Monday, 17 December 2012

10-Day Dream

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

(WARNING) If you hear this story you might end up having the same dream within three days.
This story is not known to be cursed but I put it under the curse category just as an extra caution.

You will dream for ten days in succession.
Each dream comes with a rule you must follow.

The 1st day:
You will dream that you are sleeping in your room. Then you will notice a girl peeping through the window.
The 1st rule:
You must let the girl in.

The 2nd day:
The girl is inside your room. She is looking downward and you cannot see her face because of her long hair. She is muttering something ― after a while you realise she is saying "Please...Please...."
The 2nd rule:
Let her come into the bed. And lie down next to her.

The 3rd day:
You and the girl are lying side by side. You are now able to see the girl's face.
Her face is horribly burnt.
The 3rd rule:
Do not cry out when you see her face.

The 4th day:
You get out of the bed.
The girl says "Let's go to the park."
The 4th rule:
Take the girl to the nearest park without saying a word.

The 5th day:
When you arrive at the park you will notice someone pushing a stroller.
You look closely and notice that the mother is a cat and the baby is a dog.
The 5th rule:
You must kill either one of them.

The 6th day:
While you are playing with the girl in the park you will see an airship about to take off.
The 6th rule:
Make sure you get on the airship in time.

The 7th day:
The airship is full of people who have heard this story just like you.
The 7th rule:
Find a seat for yourself at any cost.

The 8th day:
After sometime red roses and black roses start raining down on you.
The 8th rule:
Throw out only the black roses from the airship.

The 9th day:
The airship takes you back to the park.
The 9th rule:
Go home with the girl and lie down in the bed again.

The 10th day:
You will not know what happens on the 10th day unless you have observed all the rules in the previous days. And you should tell this story to someone while you are awake, otherwise you will go back to the 1st day of the dream. Forever.


Genkaz92 said...

I think that you should have warned us more thoroughly that it belongs to the curse category.

Also, do you ever test the supposedly cursed content that you post on the blog?

Prisilia Felicia said...

miss Saya, I really want to read the post but I'm weak for these kind of things and suddenly become a coward.....did you get the same dream? :"O

Frost Elemental said...

I wanna read it but got scared of the warning. I'll probably wait until other people have read it.

SAYA said...

@Genkz92: I think I've done enough warning.

And also from the way you write "supposedly cursed content" you don't even seem to believe stories can be cursed, so what are you complaining about?

You don't sound polite and I'm not answering your question.

@Prisilia: I didn't. But I heard someone else had the first few days of the dream.
If you're worried and feel you're easily influenced by this kind of stuff, I suggest you stay away from it, dear. OK? :)

♡Princess Pon♡ said...

Hmm It might be hard to let her in my room. My window has like 50 locks on it...(。→ˇܫˇ←。) while I'm trying to open it she'll probably get bored and go to another house.

I don't understand why you have to kill the cat or dog (。♋‸♋。) I like animals, I don't kill them nor do I want to!
Many of these rules I can't do, it doesn't really say what happens if you can't follow them out. I might have this dream too because my mind tends to replay out things while I sleep. What will happen!?

Saya didn't have this dream? (o.o)

Rae said...

Hi Saya-san! I've been reading this blog for months already but have only tried commenting now because I keep forgetting. Thanks for the stories (nevermind that most of them keep me awake at night)

I've read the first 2 days of this, but just can't continue. I'm seriously paranoid. XD

ian wili said...

is it ok if i read it without following the order of the story?

(ex.10th day - 5th day - 7th day...)

Prisilia Felicia said...

thanks for the advice!:D
I've been restraining myself from reading this post for the past few hours...but I'm curious, and don't want to miss any of your post :S
ah I've decided I'm going to read it anyway. I hope that person you mentioned had the dream because he over thought about it :"D

sichyo said...

my room doesn't have window in it... only skylight. hmm.

JoDIE said...

Hello Saya! I read the first dream, thought about your warning, read the warning again, and then chickened out and clicked on the comments. XD

Despite this, I would really like to finish reading it as it all sounds so interesting! Do you know what happens if you don't follow the rules in the dream?

Hm, so you didn't dream of these either...maybe it's because it hasn't been three days yet? (: I mean, provided that the person who said they'd dreamt it had indeed dreamt it! Perhaps it may not affect us since we aren't reading it in its original form (Japanese language)! O: Haha, so even if we read the original post, maybe it won't work since we don't understand Japanese? XD

I do hope I'll work up the courage to continue reading it! Thank you very much for translating all these interesting stories/posts(??)/rituals, Saya! C: They're very entertaining to read, and I always visit your blog when I'm thinking of something to do! :> I must have read some of your posts at least eight times already! XD

ian wili said...

If we all up end dreaming this (at the same time, regarding the time zone)...does that mean we all see each other in the airship?

wait...the girl is peaking on the window of my room?...that's freaky ...because my room is in the 2nd floor!

Francis Walter_97 said...

I don't think i can kill the cat or the dog..

Mimi said...

I read it all before I had time to chicken out... Now that I realized that it's tagged 'cursed' it's really scary... But what happens if you don't follow the rules...?

Dethyl said...

Hi Saya,

Thanks for sharing. By a strange coincidence, I bumped to my Japanese teacher while shopping in town. I was looking for figurines to buy and she was looking for souvenirs to bring back to her family in Kagoshima - and she told me this story.

I thought it was strange but thanked her for sharing it, because she is aware that I love Japanese horror, thrillers and a lot of other things. So I brushed it off as a friend/teacher keeping my interests in mind and sharing it.

