Thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted while I was away! :D

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Notice from Saya

Thank you all for your messages.

But I'm quite busy right now!
You are still welcome to leave messages but it'll be at least a few days before I can post proper replies.
So please be patient with me!!


  1. Merry Christmas Saya! Have a nice day :D

  2. i'll be waiting for you ^_^

  3. no problem i will wait *sits down and cross hands*

  4. Hello Saya.
    Can't i translate your translation into vietnamese?
    I've introduced your stories to my friends. They love reading your stories but they don't understand so i trans into vnese for them ^^
    But i am always online by telephone so i take a photo of some stories and post it for my friends, i have written ur name and ur blog :)

  5. Hello Saya-san!How are you? I hope you are doing well. My name is Muneera and I'm from Saudi Arabia I'm a BIG (scratch that, I mean HUGE) fan of you and your blog! (although I get scared easily LOL XD) this is my first time commenting but I found out about your blog from a really long time but didn't have the courage to comment- Please don't overwork yourself and get proper rest! Arigato for all your hard work! \^o^/

  6. @Beblo: Thank you! :D I've finished what I had to do earlier than I expected! So I'm happy! I hope you'll enjoy my new story!

    @Rezz: Sorry for the long wait! :D

    @HN3: Are you still there? LOL

    @Linh: Sure. Thank you very much for asking me first, dear. Very kind of you :)

    @Muneera: Hello! I'm fine! How are you yourself? WOW you're from Saudi Arabia?? That's one very exotic place!

    I'm always happy to hear from my blog readers! It's kinda strange to have a fan XD

    I guess it does take some courage to post a comment on someone else's blog.. Somehow I never really thought that way. I really thank you for that. I think I should be more careful when I reply, because I think I have hurt some people's feelings recently, although that was not what I wanted to happen.

    You take care yourself, Muneera. Thank you for kind words! ;)

  7. Glad to hear that you are happy!:P no worries, I actually enjoy every story that you're posting. You can count on me heheh I like this blog a lot:)

  8. yes im here, i just use a bathrrom break

  9. I hope you had a Merry Christmas Saya! 。゜+.(。^∀^。).+゜。 Did Santa bring you what you wanted?
    I wish you to have a
    (✿。◕▿◕。)ノo。゚✩Happy New Year ✩゜。o

  10. @Blebo: Thank you dear, I hope you're happy too!

    @HN3: Oh! You're one of my most loyal readers! LOL

    @Princess Pon: You're so cute! With your sweetness you make me forget about the daily drudgery of life! lol

    My father came to visit me around Christmas and maybe he was Sanata indisguise! lol
    And you? Did Sanata bring you nice presents? But maybe you have everything you need already, what with you being a sweet beautiful princess and all!

    I wish you have a wonderful and happy new year too, dear. ;)

  11. Oh really!? That makes me so glad (>////<)♡ Thank you very much, you're so kind!

    It must have been lovely to have your father visit you!
    I had a nice christmas but it went much to quick (。◕‸◕。)... and now it's a new year! I hope 2013 is good ♡
    I hope 2013 is a good year for you to Saya!


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