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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you very much for your understanding.

I was the only child in the family and had always been much cherished by both my parents.
My mother especially doted on me and she would never get angry with me even when I made a mistake or did something naughty; instead she would always just smile and forgive me.
Maybe she wasn't an ideal parent but I loved her the way she was.

One day I came home from school and was watching TV in the sitting room when the phone rang.
It was my mother.
'Manami (my name),  I'm in the supermarket right now. Can you check if we have carrots in the fridge?'
I said, 'Hang on,' and went into the kitchen.
I was about to open the fridge when something caught my eye. A small notebook lay on top of the fridge.
That's unusual! I thought. I opened the fridge, checked the content, and told my mother about it on the phone.
After I hang up I went to the kitchen again to get the notebook. The notebook was something my mother always carried with her and it looked a bit tattered.

Ever since I was small I had wondered about the notebook.
I thought of my mother who always smiled and forgave me.
But I do remember: every time I made a  mistake or did something naughty she quickly wrote something down in the notebook.
And she still continued to do so even now.
For a long time I wanted to know what she wrote inside.
Gripped by curiosity, I opened the notebook without the slightest qualm.
And in the middle of the page which I had opened randomly, I saw these words:

" Today's Manami,  -3 points.  Only 168 points left."


  1. What will happen if she loses all of the points? D: I am wondering how many points left that she has now. I hope she will be alright..

  2. i think something terrible will happen if she lost all points.
    poor girl....

  3. is she gonna.... kill her daughter if she loses her points...?
    wow thats scary.

  4. we need a prize for the best parent over here.

    i wonder if she can get point or only lose them? i mean if you only lose thats gonna be a hard life.

  5. I'm really worried for the author and for her mother's state of mind.

  6. oh no maybe her mom will snap when the points reach zero. i noticed that she opened the notebook in the middle randomly so it means that she has less than 168 points left and then maybe something bad happens to her.

  7. oh my if her mom always brought that notebook with her all the time then wouldn't that mean that manami doesn't have any points left oh no!!

  8. But I do remember; every time I made a mistake or did something naughty she quickly wrote something down in the notebook.

    meaning that the point would only get lesser but not more.

  9. Oh no... Manami should be very, very careful from now on.

  10. oooh that's bad! (>_<) Manami better be more careful... her points must be so low! She better be nice to her mum to get plus points.
    I wonder how many she began with?
    What a scary mother!

    I think this a warning to single children who are acting bad. hehe!

  11. Looking on the bright side, the fact her mom didn't take the notebook to the supermarket might mean she's since abandoned the practice, and decided to change her ways.

  12. Oh. You can call me unicorn, btw. XD

  13. Me and my brother have been reading your blog for weeks now, Saya. At first, I got really scared at the stories ! But I'm getting used to it.

    About the story: oh my gosh. That's really weird! I agree with the posts above. Maybe there's little/nothing points left because she opened the notebook ramdomly. Her mother needs to see a shrink -.-

  14. @caramichi, Rezz, Time: Yes I wonder what will happen! Scary! :)

    @HN3: you have a good question, dear! Maybe mother does add points too when the girls is not looking!

    @Dethyl: me too!

    @ryuu: a good observation, ryuu!

    @cerisecherry: you've got a good point there!

    @Tani: yeah she should XD

    @Princess: I'm glad I'm not the only child in the family! XD

    @Diogo: Good man! Always looking on the sunny side of things! :D

    @Unicorn: I'm glad you're getting used to it, dear. Hope you and your brother are not too young to be here!

    Thank you very much guys for your comments!!:D

  15. Oh My God >__<
    I did not found this before read the comments... But it's really scary!!

  16. @Aoyagi: You're scared! Good! That's what I'm here for ! XD

  17. Saya, oh my god! I am not afraid of the story, but I am worried for Manami's life if she loses all her points. e.e I don't want her mother doing something crazy if she does.. e.e Like killing her daughter, please tell her to be careful if you can. D:

  18. @Nanami: Hi! hows it going?

    Sorry I've been busy and I also tend not to reply to the comments in the older posts that don't seem to need my replies! But I do read all your comments dear, and I appreciate them! ;)

    I wish I knew the person who wrote this story, but it was posted anonymously and I have no ways of contacting her! But yeah it's worrying!

  19. Sorry Saya for the worry, like that doesn't sound good. D: How are you? I'm a bit tired ahaha.

  20. @Nanami: no need to be sorry! I'm fine, thank you :D I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  21. I've already read this before, but I read it again today. Ever since I first read this, I keep wondering, maybe she has less than 168 points left at that time. So, what if her mom finds out that Manami peeked in the notebook? I'm sure she will give a huge equivalent of points for Manami. OR maybe she won't use the notebook anymore, and possibly do something to Manami right away. o.o

    Whenever I inspect my mother's things, she can quckly find out that I'm the one who did it. I think I'm just too clumsy & I leave a lot of proof when I'm doing it. XD

    Anyways, Thank you, Saya~! >w<

  22. Oh my goodness...
    My mom is that kind of mother who is very nice and will never scold me or my brother if either one of us ever made mistakes. She is seriously so nice to the point where she will never scold me or anything like that. She has a crazy obsession with notebooks and writes things in them and doesn't let me see what's written inside them. Sometimes, I see positive and happy notes like 'how to make her kids happy' or things like that. But still, I fear for my own life D: Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

  23. I DON'T think we want to find out what happens if she lose all points :S Better safe then sorry >< She better leave house and never contact her mother again ^^ If she want to live thats it >>

  24. Somehow I feel lucky that my mom scolds me all the time when I was a kid :|

  25. Maybe the mother is going to eat her,that's why she planted the notebook there and asked about the carrots,when the points go down to zero then she will kill the child and eat her.


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