Now that I read what you've posted in more detail. I can't help but wonder if she did have the dream sequence and was just following instructions by telling someone.

Oh yes, she did say something cryptic. "D-さん,夢中のものは本物ではない。それを覚えてください。" I remember this sentence especially clearly because it was out of character for her to say it. She muttered sometihng that roughly meant that I should do whatever it takes to survive "that place/location".

I found the whole experience and the coincidence of reading the story here very interesting. Hope to see mor eof your posts, Saya.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Binzo said...

Thanks Saya for your interesting (and creepy) story.
The warning said:" If you HEAR this story...", but I READ a translated version on your blog, so maybe I will not affected by the curse?

Diogo said...

I read this story last night, and I actually did end up having a dream in which I was in my room. XD Nothing happened, though; there was nobody peeking into my room and I woke up shortly afterwards. Then again, I do have a dreamcatcher hanging from the doorknob, and that object is supposed to protect you from bad dreams. So, maybe that's why I woke up before anything could happen.

I quickly fell asleep again, and had an entirely different, unrelated dream.

ryuu said...

oh my i read it and i don't want to dream of this.poor cat and dog i can't kill one of them. that airship reminded me of the alternate universe in fringe.

basher miyamoto said...

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!! I'lll have the dream TnT well... my life has lasted long... anyway... saya, I wanna translate and post some of your post in another place, you know, I speak spanish and I wold like to share the original japanesse horror with the world (the world that speaks spanish, you know XD) what do you think? can I tanslate and post in another forum your japanesse tales, ritual, cursed histories, etc?

Genkaz92 said...

I had no intention of sounding impolite, it probably has something to do with our cultural differences. Japan is known for placing extremely high amounts of importance on manners, and I let myself slip.

By "supposedly cursed content" I mostly implied that I have no way of knowing what is cursed, and what is not cursed, since you yourself have stated several times about being unsure of the content being cursed. I did not intend any arrogance or doubt. It was really bad phrasing on my part.

Neither of us have a concrete way of knowing whether it is cursed, without testing it.

And by more warning I meant placing some type of a notification that it is considered a curse at the beginning of the story, because I automatically started reading it as if it belonged to a different category.

My apologies, I love your blog.

Tani M said...

Well, I was done reading it before I really thought of the implications. But how would this work anyway? How did anyone come up with the rules? Like, the first rule says to let the girl in, but what happens if you don't? Presumably something bad- in which case how was the story passed on?
It's a bit like the old story of the man who dreamed he was going to be executed and died of a heart attack in his sleep. If that is so, how did they know what he was dreaming about?

Genkaz92 said...

And another quick note: I also may have sounded impolite because I felt really funny energetic sensations in my body after reading the story, as a result I tensed up and accidentally sounded less polite than I usually am, just letting you know.

Tia said...

Saya san, i have a nasty little thing going on with my dreams and this story is just making matters worse! :( i am beyond scared senseless right now and considering i might start having a sequence of dreams which could end up throwing me in a loopy state of coma....well, isnt helping either!! It would probably help if i knew of some account that this isnt working and stuff....please??!??! :/ or at least that following the instructions to the letter might not trigger the tragic ending of my 19 year old consciousness!! I am indeed too young to go! :P

SAYA said...

@Genkaz92: It's not about our cultrual difference, dear. You clearly sounded very annoyed at me (as you are aware), and I was annoyed at you because of that. I mean you suddenly come here and start complaining to me, when I never asked you to read it in the first place.
I warn everyone who comes here that if they think they can get easily influenced by negative words, they should stay away from here. Those "curses" only work if you believe in them.

However, I accept your apologies and acknowledge you have good intention. I will add more words to the warning at the beginning, I think. (althought this story isn't known to be cursed. I just put it under that category because it seemed appropriate.)

I also would like you to accept my apologies, because in my annoyance I might have upset your feeling a great deal.Obviously I don't have a right to upset you even if I was annoyed by you.

Thank you for your message, dear.

cerisecherry said...

i see, so the curses only work if you believe in them...
well after reading this, nothing happened to me last night.

SAYA said...

@Princess: 50 locks!? Well, I never! I guess you need that amount of security because you're princess!
But actually I think the room in the dream doesn't have to be your room in real life. It just has to feel like it's your room.

I know it's rather cruel to ask you to hurt animals! I'm not sure what will happen if you don't follow the rules.
Well, I hope you didn't have a nightmare!

@Rae: Welcome dear. I'm glad you remembered this time to comment! lol You'll get used to reading this kind of stuff eventually, I assure you.

@ian wili: I'm not sure ian dear, if that sort of trick would work. But you sure can try. lol

Hasumi said...

it's in the cursed section, oh well, i'm really curious, so i gave it a try.

but... i stopped reading at the 'second days' and then instantly jumped to the tenth day hahaha. i hope i won't get the dream. i hope i won't get any dreams at all.

but, in the warning it was said 'if you hear this story', so i wonder if reading this should be ok, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Why do japan loves so much scary stuff

ian wili said...

yey! the trick worked!
or we're not affected because it's in english

I didn't dream about this last night
funny, since I read this story before I slept

I heard the trick long ago that you must not read a cursed story or message in order.

SAYA said...

@Prisilia: that's OK sweetie! You'll be fine, don't worry!

@scichyo: there's a possibilty that the room in the dream doesn't correspond to your room in reality.
Things that would look incongruous in real life can pass as normal in dreams, and you may treat a room as your own even if it looks very different from your actual room. That's the sort of trick dreams play on you!

Vaas said...

