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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stalker in the House

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a story that appears on the website of Dr.Hayashi, a well-known psychiatrist on the internet.
He recieves a lot of mails everyday and the contents of these mails sometimes get displayed anonymously on his site alongside his own responses to them.


Case【1087】 I Have a Stalker in My House

It's about my younger brother, who is 38 years old.
He hasn't been working for the past seven or eight years and he just stays at home all day.
For a long time now I have suffered constant childish harassment from him but he is getting even worse recently.
My room and his room were originally one and the same room but we divided it by a sliding door and by propping some pieces of furniture against the door.
These things have no sound insulating properties and we can hear everything in each other's rooms.
On weekdays my younger brother wakes up between thirty minutes to an hour before I get up, by a very loud alarm clock.
When I go downstairs he follows close behind me.
When I go upstairs he comes up immediately after me, stands in front of my room and bursts out laughing in a creepy way, and then goes back into his room, banging the door shut.
When I am getting ready for work in the morning, he follows me every time as I go back and forth between the 2nd floor and 1st floor.
When I want to use the washbasin he follows me too and uses it immediately after I finish.
When my hands get dirty and I go to the bathroom to wash them, my younger brother comes soon after me and washes his hands too.
When I come home from work and start having supper he goes to the washbasin and starts brushing his teeth and makes disgusting noises.
Those noises make me lose appetite so I always decide to stop eating and wait until he finishes, but when I stop he stops too, and he waits until I start eating again to start brushing again..
When he has a bath he is determined to have it before me so he is always watching me and biding his time.
When he does have a bath before me he either drains all the hot water and pours cold water in instead, or pours scalding hot water in instead, purely out of spite*1.
When I have a bath late at night and goes upstairs after bath, he will be waiting for me in the dark on the first floor and follows me to upstairs from behind and bursts out laughing in a creepy way.
When during the night I go downstairs to drink water and after that go upstairs again, my brother, who has followed me secretly, comes upstairs right after me.
When I turn off the light to go to sleep he immediately turns off the light in his room too, although he may have been watching TV and laughing up until then. He then does his best to make some loud noises before he finally goes to sleep.
When I have a day off he gets up earlier than usual and turns up the volume of the radio really high.
He won't stop listening to the radio until I wake up.
If I still don't wake up despite his radio he starts vacuuming the room.
It appears that he contrives to make the vacuuming as noisy as possible, and he would let the vacuum cleaner go over the windowpane for many minutes producing squeaky noises, or he would sometimes keep vacuuming the same place over and over for more than an hour.
When he opens and shuts the door he does it so violently that things in my room move.
He stops doing all these things only after I am completely awake ( I use ear plugs).
The only time he dries his laundry on the balcony is when I have day-offs.
He uses every single wash-line and dries everything he has and tries to prevent me from drying my laundry.
He does it even when it's raining.
Other times he won't dry his laundry even if the weather is fine.
Instead he comes while I put things on the wash-line and watches me, pressing his face on the windowpane, and again starts laughing in a creepy way.
When I am vacuuming he immediately comes along and sits in the middle of the corridor to block the way.
He also does numerous other things that are not on the list.
At the moment I try to ignore him and do my best to get on with my own things, but I might go mad if things continue the way they are now.
Sometimes even when I try to ignore him, something would get on his nerves and he would start hitting me or try strangling me.
My brother is the only male in the household and nobody can stop him.
Other things he does include him leaving mosquito coils*2 all around in the house in summer because he hates getting stung by mosquitoes.
I think the reason for all his abnormal behaviours is that he has schizophrenia. What do you think?

Dr. Hayashi

If all the facts in your mail are true, we have a strong reason to believe that your brother is suffering from schizophrenia.
But some details in your story puzzle me.

 Even supposing your younger brother really is a schizophrenic and has some sort of delusions about you, would he do something as elaborate as constantly keep a watch on you and obstruct your every single action? It is hard to imagine he would do such a thing.
 It is also hard to imagine you have been able to ignore his actions and go on living relatively normally for such a prolonged period of time.
 On top of that, this "someone is keeping a watch on me all the time and tries to interfere with my every single action" type of thinking is a typical delusional complaint made by a sufferer of schizophrenia.

  I cannot be sure but do you think there might be a possibility that this "younger brother" you speak of is someone who exists only in your imagination? If so it is most likely that you yourself are suffering from schizophrenia.
 Or it is possible that this "younger brother" does in fact exist but he doesn't exhibit these strange behaviours, and all of them have been the creation of your delusion. In this case too you are most likely to be suffering from schizophrenia yourself.

