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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Tarako Kewpie Band

Time to Chill Out with Tarako Kewpies!

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  1. i the 1st???oh well...
    they're so cuuuuuuuuuuttttteeeeeee!!!

  2. There is Kewpie mayonnaise at the supermarket. I've always wondered what it tastes like... that's the only kewpie thing really sold around here!

    oh and yay I'm second (I think)

  3. And I'm third!! I wonder if they make the mayonnaise and pasta sauce out of smushed up Tarako Kewpies....

  4. It will wiggle, it will jiggle.11 November 2010 at 07:45

    I think it's annoying to Saya if you guys are saying "first!" etc. This is not creepypasta :P

  5. That girl's got some swell dance moves. :D

    The guy's reaction was actually pretty close to mine the first time I saw the Tarako Kewpies.

  6. @Lily: Little Lily dear, well done for being the first. But aren't you a little too young to be hanging around in here? Your mummy and daddy would get worried if they knew.

    @Jasmine Tea: I love kewpie mayo. I think it's the best mayo in the world!

    @Tani: You guessed right, sweetie. XD

    @It will wiggle, it will jiggle: When exactly will it wiggle and jiggle?

    No dear, I'm not annoyed at all! I'm magnanimous to ladies and children!:P

    @Picklegod: She obviously has got a talent for it, hasn't she?

    I also like her Tarako-kewpie haircut. I might have my hair done in the same way! lol

    Thank you for your comments, guys!

  7. @Vivi Bee: Oh! Yet another Tarako lover!

  8. Tarako Kewpie's song will be forever stuck in my head! (It's so cute) :3

    Lovely post, saya!

  9. Oh my, how terrifying! Forcing a poor child to dance forever for the amusement of Tarakos?


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