Nice dream ^_^

I read it all, except that, instead of doing as instructed, I went full psycho, I killed the lady (slit her from mouth to neck, who likes a vertical-slit mouth woman?), burned the cat & the dog, and shoot down the airship with rpg-7, it looked like a russian helicopter by the way. Strange enough, I was dreaming about being stranded in a tropical island after that. Guess I really shouldn't play farcry 3 too much...
if the dream ever returns, I won't be bored :) because no one may mess with my dream, and oh it was a beautiful dream :D

Thanks Saya.

Tani M said...

I don't think Genkaz92 has anything to worry about. A night has gone by and I didn't have that first dream. I did dream about a giant orange typewriter chasing me, but I don't think that had anything to do with this.

SAYA said...

with so many comments, my replies will be naturally slow. Bear with me.

@JoDIE: I don't know what will happen if you break the rules, dear. I'm very glad you find my posts entertaining. You're a brave girl (I think you're a girl, aren't you?)

@ian: I've heard a story about two strangers dreaming the same dream and they exchanged phone numbers in the dream and later managed to meet up in the real life. So, that could happen! So! see you in a dream, ian? lol

@Mimi: don't worry dear. This story isn't as bad as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally read this story yesterday...I kept waking up in the middle of the night because I was afraid I'd see a girl peeking through my window TAT

I told it to a couple of my friends today...;w;;; it's the first thing that's made me scared in a long time

Clair de lune said...

I read it until the 10th day. But... Why i saw a boy in my dream? Not a girl ;__;

SAYA said...

@Dethyl: I'm surprised your teacher knows this story, because I don't think it's very famous. I wonder where she heard it from? Maybe it's going round now.

It sounds like your teacher went through the dream sequence and survived! And she gave you a valueable piece of advice too!

Thank you very much for that interesting information, Dethyl.

Best wishes, Saya

SAYA said...

@Binzo: I wondered if someone would notice that! The original text did say "if you hear this story.." and I noticed it while I was translating, but I didn't know whether it was just a way of writing that didn't mean much, or the poster did really mean "if you HEAR this story" and wanted to let us know that we wouldn't get affected if we simply read the story. But it sounds like a few of my blog readers have already had the dream sequence..

Idk but maybe the effect might be worse if you HEAR this story?

@ryuu: alternate universe in fringe? What's that?

@basher miyamoto: Are you a Brazilian? If you don't mind me asking.
I wish I could speak Spanish. I used to have a very good friend from North Spain. She was such a wonderful person. I miss her very much.
Go ahead, basher. Thank you for asking me first!

@Tani: maybe if you don't follow the rule something bad will happen but you won't die, so you'll survive to tell the tale? Idk.

@Tia: My sweet Tia, worrying about will just increase the chance of you having the dream. Don't worry. If don't worry you probably won't have the dream. So just relax! A curse like this one works like a hypnosis. The more you don't believe it the less it will likely to work.

@Hasumi: a wise girl, always avoiding danger! :) As I said in the above comment it may be possible that the curse will only activate if you "hear" it.

@Anon: I wonder the same thing, too, my friend. lol

@ian: good for you, ian! Some people will be glad to read your report.

@Vaas: you once again remind me that real people are far scarier than ghosts! I'm afraid of you now!

@Tani: a giant orange typewriter? Cool!

SAYA said...

@Anon: I'm sorry it made you scared, dear. Don't worry, as I keep saying, this sort of thing won't work if you relax and don't believe in it.

Diogo said...

An update: it's been nearly three days and nothing bad has happened so far. I think I might be safe. XD Unless, of course, the dream occurs to me on the very last day, which is tomorrow.

hollow.nerd said...

Okay gu.Im done reading this shit so bless me then

ryuu said...

@SAYA - umm..fringe is a sci-fi tv series in it there are two universes, one is like the reality of today and the other is different and that is where i saw that airship thingy. right now their at season 5.^^

ian wili said...

another night has passed...

yet no curse dream

but I did dream something more horrible last night...

in my dream...

My belly was about to burst because an alien inside me wants to come out!

the picture was nice btw
what is that thing,the one near the airship?

Toyboxed said...

Hi Ms. Saya! its me again, how are you?

It's awesome to find new story after a few days...

By the way, i am curious, where did you get the cover picture for the story? i feel somehow, if its like the actual scene if you had the dream lol (eerie sensation)

Doc Sanchez said...

Hello Saya!

Glad that the girl will have a hard time: I always have the shutters down. Phew! And besides: My girlfriend comes tomorrow, so there's no room for the poor strange girl. Hope she finds peace!

But most of all: I'm so glad you find the time to update regularly! Of all scary blogs, yours is the best because it's not only scary but also strange and sometimes pretty funny!

Cheers, Doc Sanchez

ryuu said...

my last day at last hopefully i don't dream of it.^^

it is impossible for the girl to enter our windows since we have it screened but i guess it's like SAYA said it doesn't matter if in the dream it doesn't look like your room i think an example is when i dreamt of living in a house that i am aware is not my house but in that house i am familiar with it like i know where things are or something like that i guess..

Toyboxed said...

i just read it again...

i found its kinda awkward,

so if i am fail to tell someone about this story in the 9th day i will be trapped in the 1st day dream... so i am going to be sleep in my super cozy room and noticing a girl peeping, well this might not scary because she is out there and i am inside, beside i can do like Doc Sanches do, close down the curtain. But its troublesome because i couldn't wake up lol

Dest said...