I may be completely wrong but I wanted to point it out to you as a possibility.
Since I have to base my judgement solely on the information provided in your mail, please understand this is the best I can do on this Q&A psychiatric site.


*1 Japanese bath - some Japanese people like to share bath water, so for example the first person who has bath might not drain the water after he finishes, thereby letting other people who come after him use it too. This might sound rather unhygienic but modern Japanese bathtubs (I believe) often come with this hi-tech self-cleaning system that cleans the water at the touch of a button so that shouldn't be a huge problem. (my own house doesn't have this system because no one in my family likes to share bath water, except my dad lol)

*2 mosquito coil (pictured above): This coil of green incense produces a mosquito-repellent smoke when burnt, and is used widely in Japan during summer.


  1. Next time go see a real doctor, you cna get pills faster.

    And the mosquito coils are used a lot here on mexico too

  2. this story is hard to digest no mater how much i read it, thanks for answer provided by Dr. Hayashi i could at least understand it...

    By the way, i think the one who write those email were hallucinating, its obviously weird and noticeable when somebody sneaking around you.... but laughing in creepy way... damn scary!

    Obviously, if there is somebody, bro or sis of mine who dare to do that on me, bet you going to have a full war with me for those annoyance!

    How about your opinion Miss Saya?

  3. i never got that at first huh... i thought she really might have a younger brother, but the mere fact that she is followed at everything proves that what the doctor said is partly true... but how about the room division? hmmm... creepy though T_T

    nice one saya

  4. I feel like the "younger brother" is all just a figment of his/her imagination. If he is real, I would kick him out of my house ASAP.

    And I agree with what Toyboxed said, this story is a wee bit complicated to understand.

  5. Why didn't she just move out? D: And I think she might have been delusional too. That's sad, because how do you get rid of that?

  6. is it possible that both of them are suffering from the disease? it is so creepy- brushing and making disgusting noises, laughing creepily, sticking face on window panes, by the way, this is a true story, right, Saya-san????

    I really enjoy reading your wonderful blog, with wonderful stories (I don't know the reason why, I am an Indian but I love Japanese things so much, Japanese stories, people, songs, names, things......), I've been to so many sites, they have random stories, which does not attracts my interests, but your stories have something special in them. I've read each n every story in your blog, waiting to read more..... arigato!!!!

  7. those things are so creepy, brushing n making disgusting noises, sticking face on window panes.... by the way, this is a true story, right, Saya-san????

    I really enjoy reading your wonderful blog, with wonderful stories (I don't know the reason why, I am an Indian but I love Japanese things so much, Japanese stories, people, songs, names, things......), I've been to so many sites, they have random stories, which does not attracts my interests, but your stories have something special in them. I've read each n every story in your blog, waiting to read more..... arigato!!!!

  8. oh my both of them might have schizophrenia... i read up on it a little bit and your genes may play a role in its trigger. maybe the "younger brother's" condition is worse than the person who wrote the story?? idk..

    *2 we use that here too (.^_^.)

  9. This Dr. Hayashi website really is true? If so, where to find this?

  10. I have been reading a lot about multiple mental disorders, and schizophrenia is one of them. Perhaps this person really DOES have a younger brother, and I won't deny that younger brothers are indeed annoying. But to a schizophrenic these annoying behaviours may make it seem like the brother is "out to get them" in some way. I agree with Dr. Hayashi in saying that the sender may have schizophrenia!
    I find this story very interesting because of my connection to it that way.

  11. Ahh, I feel really bad for the writer in this story. =( One of my friends has psychotic symptoms, and the hallucinations and paranoia and stuff can be really hard to endure.

    What's odd, though, is how persistent these psychotic episodes are. I'm not a professional or anything, but aren't there usually high and low periods..? I'll have to ask my friend.

    Hah, this was meant to be a scary story, but I think it's more sad and difficult. Even if they're fictional, I hope the writer can get a proper diagnosis and help. I imagine it'd be a relief to know what's really happening and knowing it can be managed.

  12. Dr Hayashi is a real psychiatrist and this story is a true story taken from his site. I'm not putting a direct link to his site, because I fear it would cause him trouble. However you can google his name 林公一 and his site's name こころと脳の相談室. You can find this story in the section called 精神科Q&A.

    It's a bit irritating when people ask me for proof for my claim. It sounds like they don't believe me when I say this is a true story. But there you have it.

    1. was because I believe that I wanna find where is for.... Because I wanna read more things.... Sorry if look like wasn‘t it.

