realize nobodys awake and stuff... this one seems to be definitely fictional, although the person who wrote it did have a creative mind

  24. This reminds me of an experience I had when I was younger, around twelve. It was a very brief occurrence. One night I was watching tv and I decided it was time to sleep, when I switched the tv off, there was a very distinct woman on my tv(the tv was off and she was ghost white, almost like an inverted black and white photo) pointing and yelling at me, with a very angry face. It lasted for almost 40 seconds before I grew scared and turned the tv back on to make it go away. I slept with my tv for the rest of that month.

  25. that sounds like sleep paralysis to me.

  26. who was the women shouting but???????????????

  27. then who was woman with long evil fingernails? :((


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