I was watching this video:
And in story 10 I believe the said something about a fox and raccoon in English. I was wondering could you elaborate about them. I know you said be wary of a fox and snake in an old story as well. I know foxes are believed to be tricksters, and turn into people, anything else? I would love to know more/ better! Thank you :)

Steeple said...

Hahaha, my dreams are probably too random for this! But there is a park only a few blocks from my house, so the girl and I wouldn't have to walk far, at least. My bed would be kind of cramped, though... sorry little girl. ^^;

Somehow, the roses seem like the most interesting part of the dream to me. Maybe because it's the least "possible"?

SAYA said...

I'm so knackered I could drop off to sleep right here..

@Diogo: well, lucky you! May the good fortune continue! :)

@hollow.nerd: God bless you, my child. But no foul language here, please!

@ryuu: cool! I know nothing of those kinds of things, because I hardly ever watch TV. lol Thank you for spelling it out for me!

@ian: oh! I've never watched those Alien films from the start to finish. Horrible creatures!

But you can always watch the 30-sec bunnies theatre from the Angry Alien Productions! They're simply awsome.

That's a painting by Henri Rousseau. called "Landscape with the Dirigible 'République' and a Wright Airplane, 1909, Oil on canvas

SAYA said...

@Toyboxed: I'm good, thank you. And yourself? I trust you're doing well.

I've given the details of the painting in the comment above!
I wish I'd painted it myself! lol

@Doc Sanchez: Where have you been? lol

Seems like your room is safe and secure. I'm glad lol.

That's very kind. I'm just happy that people come here and enjoy reading the stories. :D ...although I seem to be only giving nightmares to some of them! XD

You take care, dear, and enjoy your weekend with your girlfriend!

@ryuu: you'll be fine, dear. I don't think many people are getting the dream, myself included (oops!)

@Toyboxed: you don't need to tell anyone about this dream unless you actually start dreaming it. No worries!

@Steeple: Oh! Why is it that all my blog readers have either a very cramped room or a supermax room? XD

ryuu said...

@SAYA - i guess it has to do with hearing the story instead of reading it like you and Binzo pointed out.

SAYA said...

@Dest sorry your comment ended up in the spam box again.

I don't know much about fox and raccoon. They certainly figure a lot in Japanese' folk tales. I'll let you know if I find something interesting related to them!

Kimberly-Anne said...

THIS IS NOT A DREAM AT ALL!!!! This thing is REAL!I had read this dream thing EXACTLY three days ago. I had no dream about someone tapping on my window. It ACTUALLY happened last night. Talk about being freaked out, I couldn't sleep for ours cause I was so scared. It is said that if you don't believe in this type of stuff nothing will happen. Well, they are wrong!!!!! I forgot all about this the same day I read it. Then all of a sudden I hear a strange tapping on my window. All I am saying is if you value your wouldn't do this, because honestly I fear what is going to happen tonight.

ian wili said...

I also haven't watched those Alien films

that dream was really horrible...

I really felt the pain in my belly

I woke up and still felt the pain
then I realized my stomach was just upset

but looks like the saying that "if you dreamed something horrible, the opposite will happen the next day"
and I won a washing machine in a raffle the next day

Btw... how did they discovered the rules of the dream

trial and error maybe?

there must be alternate routes needed to be discovered

something like...

routeA-this "normal" ending; simply escape this dream loop

routeB-discover the past of the girl and you'll learn that she was once beautiful and save her from her enemies by taking over the airship and place it on a collision course with the enemy.

routeC-the cat attempts to kill you but the girl saves you at the cost of her life. Feeling guilty and sorry for her, a magical mushroom appears to help you unlock your demon's blood within and invade the rotting empire of the cat, who is revealed the emperor himself, dethrone him and become the emperor and conquer other lands of the dream world.

ryuu said...

@SAYA - i forgot to report that this didn't work on me hyaahhoo! but kimberly-anne says it worked on her i hope that was a joke...

@ian wili - that sounds like a visual novel hahaha..^^

ryuu said...

ooh! ooh! i noticed something if you read it out loud wouldn't that be the same as hearing it?

Adorably Dead said...

Cursed dreams that end in comas. Creepy.

SAYA said...

@Kimberly-Anne: Oh my is that for real!? 0_o
I hope you didn't dream anymore than that and that you're safe!

@ian: you won a raffle!? Wow you're lucky! I never won anything in a raffle, apart from like a packet of tissue or something LOL.

I'd choose the routeB, being a romantic XD

The magical mashroom reminds me of Super Mario! XD

@ryuu: That's great! I'm happy for you :D
Yes you'd better not read it aloud just in case!

@Adorably Dead: Yeah I wonder if you'd end up being in a coma? Well it's alright for me now coz I've told you lot about it! Hehe I'm evil! :p

ayakashi said...

Maybe I'm missing something here, what happens if you fail any of the days, including the tenth day?

Also, I told this story to my roommate right after reading it, so perhaps that averted me having the dream.

Anonymous said...

Saya! I've been following ur blog since october--a friend of mine tell me about it--
in curious i read this yesterday since I'm kinda unbelieved with cursed. And you know what I dreamed today,in exchanged,something far different! here it is :

In middle school, I used to recently visit my grandma's house since it was near and only took 15minutes walk fom afterschool. (in reality,grandma has passed away when i was 11th and so do in my dream--I even can remember it)

The house itself was empty but mom often there in order to clean and take care of her unused-childhood house.

That day, I get additional class from school so I went home late while the sky already gloaming and getting dark. (I'd like to walk although the distance from school to my home about 2km...weird ya -___-)

While passed the street I saw my grandma's unused house...then my step slowly down when I noticed the door was opened.