  13. @sakurablossoms: you posted about 6 comments! Please remember that all comments have to go through moderation before they can be displayed on the site.

    Anyway I'm glad you like reading the stories I publish! Maybe you were Japanese in your previous life. lol My mum loves any stuff related to France and she thinks she was French in her previous life XD

    I once stayed with an Indian family for about half a year and my god their food was spicy! I used to consume so much yoghurt, I couldn't eat their food without it! But thanks to them I developed taste for spicy food. Now I put chilli peppers in anything I eat! lol

  14. omg I googled a litle and found this site, its give me a little shock http://___________html and it is exactly simililar as this story so I'm sure now this is real, how you doing the search saya? there are almost 2000 question right there

  15. @Anon above: Sorry, but please do NOT put the direct link to the site. I've deleted the address part.

  16. Can I translate your stories into Vietnamese and publish them in my blog? !-!

  17. @Aoyagi: that's OK. I'm not annoyed any more. You can look for it by googling yourself. It's quite easy. I'm sorry if I upset you. Thank you for your comment!

  18. @ SAYA,
    i am soo sorry, I thought something is wrong with my computer or internet connection, and i am glad to know that you read my comment and yes, India is well known for its spicy food, so enjoy spicy food!!!!!!

    and I don't know if i was a Japanese in my previous life, but i want to be one in the next one!!!

  19. @Linh Chi: Yes you may. I only wish you could post your request at "ABOUT THE BLOG" page, as I have specifically asked you to in the "welcome" message on the right-hand side column of the blog. Have you overlooked it?
    However thank you for asking me first.

  20. @HN3 & ryuu: it looks like mosquito coils are more international than I thought!

    @Toybox: I really can't say anything on this matter, because I'm not a professional and there's too little information. I hope ther person who wrote the email is alright though!

    @ForthKun: did it make you cry? lol I too was pretty scared the first time I read the story.

    @spinning totem: oh is this the first time you're commenting? Thank you for that!

    @Imustbeflippin: There are nowadays very effective drugs for Schizophrenia, apparently. She should see a doctor asap.

    @Squirrel: I have an older brother and he finds me annoying XD

    @Steeple: oh! I hope your friend is OK.

  21. Hi saya! Nice story ^^ tehe

    This is my first comment and now I'm in the hospital because , yeah I found you're blog because I'm bored and try to search japanese creepypasta , and I found this blog ~(‾▿‾~)(~‾▿‾)~ , I'm finished reading all you're stories (except anything about hospital, I don't want some ghost came here hehe)

    I wish you can share more about ghost story -///- thank you ヾ(>ω<*)ノ゛

  22. Saya, you just made my day :D
    I was a lot like the younger brother in the story, well, I'm not schizophrenic, I just like to troll (annoy) my older brother for fun XD
    hahahahaha :D

  23. Yep! Actually, I have been reading your blog since 2010. And I was kinda scared to comment on your posts because I might sound stupid.

    Anyway, your welcome! :D

  24. @Matahari Kemalaman: Hi, nice to meet you!
    Are you still in the hospital? I hope you're OK. You can read the stories about hospital later, when you are safe back at home! :D
    Thank you for your comment!!

    @Anon: is that so? I'm glad I made you happy!
    Oh I am the same! I have an older brother and he thinks I'm the most annoying creature on earth! XD

    @spinnning totem: wow 2010? Such a long time ago!

    You don't sound stupid at all. I guess I sometimes scare people because, well, I do sometimes get annoyed by some comments and I'm not afraid to say it XD
    However, the times I get annoyed are mostly when I'm in bad mood. XD

    So don't worry about it. When I know I upset people I'm always ready to apologize.

    You are welcome to post comments anytime! :)

  25. So many new stories, this is like christmas all over again ^_^ Thank you Saya~!

  26. @SAYA : thanks for your permission :).I'm sorry for not noticing your message earlier:( i'm really sorry and thank you, again.

  27. @Kelly: my pleasure, dear. ;)

    @Linh: That's ok, dear. It's not only you who've been doing it. I guess I need to make more effort to make the message clearer for people.. Thank you, dear ;)

  28. Oh man, if this really is real (regretfully I can't read Japanese, so googling Dr. Hayashi is of no help for me), this rather is a very sad than a creepy story...

    Can you look up for us, Saya, if there's been more dialogue about this on the original site?

    But anyway, thank you so much for translating the story (and all the others) into english!

