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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do you ever wash your dolls?

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

This thread was posted in 2channel (a gigantic Japanese internet forum) .


【Do you ever wash your dolls?】

35: Anonymous: 2007/08/14 (Tue) 10:38:56 ID:oPg8yp03
Do you guys ever wash your dolls?
Mine is starting to smell recently.


36: Anonymous: 2007/08/14(Tue) 10:59:33 ID:7BmddTpa
you don't wash soft vinyl or garage kit. lol
if it were a lovedoll I would have a bath with her. lol


37:Anonymous:2007/08/14(Tue) 11:03:06 ID:oPg8yp03
Whats more the other day I was brushing its hair but one big chunk of it fell out....maybe it's no good anymore.

41:Anonymous:2007/08/14(Tue) 13:48:56 ID:oPg8yp03
The eyeballs too fell out...they were such large, beautiful eyes......
Only I thought they would roll out like balls, but they fell like rotten persimmons from a tree.


42:Anonymous:2007/08/14(Tue) 14:29:32 ID:7BmddTpa
are you sure you're talking about a doll?


48:Anonymous: 2007/08/14(Tue) 14:56:01 ID:oPg8yp03

Fuck off!

shit! the smell just won't fucking go away! shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit

Note: Persimmons (pictured on the left) are popular fruits often eaten in autumn in Japan. They become really soft like tomatoes when ripe. (see also Wikipedia)


  1. Please pardon my abundant use of French in the story! But I felt it was necessary.

  2. I find it a little vague and ambiguous, but creepily so.

    whatever the OP has, it ain't pretty. at least not anymore.

  3. rotten eyes dont roll

    life lesson, dont wash a corpse or at least i think that was the "doll"

    and yup i still kinda hate dolls

  4. This reminds me of something. I thought about it a little and than realised it reminded me of a mummy - mumified body.
    That doll went bad ages ago, washing it just made it worse.

    The creepiest part was the mention of a love doll! I hate those things... though I must admit the dried persimmons is a very creepy visual image.

  5. the rotten eye balls fell out like persimmon.

    this should be put under the cryptic tag. :D

    anyway, that 2channel forum, why do i keep hearing some sorta eerie story from it? :S

  6. I don't think I can eat persimmons for a while now ><; This story is even creepier now that my imagination is playing on me. But then, how can someone possibly mistaken a corpse (I suppose) for a doll? Sometimes I think humans (especially those with mental issues) are scarier than ghosts D':

  7. *splasshhhh.....*
    (the sound of fallin persimmon)

  8. the scary thing is you don't know if the person that post this is saying the real thing or not.

  9. i think that the doll the person is referring to is a baby corpse...maybe?
    "maybe it's no good anymore."<-- i don't want to think about it but it makes me think that the person will get another one.

  10. why always Doll D:
    good thing my Dolls wasnt that scary :T

  11. Dear Rezz, I happen to see your blog, and I do understand a little bit of Indonesian. I believe that you have been translating some Saya's stories within your blog posts. I do not want to create any drama, but as a fellow reader who love this blog, I think you should mention her site alongside the stories.

    I apologize beforehand for the trouble. Thank you.

  12. *some of Saya's stories

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. 短いですけど結構怖いと思います。もしかしてあの人はその「人形」をどこかで見つかったかもしれません・

  15. I'm looking at my headless ball-jointed doll on my shelf and now I feel even more creeped.

  16. @tom nash: yes, the ambiguity of it is what makes the story creepy, isn't it! :)

    @HN3: I know you hate dolls. Sorry! XD

    @Princess: mummy? Really? I'm surprided you know about lovedolls!

    @Hasumi: I alaways find it hard to label stories! It could indeed be put under the cryptic tag!

    Yeah 2channel can be a scary place! I'm planning to translate more 2chan-related stories!

  17. @caramichi: Oh! I'm sorry it put you off eating persimmons!XD I agree sometimes people can be scarier than ghosts!

    @Rezz: everyone going mad about persimmons, aren't they? lol

    @cerisecherry: yeah, I know! I hope it's not true!!

    @ryuu: that's interesting! I rather imagined it to be a full-grown woman corpse! Yeah you never know, he may already got a new one!