"Mom was there?"
The house seem's really quite--mom usually plays TV or do something which would make noisy--and I think she doesn't stayed there this late.The gate was closed,too.

I just thought mom must be fall asleep and she forgot to close the door,when I see someone sitting on the chair in garden.

And old woman.
She doesn't seem's a neighboor I recognized around here,too.
I got a strange feeling.

The old woman just..sit there.and do nothing.She doesn't seem's saw me, either.So I'm trying to open the gate instead.It's a bit tough since already rusty and sometimes stuck on the rail.

then..."CLACK".The gate open.

As if woken up, the old woman suddenly trembled.she stare at me in creeps,then run slowly get out of the house.

A strange old woman.I decided to after her.
"Hey,wait!why are you--"

As unexpexted, the old woman,with an exhausted voice grip my hand and shaking.Her wrinkled-face a bit sweaty.

"T-thank you! thanks for letting me out of there!"

and then...I woke up from my sleep. O_o Wow I could get affected with ur post;but it's different!The dream seem's so real;it just feels like back in 4 years ago (when I was 2th grade middle school)I could remember everything clearly.I remember the sky's color,I even could feels the grip feels in my hand while woke up! ;orz

Thank you for made my day! I almost dreamed weird things everytime;but this is the bizarre one! Perhaps I'll visit my grandma's grave later.anyway sorry if my explanation is too long //orz


Dita Nur Lathifa said...

I've finished read it all a few days ago... Nothing happen... But last night I dream about having a fight with a ghost who come out from the window in my house... o.O

Anonymous said...

I think the dream only happens to those that actually HEAR it and not read it? I read the post without any such dream for a week already.

SAYA said...

@ayakashi: People don't always end up having the dream apparently, that is whay I wrote you "might" end up having the same dream, not you "will." Anyway I'm glad you didn't dream it and are safe!

@REI: Thank you dear for sharing your story!
Dreams are interesting things. I used to like buying books which have the word "dream" in their titles.

@Dita: I'm glad nothing happened to you too, dear!

@Anon: please read what I wrote in the reply to ayakashi's post above.

Kimberly-Anne said...

After that window tapping incident...everything that could possibly go wrong happened. family conflicts out to wazoo! also not to long ago i was attacked by some thing in the middle of the night. I know I was awake because I had JUST sat down in my chair. When i say things like this should NOT be taken really shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I can't sleep now. ;A;

I was able to fall asleep earlier. It was around 11:00pm and I was reading. So I guess sense I kinda forgot about the dream thing I went to sleep. Then I woke up from a dream at about 3:00am. I'm to scared to go back to sleep. I can't exactly remember what the dream was. I remember going camping? And then all I remember after that there was this face. It's what woke me up I'm sure. It was really pale and badly burnt. It was scary looking. I hope I didn't brake one of the rules. Something bad is going to happen now, isn't it? Its strange I feel like I've seen the face before, but I can't recall where. Maybe in a different dream? I'm so tired. I can't go back to sleep now, it's to dark, and I'm scared. It feels like I'm being watched. I'm probably being over paranoid, but.. aahhh.. I don't wanna die. Q_Q

SAYA said...

@Kimberly: You make me worry about you! Go to a church or shrine or some sacred place, pray to God(s), and you'll be fine.

@Anon: I'm sure you didn't break any rules, dear. And nothing bad will happen to you! Pray to God(s), don't come here too often, think about happy, bright things, and you'll be cured! I'll be praying for you, so that you can sleep well.

AyumiFey said...

I've been reading the stories you post here for some time now and I love them xD I love such paranormal things even though I'm too scared to try them.

Those about dreams are really interesting.

I still remember my dream that I had years ago that kinda came true, now that was weird:

In the dream, I was in the bus, going somewhere. Being bored I went and counted the amount of people that were together with me on the bus. For a long time everything was okay.

Then suddenly I felt the chill going through my body. Something was seriously wrong. I got up and ran to the bus driver and started shouting at him to stop the bus. I even went almost hysterical, crying, like begging him to stop. I think he must have been annoyed with me so he stopped the bus so that I could get off. For a moment I really wanted to tell everyone on the bus to leave but I was so shaken up that I just went out.

Soon the bus left. I looked after it and suddenly I was hit the tree or something like, and catch the fire. I ran and after everything it turned out that everyone on the bus died, either from the impact or from the fire. I survived because of the bad feeling I got inside.

Few days after this dream I was watching the TV. And then I saw something about a bus accident where everyone died. The amount of people was exactly the same that were in my dream. It was kinda freaking seeing that even though it was just some weird coincidence that it turned out so similar to my dream.

I also have one weird story connected to dreams that I heard from my grandmother that happened in her village years ago. I even have it written down because I sometimes like to write such stories even if sometimes they seem very unreal. But I will not clutter your comments here now ;)

PS. Sorry for my English. It's not my first language so I might make many stupid mistakes when writing ;)

SAYA said...

@AyumiFey: Wow your story was so interesting! I really like hearing about other people's dreams!

I'd love to know the other story you heard from your grandmother. If you feel like it, would you mind sharing it with us too? One of these days I should collect all the stories I heard from my blog readers and publish them in a post!

Your English is just AMAZING. However I know why you'd feel embarrassed, because English is not my mother tongue either, and I struggle with the language ALL THE TIME! lol Writing it is alright, but speaking it...oh my, you should hear me speaking English! lol
But as one famous quote says, the only phrase you should know in any language is "my friend will pay," and I can say it, so I guess I'm not that bad! XD

Thank you, Ayumi! :D

AyumiFey said...

