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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tarako Kewpie at Sea

Beware of tarako kewpies while swimming in the sea.


Anti-Zombie Death Squad said...

Thanks, Saya-chan!

Simon said...

I bought some of the pasta sauce! It is very nice :)

Though I don't know why their company chooses weird fetus babies as their mascot. I guess their form of advertisement brings in a lot of business! :D

Vivi Bee said...

aaah tarako! \o/

Sooo cute yet...so freaky.

Anonymous said...

I am tempted to try that pasta sauce now... at least the advertisement is effective! I wonder if my Japantown has it. Hmm.

I really love these Tarako commercials you post! They're so wonderfully surreal, with a catchy tune~


Anonymous said...


Yuki said...

I will get a shock if the come out from the swimming pool when i'm swimming.

Adorably Dead said...

Ahhhh! I love these commercials! I'm so obsessed with the Kewpies now. And like others on this blog, definitely want to try their sauce, just to see what it's like now. Love the little girl's ' Oh Shniz' face.

SAYA said...

@Anti-Zombie Death Squad: Is it possible that you are still anti-zombie, after all these years we've known each other? You can't be serious! You know very well I am fond of zombies!!:P

But putting our differences aside, I still accept your thanks! :D

@Simon: oh what a brave person we have among us!!

I've just realized I've never bought a Tarako Kewpie sauce myself although I live in Japan! I think I'm missing out on a great opportunity!

Well you know, dear Simon, we Japanese are nothing but weird, and this just shows it!

@Vivi Bee: as cute as yourself, my dear Vivi Bee.

@Steeple333: I think I should be nominated as the Tarako Kewpie sales representitive, seeing the effect I'm having on you people!

By all means go down to your nearest Japantown and purchase the Tarako Kewpie sauce, before they ran out of stock. You must be quick because others may be having the same idea as you!

@Jasmine Tea: That's right. The world will very soon be teeming with those creatures.

@Yuki: don't worry they won't do us any harm. They only want you to eat their past sauce.

@Adorably Dead: I think I'm gonna get one of their sauce soon. I'll let you know what it tastes like! :D

Tani said...

I've had this jingle stuck in my head for two days now... If a Tarako Kewpie popped out at me like that while I was swimming I'd probably drown in shock. Does the pasta sauce taste nice? It's not available where I live. :(

anti-zombie death squad said...

I am fond of zombies too, Saya chan. I propose that George Romero should be made a worldwide hero for catapulting zombies into stardom and entertaining gazillions of people in the world. hehehe. Btw, Saya-chan, you're in Hokkaido, right? I'm saving up to visit Japan maybe next year. I'm planning to take my dan exam in Kendo in Japan.

anti-zombie death squad said...

and by the way, saya-chan, are you watching the "walking dead" tv series? I have the comics and the somehow gives the comics some justice.

Adorably Dead said...

Yay! Please do let me know! That is, if I do not get it first ;p

SAYA said...

@anti-zombie: I agree, anti-zombie, George Romero is a GOD. lol

No, dear. I live in Yokohama.

Kendo is one of the things I always wanted to do! Good luck with it! If you ever come to Yokohama, let me know! lol

I don't know that TV series, dear! I'm studying all the time. Boring lol

@Adorably Dead: I was completely forgetting about the pasta. But I'll try to get it. Remind me again later please :D

anti-zombie death squad said...

Lovely. so, you want to learn kendo? It's never too late to learn kendo.