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Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Suicide Attempt

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a cryptic story!


On the way to work I always walk past an empty apartment block which is due to be demolished soon.
The place however has become a famous suicide spot because people keep jumping off it. I've heard rumours of ghost sightings in and around the building too.
Moreover, there are very few street lamps around the area so it gets quite creepy at night.

One night I had worked overtime and had to walk past it around 11pm. I was really scared. Then I thought I spotted some shadow on the rooftop of the building.

I thought my heart would stop right there.
I looked carefully again and this time I was sure that there was a person standing on the rooftop.

Oh no, is it a ghost...?
Just as I thought that, the shadow jumped off.

I heard a crash and saw a woman's body sprawled on the concrete road.

I immediately called the ambulence and rushed to the woman's side.
She was bloody all over and her legs were twisted in weird directions.
She wasn't a ghost but the whole thing scared the hell out of me.
I saw some people leaning over the balconies of the apartment and thought they must have heard the crash and come out to see what was going on.

Soon the ambulence arrived and took her away.
I went home but couldn't sleep for the rest of the night because I kept replaying the accident in my mind.

The next day I was informed that the woman was severely injured but alive.
I'm glad it ended up as just a suicide attempt.
If she had died it would have left me with a trauma.


  1. ah I get it! the apartment is supposed to be empty right? o_O it means the people she saw on the balconies.....are not human? this is scarier than seeing a woman attempting suicide if I think about it deeper haha another great story!!

  2. @Prisilia: awww you're so bright!!!
    For these things I always tend to just read someone else's explanatin rather than working it out by myself! XD

  3. That's pretty strange.. The people there were ghosts is what from I get from it, since the place is supposed to be abandoned and all. o.o

    I remember walking in my street with my friend, and we both saw this weird old woman, without a trace, she just left. She wasn't a neighbor who I recognized either. o.o

  4. hahaha yes, I have to read the story again and again carefully to get the meaning!!

  5. oh my god!! DD: I get it... the building was empty @___@ That... is way scarier than seeing the woman jump off!

  6. Oh... I thought there was nothing wrong with the story (- -)" oops!
    but then it wouldn't be cryptic would it?

  7. I, too, struggled to figure out what was wrong with the story, then I read the comments above and thought "oh. Oh my.". XD

    What I like about this story is that it's not about what happened. Rather, it's about what wasn't supposed to happen. That layer of subtlety makes all the difference.

  8. Goodness gracious that was chilling! At first you get this awesomeness feeling cause you managed to crack the riddle, and then you freeze and goosebump all over because you realise what you just discovered!! brrrrr.... Nice one Saya!!! thank you once again for your wonderful stories!

  9. Is it possible that the people who were leaning over from the balconies were real people who attempted suicide-like murder? Nevertheless, I feel sorry for the girl.

    P.S. I found your blog a while ago, Saya, and I couldn't stop reading your posts. I especially like the cryptic stories. I still couldn't watch the videos though ;__;

  10. @Princess: yeah this one is hard to figure out! :D

    @Diogo: yeah it's subtle and you'd probably miss it if you hadn't already known that it's a cryptic story! :D

    @Tia: I think this is one of my favourite cryptic story! Indeed very chilling! Thank you for thanking me! :D <3

    @caramichi: it is very possible, dear! These cryptic stories are fun because you can interpret them in many ways! :)

    Oh! I hope you don't get too scared reading the stories! Yeah videos are terrifying I don't want to watch them either but I have to because I'm the one who's posting them! lol
    You can watch Tarako Kewpie and Usavich, they are not scary at all, just funny! :D

  11. Oh sorry I overlooked the other comments!
    @Nanami: my own interpretation is that they were ghosts and they egged the girl on to commit suicide??
    Oh an old woman's ghost! It's the scariest! o_0

    @Prisilia: you've done a great job, dear :D

    @Scaryheidel: You're right! :D it is way scarier than the descripton about the suicide attempt!

  12. Yes! Tarako Kewpie is strangely addictive. And, I love the character development for Usavich. They are very adorable~

  13. @caramichi: I've just seen your beautiful drawings on your blog, dear. You are very talented! I hope you will continue with your good work! :)

  14. Thank you, Saya. Your compliment has made my day :D

  15. i wonder what drove the girl to suicide..was she possessed just passing through that area??? poor girl oh and those poor poor people leaning on the balcony(maybe homeless...? or GHOSTS?)

  16. Yes now I know!(`・ω・´)” I think they were probably ghosts from previous attempts... actually I wonder what they were. I wonder why the girl was there too!

    Saya O(≧∇≦)O I forgot to say, please take a look at this little story♡ -->

    I'm not sure if it is fake or not but it's a little creepy isn't it!

  17. @princesspon - can't be..

  18. @ryuu: homeless people? I never thought of that! XD

    @Princess: My, my! That little girl's drawings and the story! Really creeped me out! Very entertaining at the same time though! Thank you very much for showing it to me! :D Really cool!