Dreams are really interesting. And sometimes really useful. Once, when I was in middle (or however it is called) school, I dreamed that I had a surprise test in geography class. Of course I knew nothing ;p But when I woke up I remembered all the questions. I wrote down the whole dream, together with those questions (I really had a thing for writing down most of my dreams back then…). The day before I had the geography class I thought about the dream, thinking ‘Not, it’s impossible. Never’. But ended up looking for the answers for the questions ‘just in case’. The next day we had a surprise test! And the questions were exactly the same that I dreamed about! Now that was just a blessing for me, knowing all the answers thanks to the dream ;)

Sure! I love writing about things like that. Will try to make it short and not too boring.


My grandmother lives (or rather lived, as she’s dead now) in a village that is locates in a forest. The houses were made after cutting down the trees so the distances between some of the houses are rather big. Especially back then when there were less houses and it was harder to travel.

It was in 60s or 70s? I don’t really remember. It’s about two older women. Let’s call one Black. She was all alone, her husband died long ago and her children either moved out or died too already. She also didn’t have any friends, so all days she spent all alone, with no one to take care of her and look after her.

The other one let’s call White. She was a little younger from Black, and she was quite popular. She lived closer to other people so she had many friends, even though she also lived alone. But she was also kinda cruel, not helping people, she was egoistical, and people usually listened to her, unfortunately.

One day Black died. But as she lived alone and no one was visiting her, no one knew about that. Two days after that, White had a dream. In the dream she was Black, who said “I died. It was two days ago. I have a request. Please, do me a funeral” and then she disappeared.

The next day White said about that to her friends, but made it out to be a weird dream, not to worry about something like that. And they listened to her. That night the same happened again. And the request of Black was ignored once again.

The third day, White and her friends were to meet, but there was no sight of her. They finally decided to visit her in the evening because they were really worried. They went to her house and found her laying on the floor dead! The radio was playing, the chair fallen, as if she was listening to the radio when she died. It would look like a normal sudden dead, especially for an elderly woman. But they found one piece of paper in one of her hands. It said, ‘I only asked for a funeral’ in Black’s writing!

No one had an idea what happened. Because of the times, they rather quickly stopped looking for an answer. But instead of one funeral, the one of Black, they had to do two of them.


Oh my, it’s so long! Sorry for that orz But my grandparents' village is weird. Remember one more story from there. Also one more that kinda partly happened to me too years ago.

Thanks. Writing and reading is easy, so true. The speaking is bad. I remember taking with someone whose first language is English, was so nervous about that ;p

SAYA said...

@AyumiFey: It sounds like you had a prophetic dream! Wow! I wish I had a dream like that when I was a school kid! :D

And your grandmother's story was also very intriguing! I feel sorry for White lady. Which country are you from, Ayumi? It's OK if you don't want to say it, I'm just curious.
What is the other story you've just remembered about? I'd be interested in knowing about that too! lol But only if you have time.


AyumiFey said...

I wish I had more of dreams like that ;) Though sometimes dreaming about some things about people you know that they never told you and then find out they are true after all after some times is weird. Like ‘haven’t I already knew that about you. What?’ But it seems I haven’t had those kind of dreams for some times now.

I don’t mind that at all! I’m from Europe. Poland to be more exact, north-east part of the country. My grandparents’ village is like 60km from my city I live currently. As I’m talking about that now, I’ll say the story that is kinda related to the location of my country, connected to the Second World War.

When I was in elementary school, I was staying with my grandparents during some of my summer holidays. One day I was going through the forest. As I said, if you want to go somewhere, another house, shop, you have to cross the forest. I went alone. While I was going suddenly I saw a wolf! Before, and during the war the amount of wolves was small. After the war they put many of them into the forest, so that they wouldn’t become too extinct. And sometimes you would hear them in the evening, or they would come at night and kill cows and other animals. So when I saw the wolf I was seriously terrified. I had no idea what to do, no matter what I was too far to run away. So I went on, without looking at the animal, only sometimes checking if it was still there. It was just walking in the same direction I was, without making any sound. That was very strange.

When I finally got to the part where the tress had been cut I realized that the wolf disappeared. It was nowhere to be seen, I never even saw it go way. It was there one second and the next it was gone. On the way back I was with my cousins, and never saw the wolf again. And never said about it to anyone, I suppose I was shaken up and was trying to come up with anything to explain to myself what the hell happened.

Sometime after that, my grandmother, who loved scaring us all with scary and weird stories, like the one I told you before, decided to talk about another story. It was about the wolf spirit and the mystery of a murder during the Second World War.

According to her, there were people who, since the war ended, would see a lone wolf. It showed up only to some people, and those were always alone. Once someone wanted to enter the forest from the other side, when the horses suddenly stopped. No matter what he did the animal wouldn’t move, as if something was holding it back from crossing some line. So he had to go on foot. When he was coming back he was for one second a wolf looking right at him and disappear.

After some time people were getting worried, and curious about it all. So they decided to look for some clues in the forest. They marked the places the wolf was seen, where the horse stopped. Then one of them found something. There were two small graves of two young Jew girls, who were killed in this forest during Second World War. Close to that was a skeleton, teeth marks visible.

They came to conclusion that it must have been a Nazi soldier, who killed those girls, and was in turn killed by the wolf. And the wolf appearing to some people must have been the spirit of the wolf who did that, and now it would try to lead people to those girls, making people remember them. Even after they found the wolf would still appear, still trying to make people remember it, to never forget that.