  18. @Time Waits: again, sorry to scare you! I know you hate dolls too! XD

    @Anon: Thank you dear. You sound very kind and considerate.

    I get annoyed some people dare to copy my stories and paste them on another site disregarding my request. Some people seem to think I'm narrow-minded, but imagine your own works displayed in other places without your permission! I make efforts translating these stories and I don't see why I shouldn't demand for copyrights.

    But when it comes to people translating my translated stories? - I have different feelings about them. I suppose it would be nice if they could mention my site alongside their translated stories, but... I don't know, once they've translated the stories they become different works altogether, I suppose...

    So I have mixed feelings about this!

  19. @渚さん: 本当ですね!どこで人形を見つけたのでしょう?想像すると怖いですね!

    @Hikage: why on earth you keep a headless doll on your shelf ?? XD Cover it up at least so you don't have to look at it! lol

  20. 大丈夫だよ.. It is just another temporary image, so please don't feel sorry :)

  21. If I had time I'd wish to translate the stories from japanese/english to portuguese or to german... But how lucky I am to never liked dolls... I love cars lol so don't post things about cars!! Or I can lost my job for be scared.

  22. no Saya, i didnt hate dolls. i love them but not with a scary story like this (ノω;`)
    but i still love all my dolls! (>w<)

  23. @Time Waits: I know. Your dolls are good and sweet! They will never hurt you :D

  24. *chokes on her drink*

    Maybe it was a uh... VERY realistic doll?
    I was eating some plums but... I think I'll eat them later.

  25. But his head is at a friend's house so he can get a new face up! xD I feel like covering him up would make it even more creepy!

  26. @Tani: Oh dear, I hope you are able to eat your plums now! XD

    @Hikage: I hope you can get a new head for your doll soon, dear! XD

  27. I haven't been here for a while so I thought I'd start on something that's a little more realistic. It seems like it was from a 2chan thread, which shares its structure with 4chan and the chan boards.

    I smell a troll, though. If this was /b/ the poster would've been called cancer, newfriend, and a host of other ill-meaning names. But since (I suppose) Japanese people are generally nicer than Westerners, they would've taken it for truth and would have been scared.

    Thematically, it shares a lot of elements with another creepypasta Saya posted here, the one with the recycled baby on a train station. THAT really rustled my jimmies.

  28. @Zanyuki: there is an unwritten code of conduct that governs every occult site which says: Don't say "it's a fake" or "be realistic." I bring this up everytime someone makes this sort of comment.

    People are not being naive, dear, they just want to have fun. If you are invited to a feast of Bacchus, drink wine!

  29. You may have misinterpreted my meaning, Saya. I didn't mean that it's fake or anything similar, but just that it could've been done just to upset people (and we would never know).

    It's sort of disturbing more than scary, though. It brings to mind the psychotic serial killers who won't just kill people, but do... stuff... with their victims' bodies.

  30. @Zanyuki: sure. I get your point.

    I was afraid the distrubing quality of the story might get lost through translation but I'm glad I've been able to convey it successfully :)

  31. Is there really a 2channel site? O.o and are you the one who took this from the site or you got it fr. other source?

  32. @unicorn: I took this from other source but this was really posted on 2channel once.

  33. I dont have any doll in my house...
    Doll Is forbid In muslim
    I Want tedy bear...

  34. @Anon (7 June): That's alright, sweetie! You can have your teddy bear! So don't cry! :D

  35. Great story Saya-chin :3 !
    This story kind of reminded me of a certain Vocaloid song O.O .. both are creepy xD ... if you're interested look up "Rotten Girl Grotesque romance" owo~
    and well just look on the bright side guys dolls can be easily fixed buahahaha >:D !

  36. @RainbowHana: "Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance"? Sounds sweet XD Thank you dear!

  37. yeah..thats a corpse not a doll but I see why this person..deluded him/herself into thinking it was a doll if its a corpse it doesn't move and the stare will by glazed like a doll's eye(atleast thats what I read in books) so this person either found this corpse..or killed

  38. i wont ever see the persimmom trees from animal crossing the same way owo


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