  19. i got it o_0 !
    the neighborhood who's looking from the balcony, was supposed to be empty rite?

    i always love the cryptic section! :D

  20. You're back! I can't believe I missed out on so many posts. I'd given up on you. D: Well, that teaches me. Now I'm going to read everything- even though it's night here... and getting a bit scary...

  21. @Hasumi: Yes! Well done, Hasumi, you clever girl!!:D

    @Tani: Tani!!!!!!!
    It's wonderful to see you here again!!!:D

    I've been wondering about you too!
    You are one of my nicest readers!!

    I've never forgotten how generous you were to us in Japan, when the earthquake hit us last year!

    I thank you again. :D with love.

  22. Is good to be back!!!! :D
    And if I could help everyone affected by the earthquake, then that is enough for me.

    I do like this story. Like everyone else has pointed out- the apartment was supposed to be empty but the narrator sees people looking down. But there is also something scary about the narrator. He/she seems more worried about himself than the woman. How cold!

  23. These are just my rambling thoughts...
    When reading cryptic stories, make sure that you solve them.
    The stories, when read, are pretty much like other stories... The human mind filter informations that it deems unimportant, but the subconscious remembers every detail. The subconscious (usually)already knows about the stories' anomalies, so then it may try to alarm you by uneasy gut feeling or perhaps show the meaning through dreams (giving nightmares).
    Solving the stories prevent these, as the conscious mind realizes the truth of the stories.

    But to me, the more amusing stuff is the first writer of cryptic story, because I see his mind as somewhat perverse and dark, to first make this stuffs.

  24. @Tani: Tani, back in the time of earthquake, you don't know how much I was moved by your kindness. I was crying as I read your post! You hardly know me, and those people in Japan? you could have just said, "oh they've got nothing to do with my life!" But instead you went out of your way to help us.

    During those difficult times I was reminded once again that differences in nationalities, races, languages, religious beliefs etc are just superficial matters, that we are all humans at heart and can be united by the single thing - love.

    Anyway back to the story :)
    That's interesting what you said about the narrator, I never thought there was something creepy about him! Thank you for your opinion!

    @Anon: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I'm always to happy to get different perspectives on the stories I post!

    It never occured to me to look at these cryptic stories in that way. What you're saying is very interesting indeed.
    A good thing that some of our more shap-minded readers have been able to solve the mystery for our peace of mind! LOL

  25. The funny thing about your cryptic stories is I keep myself from scrolling down to look at the readers' comments for explanations until I figure it out myself—even though I gave up on some of them and scrolled down anyways lol

    Keep these cryptics coming, Saya! They're the second best (the first being the Inexplicables)!

  26. @Anon: yes it's always more fun to try to figure it out yourself before looking at other people's explanations!

    Thank you dear. I'm glad you enjoy these stories.
    The trouble is, some of the very good cryptic stories are impossible to understand unless you know Japanese!
    But I will try to translate all the ones that are translatable! :D

  27. @SAYA: then you must be a very good translator because none of the cryptics are not creepy! Thank you so much Saya, I really appreciate your efforts!

  28. @Anon: thank YOU very much dear. I'm just happy people come here and enjoy reading these stories! Take care, dear! :D

  29. So glad to see you back, Saya! I've missed out on a lot of posts but I'm going to have a fun night reading through them! These cryptic stories are the best, they seem so normal at first but when you read again you realise how chilling it really is.

  30. @Torora: Hello! I also like cryptic stories and I'm glad you like them too! :D Thank you for commenting!

  31. But Saya san, my pocket money was better spent on necessities for those who needed it than on buying snacks and silly things, was it not? See it like that. :)

  32. @Tani: Thank you dear. I really appreciate your kindness and I'm sure people in Japan feel the same too! :) What you're saying is right; some people say money is dirty, but it is not if you use it for good purpose!

  33. oooh riiight until I read pricilla's comment I wouldn't have thought about cryptic stories are great!

  34. looks like i'm the only one who thought the other people are homeless guys seeking refuge in the empty buildings

  35. omg o.O
    I haven't got it >"<
    You said: the woman wasn't human because it was "an empty apartment block".
    But I think maybe the woman just went there to commit suicide because that place "has become a famous suicide spot because people keep jumping off from it". It's present perfect and present simple @@

  36. @Feleel Zen: No one said the woman wasn't human. She WAS human but the other ones were not. I recommend you to re-read the other comments posted above.

  37. besides the ghost thing, isn't it kinda selfish for the narrator to think "thank god she didn't die or i would've had a trauma" instead of "I'm glad she didn't die and might be able to get her life together" or something like that?

  38. Wait wait wait.
    I re read this post after years and now i have different perspective.
    It said that "she's alive, it was failed attempted suicide" and "thank god she's alive, so i don't have a trauma", so i don't think she's a ghost. But it was attempted suicide, so won't she attempt again? And the narrator have a chance of encountering her suicide the 2nd time which likely she'll be really dead considering her already broken body.

    But considering the building is supposed to be empty, the people on the ceiling (?) are supposed to be ghost.


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