    To all of you, have a very happy new year and calm, creepy holidays ;-)

    All the best, Doc

  29. @Don Sanchez: You're always so nice, Doc Sanchez, and mature too. It's so relaxing to read your message at the end of a tiring day! lol

    There doens't appear to be any more dialogue about this. But I'll try looking into it more.

    That's OK! As I always say, the pleasure is mine! It's nice to publish stories and get comments from nice people like you!:D

    I wish you have a great, wonderful, happy New Year, Doc Sanchez. See you soon! :D

  30. Dear Saya,

    Please consider that readers may ask for more info because they want to go read the doctor's website, not because the readers don't believe you.

    I, too, believe you, but I would like to read more.

    Thank you for providing information that will let others look up the same site you did.

    Thank you for running this blog.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. What's this?

    I have already explained to you why I'm not putting up the link. And even if I did provide you with the link you won't understand it unless you can read Japanese.

    I don't know who you may be, but why are you assuming the role of the spokespman for other people? Can you read the mind of others?
    How do you know what others meant when they made their comments?

    One of the people who commented clearly asked me, "Is this Dr. Hayashi website really true?" so you can't blame me if at the time I thought she was doubting the existance of the website, even if she didn't mean it that way.

    And moreover, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BRING THIS UP AGAIN, in that overwhelmingly preachy tone???
    This matter is already OVER. I have spoken to the people involved and I thought I put it all behind me.

    On the surface you sound like a nice person, but from the way you phrase your words, like "Thank you for providing information that will let others look up the same site you did," I can't help but think you are impertinent, my friend. You sound like you're convinced that your demand is reasonable and justified, but you're wrong. This is my site, I'm not doing it for money, you have no right to tell me what to do, and I have already said, I AM NOT PUTTING THE LINK UP.
    Is that understood?

    So leave it. PLEASE.
    Thank you.

  33. Btw if you can read Japanese I already gave you enough info for you to look it up on the search engine by youself. So no complaints.

  34. Goodness!! that was a really intriguing story!! 8D To be honest at first, the story was both annoying and hilarious...Thinking of having a demented abusive sibling was upsetting, but the way the woman described his actions made me laugh (i'm not a psycho :) )... However Dr. Hayashi's answer made me flinch!! It's like one of those psychological thrillers where the main protagonist's very mind is his very enemy! Awesome story once again, Saya!! ;)

  35. I love using the mosquito coil :D and I love the smell :3
    ...but we never use that anymore ._.
    ...I kinda miss it ;_;

  36. @Tia: oh! Here comes one of my favourite readers!
    When I first read it, the ending was so unexpected! It really freaked me out! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

    @Black Bunny: Really? XD It's the first time I ever heard someone say she likes the smell of mosquito coils! I'm sure it smells good. I forgot what it's like because I haven't used it for a long,long time. In summer I usually stay away from the sun and spend time indoors because I have pale skin and doesn't like to get sun-burnt. I'm generally a nocturnal being! lol

  37. this one kinda make me feels pity.and probably the writer lonely so s/he get a delusion about someone which too concerned about him and doing such things to pay for him attention. that make sense since human's nature is to have interacted with each other...

    and about mosquito qoils, in indonesia we even add "flavorous smell", likes 'the lavender one','the strong-smells one','the-no smells one',etc. and i used it every night before sleep ^p^//

    --anyway it's REI again~i didn't have a blog yet i often visited yours ;__;

  38. I'm back-reading all of your past posts and this one is really creepy. I think there's nothing scarier than actually losing your sanity and you're not even aware you are already in a state of delusion (or you're clinically insane). Even thinking of what crazy people think about twists my mind, but I suppose that they think that what they're doing is fine and dandy but is actually abnormal by society's standards.

    This is why crazy people are scary. You can't figure out their thought processes - ergo you won't know what they'd do next.

    This is really creepy, in a good way, and it begs the question of "what is real?" For all we know we might all be insane, living out a life we think is normal, but our bodies are strapped in a straitjacket, cackling in a sterile 4x4 cell.

    While we're on the subject of insanity, watch Jacket if you haven't yet, Saya. I guarantee you'd like it.

  39. @Zanyuki: Oh, is the "Jacket" you're talking about is a film? I searched through internet and there was one that is based on a Jack London novel. Sounds good!

    Carl Jung is quoted to have said, "show me a sane man and I'll cure him for you." People who do well in the society are those who have adopted themselves well to the often unnatural and inhuman rules imposed by the society. It seems paradoxical, but you have to be insane to be called normal.

    Thank you for your insightful comment! :)


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