Monday, 17 December 2012

10-Day Dream

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

(WARNING) If you hear this story you might end up having the same dream within three days.
This story is not known to be cursed but I put it under the curse category just as an extra caution.

You will dream for ten days in succession.
Each dream comes with a rule you must follow.

The 1st day:
You will dream that you are sleeping in your room. Then you will notice a girl peeping through the window.
The 1st rule:
You must let the girl in.

The 2nd day:
The girl is inside your room. She is looking downward and you cannot see her face because of her long hair. She is muttering something ― after a while you realise she is saying "Please...Please...."
The 2nd rule:
Let her come into the bed. And lie down next to her.

The 3rd day:
You and the girl are lying side by side. You are now able to see the girl's face.
Her face is horribly burnt.
The 3rd rule:
Do not cry out when you see her face.

The 4th day:
You get out of the bed.
The girl says "Let's go to the park."
The 4th rule:
Take the girl to the nearest park without saying a word.

The 5th day:
When you arrive at the park you will notice someone pushing a stroller.
You look closely and notice that the mother is a cat and the baby is a dog.
The 5th rule:
You must kill either one of them.

The 6th day:
While you are playing with the girl in the park you will see an airship about to take off.
The 6th rule:
Make sure you get on the airship in time.

The 7th day:
The airship is full of people who have heard this story just like you.
The 7th rule:
Find a seat for yourself at any cost.

The 8th day:
After sometime red roses and black roses start raining down on you.
The 8th rule:
Throw out only the black roses from the airship.

The 9th day:
The airship takes you back to the park.
The 9th rule:
Go home with the girl and lie down in the bed again.

The 10th day:
You will not know what happens on the 10th day unless you have observed all the rules in the previous days. And you should tell this story to someone while you are awake, otherwise you will go back to the 1st day of the dream. Forever.

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