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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Steps to Follow

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.


A Cryptic Story again!

I obtained a copy of the Book of Curse.
In the beginning of the book it said:
"If the steps are followed precisely according to the instructions it will lead to the activation of curse. However if the steps are followed incorrectly the curse will rebound on the caster himself.
Are you still willing to proceed?"

Of course!
I have someone I will never forgive as long as I live.
That is why I went so far as getting my hands on this Book of Curse.
I began following the instructions.

Step One: First, close your eyes and picture the face of the person you want to cast a curse on.
Easy. His face is one thing I could never forget even if I wanted to.
I pictured his face as clearly as possible in my mind's eye.

OK, done. Let's have a look at the next step...

Step Two: Imagine what kind of curse you want to activate.
That is also easy.
I will put him through every kind of human suffering imaginable on earth, and make sure he dies in great pain!
Alright, done. What's next...?

Step Three: Finally, open your eyes. 


  1. Actually come to think of it, 90% of this blog's stories could be labelled as cryptic.

    1. He had already opened his eyes... in between the first and second step.
      Now he is in trouble.. the curse will activate upon him himself

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  3. The curse got rebounded to himself , end of story ..

  4. Not gonna lie, the story was kind of funny in a dark way 8'D

  5. @Anyonymous: how perceptive of you!Someone as perceptive as you shouldn't remain anonymous!

    @Jennifer Perez: I agree, this story is indeed funny in a twisted sort of way.

  6. Saya, so happy you are back and updating again!! I recently discovered your blog and have been reading it obsessively. I was worried that something had happened to you!

    I agree that this story turned out to be kind of funny - just goes to show you should not go around trying to place horrible curses on people.

    Cryptic stories are my favorites because they seem safe at first, but then you get that really creepy feeling once you figure it out.


  7. next time better read all instructions before doing it

  8. @Michi: Oh I'm happy you like my blog. Kind comments like that keeps my spirits up.

    I also like cryptic stories very much. I will translate more of those, so look forward to it!:D

    @HN3: I know. I also tend not to read instructions when I buy new things, so I have to be careful too!:)

  9. oh i've been wanting to read new posts here ^_^ thanks so much for bringing us creeps, the saya way ^_^

  10. I thought this story was rather funny than scary. I'm liking these cryptic stories. :p

  11. @ForthKun,: No problam, dear, I'm glad you enjoy it!

    @Adorably Dead: Good, good!

    @Time Waits: After the first step the guy opened his eyes again.

  12. I heard many variations of this story o: This is creepy indeed :)

  13. @Miss Acheron: you've heard a similar story before? How interesting!Well I'm glad you enjoyed this story nevertheless!

  14. I had to read it twice to get it. Saya, I love your blog, I have read it for years.

  15. @Anon: is that so!? Thank you for commenting, my friend. I'm happy that you love my blog. I'll be posting more, so come back again! :)

  16. but wait

    if the final step was to open your eyes and nothing else

    wouldnt you have to open your eyes to read that?

    so the reader just did the last step before reading the last step... couldn't that still count? it doesnt say anything like "wait ten minutes THEN open your eyes" just... "open your eyes!"

  17. @Anon: I understand why you have these questions, dear.

    I will tell you my understanding of the story.
    First, in the instruction it says you should follow the steps "precisely according to the instructions," and if it wanted you to open your eyes after Step 1 and 2, it would have told you so. But nowhere in the Steps previous to Step 3 does it tell you to open your eyes. And the fact that Step 2 doesn't tell you to close your eyes as it did in Step 1 seems to indicate that it is expecting you to have kept your eyes closed from Step 1. And the word "Finally" in Step 3 supports this assumption too.

    Secondly, since these instructions are pretty short, it wouldn't be difficult to memorise them by heart, and so you do not necessarily have to open your eyes to read the instruction before Step 3.

    Hope that helps! :)

  18. Wait, there was an error in my way of thinking lol.

    You could of course imagine things with your eyes open at Step 2!

    But as I said, it doesn't say in either Step 1 or 2 that you have to open your eyes after each step, so I'm assuming it wants you to keep your eyes shut through Step 1 and 2.

  19. same anon from before

    i get it now! lol i seemed to miss the part where the person in the story opened their eyes between step 1 and 2 so thats why i confused myself

  20. @Anon: If I had read it for the first time I would probably have come up with the same questions as yours, dear. The story is a bit muddled to start with!:)

  21. Just like Hell Girl says, "When one person is cursed, two graves are dug." I don't know if this is an actual Japanese saying (enlighten me, Ms Saya) but it's sort of recurring when you search the Japanese equivalent.

    This basically means that you can't curse someone without cursing yourself in the process. Karma, I guess.

  22. @Zanyuki: That's right, there is such a saying in Japan! You are well-informend!

    Yes I think that's the message this story is trying to convey! Curses always come with price, don't they?

  23. Whoops...
    Maybe read the entire instruction first before casting the curse? Poor narrator. He/she's in for it now. This was rather funny, in a dark way.

  24. Hahaha this reminds me of my science lab class! The first step is always to read the instructions! Sheesh. XD

    It;s the same for exam questions: read them carefully, and read them again to make sure.

  25. OH! This is interesting! I had to read through the comments to understand why haha. :3 Im so slow ><

  26. ahhhh , now i understand ... she/he open her/his before step 3 . therefore the spell is rebound to him/herself ..woahh O.O

  27. Hi, Saya. There's something really pissed me off lately. I'm a Vietnamese and there are some Vietnamese pages about creepypasta on facebook too. Recently, they've started to post your stories on their pages (translated into Vietnamese, of course). I don't know if they've actually ask for your permission, but they never post the source (which is your page), and more importantly, they FIX the details in the stories. Those two pages I know is and And if you can read Vietnamese, you will find some stories originally from your blog but FIXED. I find that very disrespected to you. I want to know your opinion about this. And finally, please forgive me if I made any grammar mistake. Thanks for reading this comment ^^

  28. @Anon: Thank you, dear. Aww it's not nice to use other people's works without permission, isn't it? Thank you for letting me know. I'll have to take some actions about this.

    Don't worry about your grammer! It's perfect.

    Thank you!

  29. Thanks for replying ^^! (I actually have a name, it's Mizu, but I don't have a blogspot account yet so...). It's really funny because right after my previous comment, they started to do it right, they don't change the details anymore and nicely add the source (but not the full link to your blog, only "Saya").
    So, from now on, if they ever do something bad like before again, I'll tell you, but until then, sorry for bothering you ^^!
    Thank you XD

  30. Hello Yomino-san!
    I've been visiting your blog for some time, and this is the first time I've actually commented here ;3;
    Your translations are awesome!

    I actually find this one a bit humorous in a dark way...I mean, the person should've read the whole thing first before actually doing what the ritual says first! Now I'm expecting the curse to rebound on them UnU

  31. @A.J Tutanes: Hi! It's wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for commenting :D

    I agree this story is kinda funny. The curse will certainly rebound on him now lol

  32. When I was reading the story, I thought that perhaps the person the narrator wanted to curse was themselves! I hadn't realize they'd performed the curse improperly.


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