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Friday, 30 November 2012

Someone Special

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

You guys.... Have you ever seen a real dead body?
I bet you haven't.
If you had you wouldn't be putting this thread up this casually.
Well, as for myself, I have.
A long time ago when I was still a kid I saw a body of someone who had hanged himself.
It was awful.....I went to see it just out of curiosity and afterwards regretted it from the bottom of my heart....
Both the face and body were swollen like a balloon...
The eyes were bulging...
The whole body was ghastly pale....
I saw something moving and they were maggots......
And then.... I ran home crying and before I knew I was throwing my arms around granddad hugging him tightly....
Then granddad just laid his hand on my head and ruffled my hair....
His hand felt bony and rough but it was warm...
And he gave me a candy....
It was so delicious.....
The taste was sweet, creamy and I remember feeling I must be someone very special for my granddad to give me such a wonderful candy....
Now I'm a granddad. And what else would I give my grandson but my Werther's Original?
Because he's someone special too.


Confused like never before?
Click >>This video may help clear up your mind.  


  1. Please don't tell my I'm the only one who finds this funny or I'll kill myself.

  2. I am so confused about this story... it could be because i am tired. D:

    Saaayaaaa please don't kill yourself!

  3. @Pokie: It's just poking fun at Werther's Original TV spot. Have you seen it before? You can click the link coloured orange which takes you to the video of the TV spot.

    I don't think it's you, dear. I'm the one who is tired lol.

  4. i read the story.
    then watched the vid.
    then i read the story again, except this time i read it in the grandad's voice.
    that was hilarious for me.

  5. @Kamen: My dear, you are a girl (or a boy, idk your gender) after my own heart!

    @caramichi: did you watch the vid? This is not a scary story, it's just a quirky parody.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @SAYA - please don't kill yourself! eat a werther's original to calm yourself.(.^_^.)

  8. oops i made a mistake i didn't understand the story :P
    anyway i've never tasted a werther's original i wonder if its available here better check next time i go to the grocery store.(.^_^.)

  9. so, this is a troll story then...? -_-

  10. Damn! Noone likes this story apart from me. LOL

    @ryuu: Yes try a Werther's Original. I thoroughly recommend it, as you can guess from this story! LOL

    @Dozing zonbIE: NO (in big capital letters). Look at the tag, it's labelled "Funny"! And I don't care if you don't find it funny, because I DO!

  11. I did :) I finally understand after reading and watching it over and over again. I guess I am really slow :p

  12. Pthahaha. I remember those commercials too!...god I must be old Q_Q

  13. Omg, what the hell xDDD It is...creepily funny, I guess? I'm not sure how I should handle this story, haha!

  14. I'm laughing pretty hard so gj SAYA!

  15. This is hilarious. You are not alone, I'm very amused!

    This is actually one of my favorite stories yet!!

  16. @Nick: You can't be that old, can you? lol

    @HN3: I displayed the same reaction as you when I first read the story! lol

    @Hikage: you never expected it to end like that, didn't you? XD

    @ayakashi + Squirrel: Thank goodness. For a moment I imagined everyone looking at me and thinking, "Saya, you've got to get those bugs out of your brain." XD

    I quite like this story myself, so I'm really glad! :D

  17. @caramichi: sorry I overlooked you!You're cool, dear. I can understand some people getting confused over this!

  18. Hahahahaha this is so funny!
    (*≧▽≦*) I love werthers, they're so good - especially the chocolates. I think it would take more than one to recover from seeing something like that though!
    Smart & sneaky troll!

    The video is funny but everyone is mishearing what the granddpa is saying - just makes it even funnier!

  19. lmao you have a great sense of humor, Saya!

  20. @Princess: I read the youtube comments today, and yes they are funny! XD I'm glad you like the story too! :D

    @Anon: Oh! Thank you very much, dear. XD

  21. Hello, Saya-san!

    This isn't related to this post at all nor that important. I found out you updated a post named cursed video at first when I open your blog from my browser this afternoon (my time). I didn't watch it of course! I don't have nerve and comfortable connection for streaming :p

    For your information, I use RSS Reader to get updates from several blog at once, and for the next moment... I got update from that post again... A LOT (more than 10 times). Whether you update it again or not.... it make me scared... >w<;

    Anyway, let me tell you something again: I enjoyed most of the stories that you choose. I hope you doing well with your life (and your translated-Japanese stories project). Good Day (^_^)/

  22. Wha...? He must be very special indeed! XD To recover so fast with just a candy!

  23. Werther's Original: Ms. Saya Version :p

    Ms. Saya could you publish stories related to Kappa or Japanese Mermaid? :)

  24. Hahaha oh my god this story is terrible. XD I had to watch the TV spot to get it, but... the story went from weird to funny.

    I've had those candy before, I like them a lot. =)

  25. @Niya: good! :D

    @gads: cursed videos are not all that scary. After all, I'm still alive lol.

    Oh that sounds scary! Maybe the cursed video wants to be watched by you! lol

    I'm glad you like reading the stories I post. I wish you well dear. Have a good day! :D

    @Tani: Tani! I have a feeling you're not getting it.

    @Toybox: If I find stories related to kappa or mermaid, I'll post them dear.

    @Steeple: cool. I hope you like Werther's Original more after reading this story! lol

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. I burst out laughing and immediately showed it to my sister. It's wicked funny!

  28. @arashi: I'm glad you enjoyed it, dear. Take care :)

  29. @saya Not that old. lol But it feels that way sometimes.

  30. My dirty mind made me automatically get this

  31. Pardon me, but LMAO. I loved this! I swear, Werther's Original could become the new Bel-Air.

  32. Just discovered your blog and have been going through the archives.

    I know it was from a while back but I just wanted to say that this was a great way to lighten things up. LOL!

  33. @Matt: I'm glad you like it! XD I hope you're enjoying other stories too!

  34. This was very funny once I watched the video lol!

    However, doesn't this post also suggest that when the boy grew up to be a grandfather, his grandson also saw a corpse? And he gave the boy the same candy that his grandfather gave him? So then couldn't the grandfather have been the killer?? Maybe the boy comes from a family of serial killers or something! @.@
    How creepy! Truly a good example of dark humor!

    Thank you for the story, Ms. Saya!

  35. The most hilarious thing is when i saw the comment section in youtube, someone posted "I came to watch this video because Saya in Underworld".

    But yeah, Grandad - Werthers Original - Grandson - Swollen corpse = quite funny.


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