When I heard that I was shocked. Putting it all together it would seem that the wolf I saw in the forest, who wouldn’t attack me and just disappear, was the same spirit of the wolf, reminding others of the innocent people who were killed in that terrible war. Let’s say I don’t like to go into that forest alone now, the spirit of the wolf or not, the normal wolves are enough to keep me away from that ;)

I also have one more story that I remember (what a shame that I can’t remember more, she would say so many of them to us when I was little ;( ). But I will write that next time.

Happy New Year! <3 All the best in the new year to you.

Genbugan said...

Excuse me, "Saya-san".
I'd really love to ask you some questions in a chat, or something alike, or atleast by e-mails if it's possible.
Is there any way? As in, I understand that you're a busy person, but I'm giving my chance anyway.

Genbugan said...

Ah, apologies also,
I'm not really quite sure of how this site works, but I've filled the URL section with!/cid-5fa8f7433e95fb90/details/ , where you can find my e-mail and eventually send me a message.
It'd be really degrading if you'd have the kindness to reply my comment and I would never have the change to read the reply.

SAYA said...

@AyumiFey: I'm sorry I'm late in replying to you comment! I've been quite busy.

Wow Poland! A wondeful and beautiful country. It makes me think about Chopin. Full of romance and poem. I've never been there but I'd love to visit there one day!

Today I finally managed to read your story. Thank you for taking time to write it, Ayumi. That was a very moving and interesting story.
I have a very deep sympathy for those Jewish people who suffered at the hands of Nazi. I've read a couple of books about the concentration camps too, such as one by Primo Levi and one by Vicktor Frankl. The whole atrocity must have left a huge scar on the psyche of Polish people. I feel sorry for you all. Such a thing should never happen again...

There used to be wolves in Japan too but they became extinct long ago. It's very good of Polish people to try preserving their enviroment.

I'm definitely interested in hearing more stories from you. I appreciate that you've given me such a wonderful opportunity to know more about your country. Thank you, Ayumi!

SAYA said...

@Genbugan: Hello! I tried the URL you've posted but it doesn't seem to be working?

What kind of thinkg would you like to ask me?

Jude Cabodil said...

Is there an update about this 10 Day Dream ? Just Curious eh ?

Jude Cabodil said...

I read this last night and nothing happened to me.
And I dont dream often.
Is there any problem to me ?? XD

Beluga said...

Aaaah, oh no... I get strange nightmares quite often - very few of my dreams are good dreams - so I'm afraid to read this. I also have a problem with sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome (EHS) so that's not a good combination at all!

Maybe I'll save the reading when I have a friend with me (so I can curse them, too. Hahaha! Just kidding.)
Thanks for the translations as always, Saya!

tracy carrillo said...

im scared verry scared!:'( help me!!! i dont want to dream about this:'( i feel like 12 and almost 13 and i get scared easly well kinda:'( how can i not have this dream? :"(

Hidekichin! said...

Saya Ive been reading ur bog since like forever XD i totally love it and i really appreciate u post all these creeepy storys .

SAYA said...

@Jude Cabodil: there's nothing wrong with you, dear. Some people don't dream it, while some people do.

@Beluga: No, if you often have sleep paralysis and such things, you should definitely not read this article. Thank you for your comment, and take care!

@tracy: You should NOT be hanging around here. I really don't want to someone very young like you to be here. Please stay away, dear.

@Hidekichin!: Wow I like that exclamation mark at the end of your name, dear! I am happy to be of service. Do comment again! :D

Hidekichin! said...

OMG OMG ! @Saya you mentioned me !and you ask me to comment again??
Of course ill do ! ill be comenting forever.
This is like the best day ever (*whispering* i think i have a secret crush on u )hehe
BTW im in a secret mission to try all the rituals and stuff u post . Ill let u know what happend ;3

Black Bunny said... didn't work for me...I'm not hoping it will work though .-.

unicorn said...

I forgot to comment I honestly, didn't read this (I'm but I introduced this blog to my friend, and my friend read this post. I asked her if she had a dream, but she said she didn' Just want to share this.

Genbugan said...


Ah, forgive me.
It basically just was a link where my email could be found, but we've already talked out there.

It's a chance I thought of checking this post's comment section again, else I would've never seen the answer.

Miss Huda said...

Saya-san, can ask you something?

Have you ever dream of someone important/late lover; asking you to let him/her become part of your soul? Errr... Its okay if you dont want to answer me. But I had this dream 3months ago and it goes constant everynight for 2weeks. Yet I dont answer him either to let him stay or not #he's my late lover.

Well, great post just like a great Saya san I ever know :)

Saya Yomino said...

@Miss Huda: No, dearie, such a thing never happened to me. Are you still having the same dream? I don't know what to advise you...but if it's bothering you a lot you might want to talk it over with someone who is close to you.

I just hope you're alright and I'm sorry for your loss.

Thanks for the comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

Saya-san, My room doesn't had any window, what will happen to me?

Anonymous said...

I read this without thinking.
I'll tell my friends at school tomorrow.
Just to be safe.

Anonymous said...

I've just read it now, I can't be patient for my dream tonight ;)

Anonymous said...

well, i sort of have another dream, where i dreamt of a lady entering 3 different rooms meeting three different toddlers in each of the rooms... But i did not appear in that dream... This is absolutely crazy. Btw, i only read day 1 n 10 only, silently in my mind.

Cik HudHud said...

Hi Saya-san :) Remember me? The one that got a dream about my late love; asked me to stay with me. Yea; I give him 'Maybe, If that's what you really want'.
I'm not really sure, but after that I stop dream about him. And I'm kinda longing for him. Just a few days ago; I met someone; totally look like him; even with a detail scar (he got it from an accident months before his death).

