Thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted while I was away! :D

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sorry! From Saya

OH NO! Do you know what I just did?

 I deleted some of your comments by mistake!

Recently I changed the setting so the comments cannot be displayed unless I first check and approve of them.
But just now...I ticked the boxes beside your comments and pressed the "delete" button...

So I'm so sorry!

I just found out it's bopluseven bopluseven and Adorably Dead's comments I deleted.

So Adorably Dead, and bopluseven bopluseven , please do post your comments again, if you can!



I just found out I actually did NOT delete the comments. They are still there.
What happened to me? Was I dreaming or what?
I should go to bed early... I have been staying up late for too many nights....LOL


  1. oh wow your post came in as soon as I finished posting comment.. :v

  2. Can do. :p I'm still catching up on your posts and I know I probably skipped something in between answering calls and trying to stay awake at work. lol.

    Time to get scared all over agains. :D

  3. Hi, there..Saya(if it's your real name. Haha!)
    This my 1st comment..I'm 1 of many stalkers of your blog.
    Just want ask your permission to copy & translate your stories in to my language for my twitter & book.
    Anyway, really want to meet you someday.(am i look like a sociopath to write this. Haha!)
    Just it, thanks for being awesomely inspiring.

  4. @Andrach Knive: oh what a coincidence!

    @Adorably Dead: Thank you very much, dear. Sorry for the bother!

    You're busy at work, eh?
    Yes by all means sit back, read my scary stories, and relax(if you can relax after reading these stories. lol)

    @bonuseven bopluseven: I am so sorry it was the first time you posted and I made a mess of it!
    Thank you again for posting!

    No, it's not my real name. lol
    Thank you for asking me first, dear. Of course you can translate my stories. I see no harm in you doing that.

    You don't sound like a sociopath or anything. I feel actually flattered lol.
    Sure we can meet up if there's a chance, but you live in a different country, right? One of us has to travel to make this meeting a reality!

  5. Thanks for your response & kindness..
    Here in Indonesia there's a lot of people love to read your blog. Maybe someday you can be here..or if i get lucky enough, i'll be in japan.(but you're not in japan rite? Haha!)
    I do many like you did too, many stories i'd share in my twitter, but it's in my language.
    Ok, then. I'll put your blog name in my book reference.:)
    Thx once again. Keep posting. Stay healthy, ciao!

  6. oh bopluseven, u are indonesian?
    Me too .. :)
    which province u live in?

  7. hey.. saya :-) hhmm.. do you know any story in which.. a person wanders into a forest or any other places.. and finds herself/himself lost and can't seem to find the way out? and no matter where goes.. she always ends up right where she started? and by any chance it's caused by a ghost or some sort? xD the one you posted.. about that kisaragi station really sparks my curiosity about this kind of stuffs ><.. hhmm.. by the way.. i'm really glad i found your blog.. ever since then.. i've been looking forward to new updates from you... thanks saya :-) for creating such a wonderful blog.. i hope there's many many many many more stories to come.. ^^ and please forgive me for having this as a comment.. this was suppose to be a message.. but.. i don't know how to contact you.. XD if only i could use telepathy.. just kidding.. :-)

  8. excuse me, mr/miss saya. Me and my friend just read your blog (not really just thought XD) and think this was really amazing (Even thought my friend really got scared of it XD). So, we're think that i think it's better to translate it to indonesian language since there's a lot of my friend who can't read english (and i believe much of it too XD). So that's way, could you please give us your permission for us to do that. I really hope we're able to do that.

    terima kasih(Thank you) very much for your attention.

  9. @bopluseven: I visited the island of Bali when I was still a kid. I loved every minute of staying there! Yes I would love to go to Indonesia again.

    I'm not in Japan at the mo, I'll be staying in Taiwan for about two years at least, I think. You can come here if you like LOL.

    You take care too, dear. Thanks! ;)

    @Marvic Sajonia: that sounds quite specific.. You've heard that kind of story from somewhere before??
    I kind of know a story you will perhaps like.. I'll post it when I have time and energy.

    I'm really glad my blog is giving you pleasure! :D Thank you for the nice comment!

    @Neokid: I'm a female. LOL I've been giving permission to everyone who wants to translate the stories into their own language, and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't give you permission too, would it? :)
    Yes go ahead and translate them. I wonder why my blog is so popular with Indonesian people?

    terima kasih! (your language sounds wonderful!)

  10. Saya said : "I wonder why my blog is so popular with Indonesian people?"

    I wonder about it myself since I'm also Indonesian... Haha... Keep posting, and pls visit Indonesia again someday... ^^

  11. @Barry: Maybe Indonesian people love reading ghost stories and get a good chill as much as Japanese people do??

    Yeah I would love to visit your country again! I'm interested to know more about you guys' culture.

  12. Terima kasih banyak Saya XD(Thank you very much saya). Well, about that, your blog is amazing so i think that was just natural XD.

    if you want to go to indonesian, i reccomend you to come to bali. it was pretty good and have a great landscape XD.

  13. Hey Saya. =D
    I really, really love your blog and always wait for new stories, hehe.
    I wonder if there are more readers from vienna or if I'm the only one. o.o
    Thank you for all your great work! <3

  14. Hi! I've been lurking here for some weeks and I really love your blog ^^ I thought it would be good if you knew I exist hehe <3

  15. @Neokid: I've been to Bali before. It's a great place!

    @Minhee: Wonderful! You're from Vienna? I've been there once, when I was 10. I visited Salzbarg too. Such beautiful places.

    I do get visitors from Austria from time to time. Maybe they come when I'm not looking, because most European people visit my blog when I'm fast asleep in bed. It's the time difference thing. I know I get quite a few people from Germany though.

    I really wish I could speak German. When I was in Japan I used to watch the TV drama from Austrai called "Rex." Do you know about it? It's a mystery series involving a cute police dog called Rex. I really fell in love in that dog.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your comment! :D

  16. @Ann: Cool, thank you Ann for dropping a comment! Yes I'm glad you exist LOL

  17. yo there saya, as promise, me and my friend,ve finished our blog.
    Please visit if you want XD
    And thank you for your support and permission SayaXD

  18. @Saya dunia lain: <--- what does this word mean?? Saya in underworld??

    Thank you for letting me know, dear. :D

  19. it is indonesian
    saya di dunia lain in english means I'm in another world (saya=I am, in another world=di dunia lain) maybe she's trying to copy your blogging style saya-san

  20. @Saya: Ah, yes I know Rex. I watched it when I was a little kid and I really loved it. <3 Time difference should be around 8 or 9 hours, I think. Q.Q Hehe, I don't think I'll ever leave yoru blog again, I'm too curious about your stories. <3


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