I didn't ask anything; but while I start my car; he came right next to me. He said "Hey cher; thank you. We'll meet again someday. Until that day; please remember when that day comes; there no other way for us". After that; he just left with a smile.

I didn't know what he meant and I didn't know who is him, either.

George thant Zin said...

i dunno.
in my dreams for the first night,
i was sleeping in my bed and then heard a sound from a window on my left.
there was a lady there and looking at me.
while wondering how she got there i opened the window for her. and she smiled at me.
and woke up.

second dream was she was on my bed. and she was looking at me in the eyes and smiled at me. i was looking at her in the eyes too. and saw her face which is similar to an aunt of mine. anyway, while she was smiling at me i was brushing her hair with my hand. and woke up.

third night,
she was on the bed with her birthday suit. had no idea what was happening. and then i had sex with her. of coz i was embrassed before but she was smiling at me and then i did it.
like WTF???When i woke up.
i just had sex with a girl i don't even know her name.

fourth night, nothing happened.
fifth night, still nothing.
seventh night,
got a dream of unrelated dream .
what just happened.

MissCocoa Neko said...

Saya-san I have a question.

If I break any of the rules, what would happen to me? Is it possible that I can have a dream about one of the days and then none of the other dreams occur? I haven't had any of the dreams yet as I have not gone to sleep so I'm spooked right now. Is there anything I can do that will help me?

MissCocoa Neko said...

Wait! I thought about this. If this is just an urban legend then I'll be okay. I think you just end up having the dreams if you believe. Then again, you never know. I'll admit I'm really superstitious at times so that's probably why it freaked me out so bad. I'll just pass on the story to be safe, pray about it, and remind myself it's only an urban legend. If this "curse" turns out to be true, then I know what to do! I just gave myself a good scare! Saya-san, you are really good at making scary stories! You are really amazing for it! I love your blog!

Ruri said...

Hello~ I've been reading through your blog and this is one of my favorite stories! Maybe it's weird but I hope I get the dream, I think it would be fun, except for killing the poor animals.

I liked it so much I made a drawing about it:

I hope you don't mind ^^

Shom Denny said...

Didnt have a dream last night

Shom Denny said...

How about i just dont fall asleep for the first 3 nights? I might die but at least i wont see no creepy lady at my window

Unknown said...

I woke up at 6:30 continously for four days after hearing this with no memory of the dream so I'm not sure if anything happened but the chain was broken when I went to sleep later than usual

Unknown said...

I'm hoping this dream story works

FanOfSaya said...

Hey Saya, I would like your permission to use some of your translation as a part of a scary story I am writing. I would of course credit you, and would run everything past you before I made it available to anyone else to read. Also, is there any way you could provide me with the original Japanese story? I would love to read it for myself as well!

Jonathan Ross said...

Then you will have the same dream over and over again👿

Dungbeetle ddd said...

hey Saya
im from south africa and not much scares us down here. With that being said i was wondering if one reads it out loud to oneself, would that count as hearing it?
anyways first time i see ur blog love it

Richard Gilchrist said...

Stop worrying about being cursed by reading this.
The curse only works if you hear it (and understand it) in Japanese. Seeing it written in another lanugage does not have the same effect, much less the barbaric lanuaged of the infamous Kleenex Ogre Baby curse song!
The bad voodoo of English cancels out the bad voodoo of the 10 dreams and you are left with something from a creepy anime movie.

The Kitty mew mew said...

If I only read the first night am I cursed
Also I have the purple "mango" curse I said that so no one else gets cursed
But still please answer

The Kitty mew mew said...

Asia is scary
First a poem that kills you
Poem that makes Fnaf 4 real
Word that kills you if you think when u turn 20
Giant evil hornets
Kleenex is evil

I hate Asia...

The Kitty mew mew said...

Japan u
Dream about NASCAR
Fudge yea
Dreams about pineapples yeAh
Dreams about giant evil typewriter

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Adork Able said...

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Adork Able said...

Did anyone who read the story get the dreams,if so tell us about it.Paint us a naked picture of it,go into all the details.Were there any people there,discribe them,were there any differentiating,unusual or correlating features between all any of them (gender,age,race,relijion),did they say anything to you,if so what,what were they wearing,did they look healthy,were there any marks on thier bodies,what weight range were they in,were there any relijious symbols or unusual land marks in the dream,who or what was there becides the people or objects mentioned.What settings are there,take a look around and tell me if there is anyone spying on you from a distance you didnt see before,what happens if you look in a mirror,is there any writing anywhere,is there anything unusual or not common to your dream world or the 'real' world,hows the atomsphere,hows the color palat,what time of day is it,is there anything indicateing the time of year,can you sence any presents in the dream or in the room your sleepign in in the real world,how contious are you in the dream,what does your body look like in the dream,are you playing as yourself or as sombody else,how old are you.I want names if possible,dont look into a mirror becuase I asked what happens or any of that stuff,if your going to do this stuff it needs to be of your own prerogative and nobody elses.I think it would be cool to have the details,but dont kill yourself getting them.Oh,an if you could upload a fully clothed picture of it that would be cool,paint a fully clothed picture...unless its naked.

Farz Wolf said...

This is my favourite, the painting too.

Kazuto Kirigaya said...

I read the story and listened to it so i could make sure that i have the dreams. I am a thrill seeker. So having those dreams would be a dream come true. But, it says that she gets into bed with you. I sleep on a couch. A small one. And i live nowhere near a park. Would those 2 things affect the dreams in any way?